This is for Snape96 who picked scary legends. I made this one as a poem.

If 你 pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If 你 haven't, here's a link:



Nieghbors heard a scream
From Mary's house,
Which has always been quiet
Since she came.

They called the police
And they searched.
They found Mary,
Who was hung 由 a frame.

Mary got killed.
She knew who did it.
Came back as a demon.
Haunted this man's dreams.

He woke up every night,
With her at the end of the bed.
Warned him to stop
His nasty deeds.

He would have deep scratches
On his back.
Horrid things came to his mind.
Became mad.

Mary got killed.
He knew it.
He did it.
Soon, he'll be dead.

He told the police
He did it.
He killed Mary.
She won't stop.

Arrested, but she isn't finished.
He awoke to find,
Only to find
Mary was on top.

She's still lurking.
Did ya know?
She might be
Behind 你 right now.