There is a lot of good in being a Maurderer, it's just sort of hard to find.
    “Potions was a drag.”
    “Oh, don’t say ‘yeah’ like that!” Sirius shoved his friend, “You know 你 were checking out that Evans chick.”
    James grinned, “Her? That babe won’t even look my way!”
    Sirius snickered. “Too involved with Snivells.”
    “She’s got bad taste.” James laughed, ruffling his hair. The two walked along, feeling very content. “Do 你 think it’s about that time for Moony?”
    “…yeah, on 圣诞节 this year.”
    “Dang!” James’s eyes widened. “It sucks to be a werewolf… that’s why he didn’t ask anyone to the Yule Ball!”
    “Likely.” Sirius grinned, “Evans is open.”
    “I don’t know…” But James had been thinking about asking her tremendously, and his hope had heightened when he’d caught her and Snivellus fighting in the hall 由 accident. Surely, he knew, they weren’t dating? He knew Snivells liked her, but James had never seen the relationship go past him holding her books. He’d die if he saw them snog. No, he’d flush Snivellus down the toilet.
    “Wait.” Sirius stopped a moment. James, caught up in his thoughts, paused too, and then they heard it: The sound of someone crying.
    James ran past the corner. There, in a 夏装, 裙子, 太阳裙 that hardly fit the weather, was a girl, with deep brown hair and 浓情巧克力 colored eyes. She had slipped, for she now sat on the floor, his hands balled into fists as she sobbed. Gently James held her hand. She looked up at him, and he gently helped her to stand.
    She sucked her thumb and leaned against the wall. With his robes James wiped the remaining tears off her cheeks. “What’s up?” He asked finally, grinning.
    She looked back.
    “How 你 doing, girl? Looking fine!” Sirius laughed. Not understanding, she giggled likewise, her toothless mouth adding to her cuteness.
    “What’re 你 doing here? Where’s your momma 或者 daddy?”
    “Really… why is she at Hogwarts?”
    “Dunno.” James extended his hand, and was met with a curious stare. “Come on. Lemme take 你 out… To Dumbledore.” Sirius snickered.
    “I’ll take her.”
    James and Sirius stopped. The voice was old and cranky, and turning their heads they saw the caretaker Filch, reaching out his hand and giving them a nasty look.
    “Uhm… okay.”
    “Daddy!” The girl laughed, her arms outstretched as she wobbled to Flich’s leg. James and Sirius gasped in disbelief, but Filch paid no attention, smiling at his daughter.
    Quickly, James and Sirius took off, only wondering how such mean people were allowed families.

Even if you're upset, life will still get to you.
    Severus heaved out a sigh as he sat in the chair. His dress robes were mismatched and crappy, the Maurders had been clear to point out. He watched as Lily danced with other Gryffindors, wondering why they were slowly drifting apart.
    Someone sat 下一个 to him. There was a short silence. “Hi.”
    He looked up. A girl was giving him a tired smile. “…hello…” he 说 through a tight grin.
    “You don’t want to be here, do you?”
    “Not really.” He spoke honestly to the stranger. “Neither do you.”
    “Nope.” She sighed. “I caught my boyfriend cheating tonight.”
    “Wow.” He blinked. “Sorry to hear that.”
    “What about you? Why are 你 upset?”
    “My crush is dancing with other people.”
    “…have 你 asked her to dance with you, yet?”
    “No.” Severus rolled his eyes, not having thought about it until now.
    There was another silence. “What’s your name?”
    “Severus.” He bit his lip, waiting for, “Oh, I know you! You’re Snivellus, the one those cool kids always pick on!”
    But she didn’t say that. “I’m Sarah. I think I’ve seen 你 before… you’re a Slytherin, aren’t you?”
    “I’m a Hufflepuff, but I really wanted to be in Slytherin. It seems like everyone’s really hard working there, but really accepting, too. In Hufflepuff we just joke around and be weird with each other.”
    “Sounds nice, actually.”
    “I didn’t say it wasn’t. I’d just have preferred Slytherin.” After this there was another short silence, during which Severus did a quick 搜索 for a Maurderer, making sure none of them came near Lily. Not one was in sight.
    “Yeah… Sarah?”
    “Look up for a moment.”
    Severus did so, and saw a few berries hanging 由 a string.
    Which… wait… that was mistletoe… and looking back at Sarah, Severus suddenly blushed. “Oh, 你 don’t want to…”
    “But we have to. We’ll break tradition.”
    Severus blinked, feeling his face hot and ears red. “But 你 wouldn’t want to 吻乐队(Kiss) me. I’m not a very kissable person. Actually, I’m quite sure that my lips are really dry this time of year, and my nose might get in the way…” but he hushed as she took his hand.
    “Close your eyes. 你 don’t want to be awkward.”
    Severus nodded, gulped, and did so.
    It lasted a half second.
    Hours afterward Lily would still be wondering what was wrong with him, and be worried over the dazed, blissful expression still on her friend’s face.