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posted by whatsupbugs
Note: Code Geass is an anime, that was done 由 the studio Sunrise. This story is for this website and

Lelouch Lamperouge was the most 流行的 student at Ashford Academy, even though he didn't want to be. Lelouch did enjoy bragging about himself and he was flattered 由 the attention, but he was the type of person, who liked to remain mysterious and secretive. Sadly for him, he wasn't 给 an option. Lelouch's charming, laidback personality and his looks made him very popular. Nearly every girl, that attended Ashford Academy, thought he was attractive and the male students thought he was the school's coolest student.

When Lelouch tried to keep a secret, Milly Ashford, the President of the Student Council, usually found out and blabbed about it, to everybody she could find. Lelouch was the Student Council's Vice-President, so he often had to put up with Milly's antics.

A 流行的 conversation topic, which other students frequently liked to about, is who Lelouch has a crush on. Lelouch claimed, that he only saw his students as friends. However, there were several people, who doubted him and started making theories.

Several students thought the reason Lelouch tolerated Milly's teasing, was because Lelouch had a secret crush on her. Lelouch quickly denied the rumor, but the rumor gave Milly the chance, to continue teasing Lelouch.

A lot of other students thought Lelouch liked Shirley. Shirley was a fellow council member, who clearly liked Lelouch. She frequently called him Lulu, which was a nickname Lelouch never became a 粉丝 of. Lelouch cared about Shirley a lot, but not in a romantic way. Despite that, Milly frequently spread rumors, that Lelouch had a crush on her.

Kallen Stadtfeld was another student, that students thought Lelouch liked. Kallen was a girl, who often missed school and often argued with teachers and other students. Because of that, she gained a bad-girl reputation, which people thought fit Lelouch's bad-boy reputation. Although Lelouch thought Kallen was cool and a good friend, he didn't want to 日期 her. Milly 说 otherwise, but Lelouch had become used to Milly stretching the truth.

One day, Lelouch walked into Ashford Academy. During the past weeks, he often feel exhausted and looked nervous, because of Milly's constant rumors. However, Lelouch appeared to have forgotten those feelings, because he looked much 更多 calm, than he usually was. Lelouch walked up to his best friend, Suzaku Kururugi and said, "Hi Suzaku. It's good to see you."

Suzaku replied, "Hi Lelouch. It's good 你 seem so calm and relaxed. 你 usually look stressed."

Lelouch responded, "I have and that's because of Milly. She's a fun girl and all, but she's caused me a lot of problems. However, I'm not going to let her bother me, anymore. I'm going to be calm and chill, despite any rumors, that she tries to spread."

Suzaku replied, "That sounds like a good idea, Lelouch."

Lelouch had a proud look on his face, while saying, "When it comes to good ideas, I'm like a royal prince."

Milly walked 由 and said, "Hi Lelouch. What's going on?"

Lelouch retained his relaxed tone, while responding, "Nothing big is going on, but 你 better watch out. You've tried to mess with me and make me feel uncomfortable, 由 spreading silly rumors. However, that stuff isn't going to affect me, at this point. I've learned, to not be bothered 由 such things. I know I'm not going to find a girlfriend, at least not here, so stop coming up with people, to pair me with."

Milly smirked and replied, "I'll find somebody, so 你 should watch out."

After Milly walked away, Lelouch angrily sighed and said, "Milly's hopeless, when it comes to trying to make her believe something."

A few 分钟 later, Lelouch was in class. For a while, Lelouch was late for class, because he wanted to avoid school's boredom. However, he kept detentions, so he started coming to school, at the correct time.

A new student walked in. The new student's full wasn't known, but she was called C. C. She had green hair, which was hard to see, because she had a large sweater over her school uniform. The sweater covered most of her face, but Lelouch caught a glimpse of her facial expression, which looked sad.

Lelouch noticed, that C. C. was trying to hide her face. He tried to get a look at her face, 由 keeping his eyes on her, for a brief moment. However, Lelouch's curiosity made him look longer, than he had intended. C. C. realized what Lelouch was doing, so she asked, "Do 你 mind?"

