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posted by wavequeen
Hey! Just posting my summer playlist, yes I know some of these songs are so last century, but I still 爱情 them... This is what I'll be blasting non stop this summer:
1. P.L.U.R. 由 blood on the dancefloor (my official summer song!! and don't look up any of their other songs cuz they are dirty, but this one is fine)
2. Teenage dream 由 Katy perry (of course)
3. Perfect Weapon 由 black veil brides (love this one always)
4. Soul sister 由 train (so summerish)
5. I was made for loving 你 由 吻乐队(Kiss) (a classic)
6. The morticians daughter 由 black veil brides (so beautiful and cute)
7. Fireworks 由 Katy...
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Source: 谷歌 图片
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Source: 谷歌 图片
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Source: 谷歌 图片
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Source: 谷歌 图片
posted by Pixeletta
Ever since I starred in my kindergarten musical, I have had a passion for singing. It is such a beautiful thing, and I 爱情 all sorts of music. My 最喜爱的 singer is Taylor Swift, and she has inspired me in so many ways. I have never been interested in country-ish 音乐 until I heard Taylor. She has a beautiful voice and she uses no auto tune. I have began to write my own songs and I play guitar, 钢琴 and clarinet. My dream is to be just like Taylor, and sing as my profession. In fifth grade, I was the female lead in the graduating play, suessical, and I played Gertrude McFuzz. Not the most glamouros part, but it was so fun and everyone loved it, it made me feel like a star. I am glad 音乐 came into my life, 或者 I would not know what to do.

~Long Live <3
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This Awesome Singer Christina Perri Expresses Her Emotions Of 爱情 In This Song It Is Very Moving And Also The Video Is AMAZING!!!
你 have to watch this