Chapter 1: Severus Snape

Our story begins in a small town called Spinners End. It was late Spring and no-one was around except for three children. They were in a nearby park when something happened. Two of the three children were in the park enjoying themselves. Their names were 矮牵牛, 帕尤妮亚 and Lily Evans. Their hair was brightly coloured. The third child was hiding behind some bushes. He had shoulder length hair which looked greasy. His name was Severus Snape.
Severus watched them for ages especially Lily. Severus suddenly found her pretty. Her hair was red the colour of blood. That intrigued him. Unexpectedly, she floe of a 摇摆, 秋千 and floated in mid-air. 矮牵牛, 帕尤妮亚 tried it too but failed and fell in a pile of mud. Severus laughed and cam 前锋, 期待 from behind the bushes. They both panicked.
“Who are you? “ Lily stepped 前锋, 期待 and looked at him as though she was checking him out to see what he was like.
“Your that Snape kid from number 6 aren’t you? “ 矮牵牛, 帕尤妮亚 had then 说 it. Severus’s eyes went even darker than they were already.
“My names Severus not Snape if 你 mind that’s not nice is it,”. Lily laughed and smiled at him. She then thought he was cute. ”Petunia see even Severus here knows what your like now that’s saying something isn’t it.” That made Severus laugh. She was quite funny. 矮牵牛, 帕尤妮亚 went red in the face. She lashed out
“Your FREAKS!!! BOTH OF YOU!”. His eye’s went into slits. He walked close to her
“NEVER CALL US 或者 ANYYBODY THAT WERE JUST DIFFERENT THA’S ALL.”. Suddenly, a branch from above her head and hit her on the shoulder and knocked her out.
“Oh no! Severus what did 你 do?”. She went closer to her.
“I didn’t mean I swear I didn’t I wouldn’t! ”. He went to where she was standing.
“It’s okay. She was starting to get on my nerves so thank-you very much.”. Severus then picked her up. He was surprisingly strong. Severus carried her all he way to their home.
Once they were home, Lily opened the door for him. He 说 thank-you and was led upstairs 由 her. She opened he door..
“Severus just place her there she’ll be fine she’s a little dramatic at times.” . Severus grinned at her. He had never been in someone else’s house before.
“So what are your family like?” . Severus looked at the floor.
“My father is cruel and my mother is afraid. They fight everyday for hours. Their properly fighting and arguing now” .
“Oh that’s horrible.” Lily cuddled him. She was his first ever real friend he had ever had in his whole life. This made him very happy.