Lelouch answered, "I'm sorry."

C. C. tried to use the sweater, to cover 更多 of her face. However, the teacher walked 由 and said, "Your face needs to be out, so 你 can pay attention, to what this class is about."

C. C. replied, "Okay." She stopped hiding her face.

Lelouch briefly looked at her. He didn't know why, but he decided to wave to her, while making a dorky smile. C. C. looked puzzled. She didn't wave back 或者 say anything. Lelouch wasn't used, to getting the cold shoulder. He was used to people paying too much attention, so C. C. ignoring him felt like a fresh change of pace.

After class was over, Lelouch walked 由 Suzaku and asked, "Did 你 see the new girl?"

Suzaku answered, "I saw her, for a brief moment. She seems even 更多 secretive, than 你 try to be."

Lelouch replied, "She seems 哥特式 and mysterious. She doesn't seem like the person, who will make too many friends." He paused and said, "I mean, I want her to have friends, but if she's going to act so distant, I don't think she'll become too popular."

Suzaku looked around and saw C. C. at her locker. Nobody was greeting her and she made no effort, to greet the other students. Suzaku nudged Lelouch and said, "I have an idea."

Lelouch asked, "What is it?"

Suzaku answered, "We should welcome her, to our school. It doesn't seem like anybody has the time, to say hi to her, so we should do it."

Lelouch thought about it. Considering how 流行的 he had become, he wasn't fond of the idea, of befriending another Ashford Academy student. However, C. C. liked seemed like such a quiet person, so he wasn't too worried, about her bothering him. He and Suzaku walked 由 C. C.

Shirley Fenette also walked by. C. C. stood around, while wondering why three people were lounging around her. She sighed and asked, "Can I assist you?"

Shirley had a friendly smile on her face, while saying, "I'm Shirley Fenette, a member of the Student Council. I wanted to give 你 a proper welcome, to this wonderful school. If 你 ever need a tour, I'd be happy to help." She stuck her hand out, for a handshake.

C. C. shook her hand and said, "Thank you."

Suzaku looked at C. C. and said, "I'm Suzaku Kururugi. It's nice to meet you, C. C."

C. C. replied, "Thanks."

Lelouch looked at her and said, "I'm Lelouch Lamperouge. I'm sorry, if I was being a bit curious. 你 were hiding your face, so I was confounded and interested."

C. C. replied, "It's okay. I was being a bit weird, as well. I'm a weird person, in general."

Lelouch blurted out, "I'm a weirdo!"

C. C. had an amused look on her face, while saying, "You sure are."

Shirley looked at Lelouch. She wanted to ask him, to have lunch with her, so she could spend 更多 quality time with him. She tried to get the courage, but she failed. Lelouch noticed that Shirley was looking at her, but she started walking away, with a light blush on her house. She figured she could ask Lelouch to have lunch with her, as soon as lunchtime began.

When lunchtime came around, Lelouch pranced into the cafeteria. After grabbing his lunch, he started looking around, for a place to sit. He looked around and saw that C. C. was having lunch, 由 herself. He figured nobody would want to sit 由 her, because of how distant and cold she seemed to be. Lelouch wanted to cheer her up, so he walked by, looked at her, and asked, "Do 你 want to have lunch with me?"

C. C. answered, "Nah."

Lelouch asked, "Are 你 sure? If 你 want to be alone, that's cool, but if you'd like some company, I can help 你 out."

C. C. replied, "I'm not interested. Sit somewhere else. You're the most 流行的 student around, so everybody else would be honored, to have 你 sit 由 them."

Lelouch responded, "If 你 say so. I'll go sit somewhere else, but I'll ask 你 the same thing, during tomorrow's lunch."

C. C. sarcastically replied, "That's a moment, that I'm thrilled about." Lelouch started walking away, while C. C. started feeling guilty. She felt uneasy around other people, so she pushed Lelouch away. However, C. C. was 更多 focused on getting Lelouch to leave, than being a well-mannered person. She regretted the way, that she had worded herself.

