link and I saw something similar at the link, and we just had to get a 列表 together for Severus as well

1) Take Sirius to the vet to get him neutered.
2) Take Remus to the vet to get him neutered.
3) Hit Sirius with a newspaper on his nose and say “Bad dog!” just because 你 feel like it.
4) Introduce Dumbledore's leg to Sirius' new girlfriends as Sirius' ex.
5) Pretend to throw a frisby around Sirius...or Remus (it wastes a lot of their valuable time trying to retrieve a non existent object)
6) Stop with the conspiracy theories and telling everyone Cedric Diggory is “still walking around, only sparklier”, 或者 that Grindelwald “used to be a vampire when he was younger”.
7) Enchant the Great Hall's doors to sing out “Who let the 狗 out, woof, woof, woof, woof ” every time Sirius 或者 Remus walk into the room.
8) Hide in a cupboard waiting for Longbottom to pass by, jump out, pretend to be a boggart and then laugh yourself silly when Neville wets his pants 或者 passes out because his Ridiculus spell doesn't work any more.
9) Open your 粉丝 mail in public places, no one wants to know what your legion of lewd, sick, twisted, perverted 粉丝 want to do with your “wand”/buttons/hands/polyjuice potion/etc.
10) Flea collars are not acceptable 圣诞节 gifts!!!! 你 must apologise to Sirius, Remus AND Minerva!!!'
11) Cast disillusionment charms on all of Harry Potter's classroom and dorm room doors.
12) Paint a bullseye on Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.
13) Slip laxatives into Hagrid's 南瓜 果汁 after locking all the toilet doors, 或者 you'll be the one cleaning the mess (took poor Filch and Minerva 2 days to scourgify and clean it all up AND the corridor had to be closed off for a fortnight before the smell dissipated!)
14) Collect strands of Hermione's hair to sell as cauldron scourers.
15) Get elves to use a dustbuster to better clean the “dust” under Fawlks' perch.
16) The Great Hall is for students' and staff members' use only, NOT for deatheater all night movie marathon/karaoke nights (still trying to obliviate the image of Lucious Malfoy gyrating and 唱歌 “I'm too sexy for my robes”)
17) How many times do we have to remind 你 that Fang is lactose intolerant! Don't feed him dairy products at Order meetings!!!!
18) Hide Mad eye's leg and refuse to return it until he sings and dances to Footloose.
19) Use students (specially first years) to test out newly developed spells and/or potions.
20) Dare Gryffinndors to eat bugs. They will always do it.
21) Telling first-years that they need to have the "witch-burning test" done to them upon entering Hogwarts is not funny
22) Put Hagrid's baby blast-ended skrewts in the Gryffindor's Quidditch robes.
23) Dunk your owl's feet in ink and have it walk over parchment before selling it to students as a "cheat sheet" for Ancient Runes.
24) Sing 'Hungry Like the Wolf' in front of Remus Lupin. In fact, 你 may not speak to Remus Lupin at all.
25) Challenge anyone's disbelief of black magic 由 asking for hair.

Numbers 20 through to 25 were taken from imSiriuslyLupin4you's link Fell free to add any new ones 你 can think of in the 评论 section :-)

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