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I can't believe no one wrote an 文章 on Shino!! God. I wonder if 你 guys out there like Shino 或者 not. Anyway, here's mine, and I hope no one cares it's yaoi.

Tears fell from heaven, first soft and light before pouring out from unseen eyes, lashing out at the world angrily. Hatred flashed in his eyes; it seemed as if the world was feeling as betrayed and lonely as the Aburame himself. He should have seen it coming, known a relationship like his could never have lasted. But it was too late, his life had been cut 由 a knife, the blood dripping out slowly. Although the wound had healed, the...
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Leahs pov.
I really like Shino, his glasses, hair, coat, everything. I must of been spacing out because I felt some hot Ramon poured on my face.
"Naruto!!!Why did 你 do that?"
We were on the same team because I'm kakashis sister.
" 你 were spacing out. And btw I'm Nar-"
"Yea yea yea, 火影忍者 Uzimaki( I'm freaking, I can't spell his last name!)" I 说 after hearing it for the hundreth time.
"Do not interrupt Nar-"
"OH MY GOD SHUT UP" I 说 while walking up.
"Naruto's being annoying?" Shino asked.
"Yes, and I have ramon noodled hair"
"I won't even ask who did that"
I giggled, then shivered.
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This isn't the real thing... im kinda changing it a bittt...
Shinos Pov on everything
Bugs, why are people afraid of me because i have bugs inside me? well, i don't mind. It's makes thing easier in life :)wait,who am i talking to:anyways...
I like this girl , her name is Leah
(Me but not my name. my name is lissa: 哈哈 i 爱情 him) but she just moved here from across the world, her full name is Leah Hatake.. Shes Kakashi's younger sister. i dont know how but her perents arent't ninjas.. i should ask her... but she'll never talk to a bug freak like me :(
Leah POV
Hiii-YA YES just cracked a board open!...
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I almost dies watching this
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