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This 瑟琳娜·戈麦斯 照片 contains 肖像, 爆头, 特写镜头, 特写, and 爆头特写.

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吻乐队(Kiss) the moon goodbye
But don't close your eyes, your eyes
It's the end of the night but the beginning of time for 你 and I
I, I can't believe that my bodies' still moving
I, it makes me feel like we're doing something right

Baby when the night starts slipping
When the night starts slipping
When the night starts slipping away
Boy 你 keep my heartbeat skipping when 你 touch me
Even though the time is ticking away

Just tell me it's not over, and we'll never reach the end
But when the night starts slipping away
Save the 日

De-De-De-De-De-De day
De-De-De-De-De-De 日
De-De-De-De-De-De 日 oh, save the...
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posted by unaiza
Even though she’s busy 表演 and 唱歌 her 心 out, this adorable starlet always makes time for charity: Selena was the youngest ambassador for UNICEF when she started in 2009.
She is named after the famous Tejano singer Selena, there must be something to this name!
She has four 狗 at home, one of which she adopted from a shelter—Chip!
Selena has recently been rumoured to be dating another teen superstar: Justin Bieber! The two spotted smooching and cuddling just around the new year—but nothing is official yet, these two 爱情 birds are keeping it quiet for now and not blabbing to...
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posted by smarty2000
Name: Selena Gomez
Birth name: Selena Marie Gomez
Born : July 22, 1992 Grand Prairie, Texas, United States
Genres: Pop rock, dance-pop, electropop
Occupations: Actress, singer-songwriter, musician, fashion designer
Instruments: Vocals, piano, guitar, drums
Labels : Hollywood

we know tht we r a gr8 粉丝 of selena she is so cute and gorgeous and a good singer too .....! cuz of her cuteness and her sweet 唱歌 we are inspired!

may god bless her :D
thank you! and yea plz post some pics in this club and 民意调查 and 测试 and 问题 to this club of selena :)
‘Rule The World’ Lyrics

I told I told I told myself again
I’m never running back on world I said
Trying not to roam but you’re so… far away
So far away
Won’t listen to the conscious in my head
I’m conscious but I’m lonely, half way dead
Tired of the things 你 never, 你 never said
You never said

Our 爱情 was made to rule the world
You came and broke the perfect girl
Our 爱情 was made to rule the world
Our 爱情 was made to rule the world
You left me wanting what we were
Our 爱情 was made to rule the world

Forget forever
Forget forever
Forget 你 ever knew my name
My name, my name, my name...
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posted by Selenasfan2345
Selena Gomez has changed my life from her 音乐 and tv shows to her kind 心 and 爱情 for others. She has been an inspiration to kids and teens everywhere. She is the most talented girl I've ever heard 或者 seen. People that hate on her should stop because what has she done to you. She has been helping with charities and people that are sick and don't have homes and people are treating her really bad, a girl as beautiful, smart, and talented like her deserves to be treated right and be respected for what they do. Sel 你 are a wonderful young lady that has done good to others and treats everybody equally. I 爱情 你 SEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by maritina12345
 “I’m very insecure,” Selena admitted “It’s not just about my job, it’s about everything.”
“I’m very insecure,” Selena admitted “It’s not just about my job, it’s about everything.”
But even the music, TV, and movie 星, 星级 still feels insecure sometimes!

It’s no wonder Selena is a perfectionist. There’s no way she’d be able to achieve the success she’s had without paying attention to detail. Also, even though we hate for Selena to feel insecure, it’s nice to know even she doubts herself sometimes too.