Shirley walked up to Lelouch and said, "Hi Lulu."

Lelouch replied, "Hi Shirley. What's going on?"

Shirley shyly asked, "Do 你 want to have lunch with me?"

Lelouch answered, "Sure." Lelouch and Shirley sat down and started chatting. Shirley tried to make their conversation with Lelouch personal, so their bond could grow. However, Lelouch wanted to keep things casual, so he 说 a bunch of generic terms and answers.

Milly walked 由 and noticed Lelouch and Shirley were having lunch together. She looked amused, while saying, "Maybe the reason 你 claimed I can't spread relationship rumors, is because 你 and Shirley are already in a relationship."

Lelouch replied, "That's not true, Milly. I have no romantic interest in Shirley, at all. Shirley and I are in one another's friendship zones and that's never going to change."

Milly sighed and responded, "If 你 say so." Shirley had a disappointed look on her face, because of how determined Lelouch was, to not 日期 her.

Later, Lelouch, Kallen, C. C., and the other students were in Study Hall. Lelouch had already finished his homework, so he was bored. He looked at Kallen and tried to talk quietly. The Study Hall teacher didn't grow upon talking, as much as the other teachers did. However, the teacher wanted them to talk quietly, so they wouldn't disrupt the other students. Lelouch said, "I have nothing to do."

Kallen replied, "I only have a few math problems left."

Lelouch said, "I should look at my cellphone 或者 something."

Kallen replied, "You could greet the new girl."

Lelouch said, "I tried doing that, but that didn't work out. I think she needs her space."

Lelouch and Kallen looked at C. C., who didn't look well. C. C. was having bad flashbacks concerning a former friend of hers, named Mao. Mao had a rough life, which C. C. tried to help with, but it didn't work out. She often blamed herself, for Mao's hardships and often had panic attacks. Lelouch was concerned about her, so he put his hand on her shoulder and asked, "Are 你 okay?"

C. C. was overcome, with painful anxiety, that she started stressing out. She said, "Get your hand away from me and just leave me alone."

Lelouch replied, "I'm sorry. I was just trying to make sure 你 were okay and welcome 你 to the school."

C. C. was so upset at herself, but she felt the need, to blame someone else. She angrily looked at Lelouch, while screaming a bunch of curse words at him.

The teacher looked at her and said, "I know this your first day, but 你 should know, that 你 can't say such fowl words. 你 have a detention, after school."

C. C. replied, "I don't give a crap! Just leave me alone!" She pretended to continue working on her homework, but in reality, she was crying. Lelouch saw a few of C. C.'s tears. He wasn't mad at her, for screaming at him. He was concerned about her.

After school, Lelouch was still worried about C. C. He walked around the hallway and approached. She was packing her stuff, while looking gloomy. Lelouch walked to her and gently said, "Hi C. C."

C. C. turned around and asked, "What do 你 want from me?"

Lelouch answered, "I want 你 to know, that I'm not mad at you. Instead, I want to help you. I can tell you're going through something and nobody seems to be helping you, so I'd like to help 你 out."

C. C. was pleasantly surprised Lelouch wanted to assist her, after she had been rude to him. She nervously said, "I'm sorry, for screaming at you. The screams should of been directed at myself, not you."

Lelouch replied, "It's okay. I want 你 to have lunch with me, tomorrow."

C. C. shyly responded, "Okay."

The 下一个 day, during lunchtime, Lelouch came into the cafeteria, but he noticed C. C. wasn't there. After grabbing his lunch, he went into the hallway and found C. C., who sitting down, in one of the hallway's corners. She had her sweater over her face, because she was trying to hide. Lelouch walked 由 her and gently pulled the sweater off her face. He gently said, "Hi C. C."

C. C. replied, "Hi Lelouch. I'm sorry, for trying to avoid you, but I was scared."

Lelouch sat 下一个 to her and said, "You shouldn't be scared. I'm here and I want to protect you, not harm you."

