best adjectives to describe her: amazing, beautiful...
Okay guys, please say a big congrats and hello to our miss October, this month's FOTM winner mileysmartcyrus!

Introduce yourself
嘿 guys,I'm mileysmartcyrus, I'm a really big 粉丝 of the four divas miley cyrus, selena gomez, taylor 迅速, 斯威夫特 and demi lovato!
I 爱情 all of 'em

How do 你 feel about being voted as Selena Gomez 粉丝 of the Month?
I'm sooooo glad that i have won selena gomez 粉丝 of the month, i really really can't express my happiness!!

1-10, how good is Selena as an actress?

I will give her 1st rank, actually there is no need of giving rank, Selena, miley, demi , Taylor are all equally pop 星, 星级 for me, I like all of them but if u saying me to give Selena a rank so I will give her 1st rank

Is Selena your 最喜爱的 singer?
Yes, Selena is my 最喜爱的 singer, actually there are 4 最喜爱的 singers of mine and they are all equally expensive for me

If 你 could ask Selena one question, what would 你 ask her? Why?
First of all i will say her: hello! Selena,I'm your biggest fan! and then I will ask about her personal cell no. and I will ask everything that will come in my mind that time!

Best co-star? [movies, 音乐 videos, featurings in songs]
I think the best co-star for her, maybe in my defense Justin Bieber.

What 3-5 adjectives do 你 think describe Selena the most?

What do 你 think of Selena's style? Do 你 like it?
yes, I really like her style, her way of wearing the clothes, and everything!!
"I 爱情 the her style, the way she wears it..."

For how long have 你 liked Selena? How long do 你 think you'll continue being a fan?
I guess from 5-6 years maybe,I'm not sure about the 年 and I will be her 粉丝 for forever.

Some final words?
First of all I like her sooo much that I can't explain!!
And thank 你 guys who have nominated me!!
This is all because of 你 guys/my friends
"I will be her 粉丝 forever....!"