With a 音乐 career, 流行的 TV show, films in the works, fashion lines and an adorable boyfriend, Selena Gomez has the world at her fingertips. However, the 19-year-old starlet revealed her life isn’t a walk in the park…she’s actually insecure, just like us!...
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Round 1: Selena in a small black dress(done)
Round 2: Selena in a small white dress(done)
Round 3: Selena in a small 粉, 粉色 dress(done)
Round 4: Selena in a small blue dress(done)
Round 5: Selena in a small yellow dress 或者 yellow T-shirt(done)
Round 6: Selena in a small purple dress 或者 purple T-shirt(done)
Round 7: Selena in a small grey dress 或者 grey T-shirt(done)
Round 8: Selena in a black 袍, 礼服 或者 with bracelets (done)
Round 9: Selena with a hoodie(done)
Round 10: Selena in a bikini(done)
Round 11: Selena with a updo hairstyle(done)
Round 12: Selena in boots(done)
Round 13: Selena in a red gown(done)
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It's a typical morning at your house. You're getting ready to go to school. 你 go to you're bus stop when 你 see Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber walks down your street! Since you're at the bus stop early, your alone.
"Hi Selena!" 你 say.
"Hello! What's your name?" Selena says. 你 tell her your name and she offeres 你 to give 你 a signed 照片 of her. 你 say yes, and she shakes your hand. She gives 你 her personal 电子邮箱 so that 你 can 电子邮箱 her whenever 你 want. Justin also gives 你 his email. They walk away saying goodbye and giving 你 a big a hug. But before they leave, 你 take a picture with selena and justin to have proof that 你 were with selena gomez. Other kids start to come to the bus stop and one of them spots selena gomez and starts running to see her but it was too late, Selena andJustin have already left and the bus has come. I guess this was your lucky 日 ;)
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Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22nd. She's an actress and singer.
She was born in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her parents are Mandy Teefey (née Cornett) and Ricardo Joel Gomez. Her parents had divorced when she was five.In 2006, Mandy remarried Brian Teefey.
In 2004 Selena was guest starring in Hannah Montana ans Suite life of Zack and Cody. In the beginning of 2007 Selena was in Wizards of Waverly place
She's the main character in her own show. Wizards of Waverly place.In 2008, she voiced one of the mayors daughters in Horton hears a who. In 2009 she guest starred as herself on Sonny with...
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Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez a gift from $ 30,000!
粉, 粉色 diamonds for a unique gift: a clock jewel! The gift of Justin Selena is a bit 'too much ...?

Someone offers flowers, some chocolates, but someone a small gift ... Justin Bieber went further: his gift to Selena Gomez is really ... prince!

To prove his 爱情 for the beautiful Selena, who recently went through a bad time (after being hospitalized for an illness) Justin has decided to give her a "gift": a watch from Chanel, adorned with rare 粉, 粉色 diamonds. Total value: $ 30,000!

This is a fabulous gift! But not a bit 'too expensive? 给 the young age of both, an accessory like this could be a little 'out of place ... what do 你 think? This is only the gift of a lover, 或者 an exaggeration?

爱情 it really shows with the Diamond?
Selena Gomez: Nick Jonas song 或者 Justin Bieber? Read!
In We Own the Night Selena Gomez talks about a 爱情 story: Nick Jonas is thinking 或者 Justin Bieber? Read!

June 26, 2011

Among the new songs 由 Selena Gomez there is one in particular that seems to contain a message between the lines: we are talking about "We Own the Night" sung with Pixie Lott. The melody of this song is cheerful and catchy and it seems that the text speaks of the state of feeling of the singer.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Just because Selena is engaged to Justin Bieber...
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Selena Gomez says she shed quite a few tears over the weekend as she shot the last scenes for her hit TV 显示 "Wizards of Waverly Place."

"It was bittersweet. ... I obviously cried a lot," she said, "It was really, really hard."

Sel 说 the cast had a party Sunday where they danced, watched a blooper reel and 说 their goodbyes. They even got a special souvenir. Her wand!

"I took my wand that I've cast my spells (with) for the last four years," Sel said. "It's in a little box in a frame, so hopefully I'll be able to hang it up in my house ... they gave...
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 Selena and cast mates
Selena and cast mates
Selena Gomez plays Alex Russo, in the breathtaking series, of Wizards Of Waverly Place. Voted Best Kids Series at the 2009 Nickerlodeon Kids Chocie Award (KCA). Selena plays a typical teenager, who's actually a wizard! On the show, Selena has an older Know-It-All brother Justin, (David Henrie), and a younger werider and dafter brother, (Jake T. Austin). Her life is far from normal because............. well, EVERTHING! She has a Warewolf boyfriend, and a best friend, who also lives with the Russo's, and can make a Hat 或者 outfit out of anything! I recomend 你 watch it everyday on 迪士尼 channel.

Sky Channel- 609 Vergin Channel- ???

Anyone help me out???????

Pleaz comment!!!


 Selena Poses!
Selena Poses!