Selena Gomez: death threats from a dangerous stalker, laws!

Selena Gomez has received death threats from a very dangerous man: it is life threatening? Read!
The life of Selena Gomez might be in danger but this time to shake the legs of the 星, 星级 are not threats of death of Justin Bieber fans, but a man who in the past has already been charged with stalking and who has serious mental problems . But let's step back: October 13 Selena has 提交 to the court of Los Angeles's request to ban this man to approach her (restraining order), so that its behavior can be monitored and followed up 由 the police.

According to the investigations carried out 由 the Advocate Selena man, called "Brodnicki" and has 46 years, he traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles to meet the 星, 星级 and apparently was also on set at least 3 times referring to some people who were there that he had several conversations with God about his intentions to kill Selena.

The 星, 星级 and his lawyer have also told authorities that the stalker has been put under the care of a psychiatrist after a crisis that had led him to scratch the eyes of the people he met on the street. Most likely, the lawyer Selena is aware of these facts because the man has revealed himself to his psychiatrist wanting to kill the star. It seems that Selena is terrorized 由 stalkers and thinks it could really hurt them if the police do not find an excuse to arrest him. Fortunately, a team of detectives are following the case after it as "extremely serious" because of mental illness Brodnicki and death threats addressed to the star.

What do 你 think? Why do 你 think this man is obsessed with Selena Gomez?