C. C. started eating some cold pizza, which she had brought from home. She tried to avoid conversation, but Lelouch wanted to chat with her, to help you. Lelouch looked at C. C.'s sweater. It was gray and plain, but Lelouch was desperate to give her a compliment, so he said, "Cute sweater."

C. C. shyly replied, "Thank you."

Lelouch said, "C. C., I want to help 你 and I want to find out the things, that are bothering you. However, I'm not a family member 或者 a teacher, so I'm not going force 你 to tell me. I want 你 to feel comfortable, when you're around me. However, if you're willing to share your problems, I'm here for you."

C. C. liked the way Lelouch worded himself. He wasn't forcing her, to tell him anything. She wondered if she should share info with him. She ate 更多 pizza, while thinking it over. After a few silent moments, she said, "I feel scared."

Lelouch looked back at her and asked, "Why?"

C. C. answered, "Because I'm a witch."

Lelouch raised an eyebrow and asked, "A witch? What are 你 talking about?"

C. C. answered, "In case 你 haven't figured it out, I'm not a nice girl. I wish I could be, but I'm not. I had a friend, who relied on me, a friend I could of helped. Instead, I didn't. I was shy and selfish, so I focused on making myself feel comfortable, 由 avoiding talking to my friend, rather than helping him out. His name was Mao."

Lelouch was starting to figure out, what C. C. was going through. She had autism, which explained her 前一个 behavior.

C. C. said, "One day, when we were playing, I felt uncomfortable, because I wasn't used to spending so much time and sharing so much, with another person. My friend was disappointed and sad. A few weeks later, I tried to visit him and apologize, but 由 then, his family had moved away. I didn't know his number, so I could never call and apologize. Instead, I get haunted 由 guilt, each and every day. I see Mao in my nightmares, asking me why I failed him. I never had a reasonable answer and I never will." Tears started coming out of C. C.'s eyes.

Lelouch gave her a hug, while saying, "It's okay, C. C. Your friend may of been disappointed, even mad, but he wouldn't want 你 to feel bad, for the rest of your life." C. C. usually didn't like being hugged, but Lelouch had a gentle, comforting quality, that she couldn't resist. She accepted the hug and started putting her arms around Lelouch. The hugging lasted for a few minutes, while Lelouch used his napkins, to make C. C.'s tears go away.

C. C. replied, "You're too nice to me, Lelouch. I don't deserve your kindness."

Lelouch responded, "You deserve to have somebody, that 你 can confide in. I care about 你 and I want 你 to feel safe. People make mistakes and instead of being ashamed of themselves, people make improvements. 你 can improve yourself, 你 really can."

C. C. replied, "Yeah right. I'm hopeless." She sighed and said, "Besides, I have no reason to try. I don't matter to anybody."

Lelouch warmly responded, "You matter to me."

C. C. asked, "Really?"

Lelouch answered, "Yes, you're my friend."

C. C. asked, "A friend. Aside from Mao, I've never had a friend."

Lelouch replied, "You have me. Is there anything I can do, to make 你 feel better?"

C. C. shyly asked, "Can I have another hug?"

Lelouch answered, "Of course." Lelouch and C. C. hugged, for several minutes. C. C. felt 更多 comfortable and relieved, than she had in years.

After the first 钟, 贝尔 rang, Lelouch and C. C. started heading to Study Hall. They both had already finished their homework, so Lelouch convinced C. C. to sit 由 him. He knew C. C. was still shy and wasn't eager to talk about personal issues. Because of that, Lelouch talked about bighearted topics, such as TV, films, and comic books. C. C. had a lot to say, regarding those topics, so she told Lelouch all about the media, that she liked the most. She also talked a lot about pizza, which was her 最喜爱的 food.

After school, Lelouch had a Student Council meeting. He looked around and was surprised to see, that C. C. was at the meeting. He had a confused look on his face, while asking, "What's going on?"

Milly explained, "Every student has to 加入 a club, so C. C. picked the Student Council."

