This for Snape's alternatives who pick phobias and wanted a psychological thriller.

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"They are everywhere, I tell you! EVERYWHERE!!!" he screamed as he was dragged to the mental hospital. He caught sight of his friends. His eyes locked on Amy.
"You believe me, honey? Come on, babe! Tell them 你 saw them too! I know 你 did, tell them I am not crazy!"
Amy slowly shook her head and waved as they threw her boyfriend in the police car and drove off. Amy, in fact, did see them. The shadows. He was talking about the shadows he has seen since he was 10. And when him and Amy got together, she started to see them too. Maybe it's something that he put in her 食物 或者 a terrbile phobia he had. Sciaphobia, Amy thought.
"Hey, David. Is it possible that Timothy has a fear 或者 phobia of anything?"
David laughed, "Yea. As kids, he always told me that shadows creeped him out. He was diagnosed with sciaphobia, the fear of shadows. That's why he never comes out when it's nice out."
"Can we go inside and 你 explain to me more?"

Amy and 老友记 went inside. They were telling Amy about Timothy Masion before he snapped. Patty said, "He was about to ask your hand in marriage. It was his dream to marry 你 and seeing the birth of his children."
Amy smiled. It was true. Timothy was telling her about having kids but they have no time too. Suddenly, they heard a crash and shadows were moving.
"Shit! Did 你 guys see that 或者 was it me?" Tommy said. They nodded. They all went into the 厨房 and found a horrifying sight. It looked like Timothy, but it wasn't. It was his shadow, along with other shadows. Shadows were circling them, the 老友记 fell through a spiral.