In a "question" I posted, I challenged my fellow 粉丝 to tell us all here, why they 爱情 Severus Snape, and the Harry Potter series in general, and how they have stayed loyal thus far.
This is my response.

The 年 before I started 阅读 the Harry Potter series, I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with a form of terminal cancer. I spent much of that 年 in the hospital, 或者 in my 首页 under hospice care, and though I was only 9 years old, I came to terms with a lot of hard truths, that most people didn't really understand until they were much older.
I was going to die, and I had no idea when, 或者 where. I wanted to live my life to the fullest possible extint, but I wasnt able to, because I was so frail of body.
So in order to combat that, I began reading. Anything and everything that could send me away on adventures to foregin lands, to concur battles and magical creatures that I myself never could.
Thats when Harry Potter(and to that extint, Severus Snape) came into my life.
I was completly enamored 由 the idea of a young child (a baby!) conquering a form of death that not many had ever been able to over-some, it gave me hope, and a personal desire to be like Harry and beat the impossible, in his case Lord Voldemort, and in my case, Cancer.
I loved Harry Potter immedeitly, as for his Potions Proffesor, I wasn't so keen to hold on to him. At first I was completely put out 由 him. Having read so much, I had a peculier knack for picking out the bad guys in many novels(how wrong was I?) and at first, he was that bad guy. I mean, how often is the mean, dark, snarky, sarcastic, scary guy, going to be your hero, in most novels, not often. So at first (i hate to say) I hated him. That was until I began to draw parralels between himself, and me.
At first, they were small, trivial. He had a 爱情 for dark clothing, and dark places, as well as his common use of a quiet voice, and sarcasm.
Thus began my obsession. 由 the end of book one, not only was I hooked on the magical, 着魔 castle, the magnificent boy hero, and his adventures, but also the cold, calculating, and confusing "bat of the dungeons"
由 the time I got a hold of book two, Harry's life was seemingly getting better, mine wasn't. Not only was the cancer kicking my butt, but my parents were fighting constantly, over me, and my medical bills, but also my brothers, and anything else that would so arrive.The doctors had sent me back to public school, and some how word of my illness got out, and I was treated horribly. If I had ever needed an escape, it was then.
Harry Potter continued to be that escape.
I read every one of the books, and with every one, I gained 更多 respect for Severus. He stayed strong, and stable, and his same snarky, sarcastic self through out every one, and that gave me further incintive to stay strong. If he could do it, why couldn't I?
But I suppose if 你 wanted to know, my 爱情 for him was completed, and capped in book five, when everything came to the surface. Why he was mean to Harry, and why he was so cold. He was bullied and treated with the littelest respect possible 由 other classmates (another strong paralell), it was showed that he was alone, and had few friends(if any), and he was ridiculed, just like me. His parents obviously had a really bad relationship, the little boy curled up in the corner crying while his parents argued reminded me so much of myself, that even now, when 阅读 it, I sometimes have to put it down for a while, calm my shaking hands, and brush away the tears. After that kind of realization, 你 just can't ignore him.
After that I immedietly created sort of a kinship between myself and him, and I became fiercly protective of him when others would call him out, even when he killed Dumbledore.
So after the Prince's Tale, in book seven, not only was I completley put out 由 his death (strong, stable, dead...:'( ) But I had a major
I told 你 so moment.
My loyalty to Severus Snape increased 10 fold when his past came out, and It hasnt wavered since.
And though the series is over, it is still my fall back when my life comes crashing even further down. I pull out a weathered and worn copy of one of the HP books, and I read, and remember the little boy from the cubord who conquerd it all, the little neglected slytherin boy, who fooled them all, and it make me think
"Book characters 或者 not, If they can do it, I can too!"