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"A very beautiful song remix- one of the third one's made for Silver in Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Video 由 simpsons289."
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One 日 silver was walking around the mall thinking about blaze when he bumped into somebody.
Silver:oh i'm so sorry

Cheyenne:oh thats ok*looks up* your silver the hedgehog ,right?

Silver:yes how do u know me?

Cheyenne:i'm*blushes*your biggest fan.

Silver:oh well u want to go hang out?


Silver and Cheyenne went to their fav store and chased each other around until the managers kicked them out.

Cheyenne:i'm haveing soo much fun.

Silver:me too i haven't had this much fun sense...*starts crying*

Cheyenne:Silver!come on follow me.*puts arm on silver and they walk out side while its raining*

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Funny as shit!!!!
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youtobe poop
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Don't ask me where I got that "YAHOO" think from the start. Just don't. :/
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posted by lakotathecat
My family and I pull into the drive way of the new house we get out of the car and my brother Logan starts squealling with joy while dragging me into the house.

Logan:Lakota your so slow!*he whines*

Lakota: well if 你 keep pulling me I'll walk even slower *walks slower with every tug*

Logan became very furstrusted with me so he let go of my hand and ran into the the house 由 himself. Logan is twice the size of me and is very excited to 移动 into the new house unlike me. My 首页 was taken from me when I was younger. My parents were killed and then I was adopted into a new 首页 with my step parents...
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