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posted by sebbyxcatxciel
你 where are the phantomhive mansion and 你 caught bassy off job so 你 ran up to him and 说 "OMG WHEN DID 你 BECOME A MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sebastian looked at 你 crazy the smirked. he then picked 你 up and 说 if 你 become a kitty cat i will 显示 you. so 你 ran in your room and got your nekomimi and put them on with your tail and 说 "~nya nya nya nya mihamuna gorgeous delecteu tcutchan!!!!!!!!!". (p.s. i don't know how to spell it.) Sebastian once 说 "OMG U SO KAWAII!!!!!!!" and the only way 你 respond 由 saying "thank 你 but 你 cant hazzzzzzzzzz" then sebby did the most moe...
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