Lelouch sat 下一个 to C. C. and whispered, "I'm glad 你 joined."

C. C. whispered, "I only joined, because you're the one person, that I don't mind being around."

Milly looked at her fellow council members and said, "We have an important matter, that we must start discussing."

Lelouch sighed and asked, "What is it?"

Milly answered, "Prom."

Lelouch had never been fond of prom, since it gave Milly dozens of ways, to tease Lelouch and make him feel uncomfortable. Lelouch tried to keep his dignity, 由 saying, "This is a matter, which I'd rather not discuss."

Milly replied, "I figure you'd say that, but you're the Vice-President, so you're going to have a prominent role."

Shirley asked, "What is this year's prom theme?"

Lelouch said, "I don't think we need a theme. I think a nice, normal prom is the type of thing, that this weird, goofy school needs."

Milly had an excited look on her face, while saying, "I have an idea."

Lelouch was dreading Milly's idea, because the 前一个 proms had been chaotic and weird. The first prom had everybody dress-up as ponies, which some people loved, but Lelouch was uncomfortable with. During the 秒 prom, Milly pressured everybody to dress as characters from the obscure film, The Oogieloves. Milly even forced Lelouch, to sing a milkshake song, while dressed as Milky Marvin.

Lelouch said, "Milly, as the Vice-President, I don't make as many suggestions, as I should. I think it's time, that I pick the theme."

Milly thought about it and replied, "Actually, that's a great idea. What do 你 have in mind?"

Lelouch responded, "People should wear any type of outfit, that they want. If they want to wear a fancy tuxedo 或者 a nice dress, they can. If they want to wear a superhero costume 或者 a Legion of Doom outfit, they can. We should let everybody express themselves and be who they really are, deep down."

Milly said, "I 爱情 that idea, Lelouch. I look 前锋, 期待 to seeing whatever weird outfit, that 你 decide to put on. I'll take lots of pictures."

Suzaku looked at Lelouch and said, "That's a neat idea, Lelouch. What inspired you?"

Lelouch briefly glanced at C. C., before saying, "A friend inspired me."

The 下一个 day, Lelouch, Suzaku, and Rivalz went into the gym, to start putting in prom decorations, tables, and supplies. Lelouch wasn't as strong and muscular as his friends, but he still tried hard, to give them a hand. Lelouch said, "I'm glad Milly agreed to my prom idea. That'll spare me, from some of the humiliation. However, Milly probably has a lot of things planned, that'll embarrass me."

Suzaku wanted to protect his friend, from further embarrassment. He knew about a topic, which he knew would embarrass Lelouch, but he figured he should bring it up, before Milly did. He said, "You'll have to figure out, who you'll invite to the prom."

Lelouch nervously said, "Oh no. That sounds like the type of thing, that Milly will be wanting to know. During the first year, I pretended to be sick, to avoid going to the prom. Last year, I snuck out of the prom, before it ended. Milly won't let me slip away and she'll make a big fuss, if I don't ask somebody."

Suzaku suggested, "You could ask Shirley."

Lelouch replied, "I could, but I don't think that would end well. I like Shirley a lot, but only as a friend. If I invite her to the prom, she'll probably get the wrong idea, which will lead to drama."

Rivalz said, "I'm going to ask Milly, so don't bother asking her."

Lelouch replied, "You tried to ask Milly out, during the 前一个 two proms, but 你 failed."

Rivalz looked moderately confident, while saying, "This year, I'm going to ask her out."

Lelouch replied, "Best of luck."

Suzaku looked at Lelouch and said, "You could ask Kallen."

Lelouch put his hand on his chin, while saying, "That isn't a terrible choice. Kallen isn't the type of person, who'd act lovey-dovey and jump to conclusions." However, Lelouch realized C. C. probably wouldn't have anybody, to ask her to prom. Since she avoided talking to people, Lelouch doubted anybody would ask her.

Lelouch went into the hallway, where C. C. was hanging up a prom banner. He walked closer to her, while saying, "There's a matter, that we need to discuss."

C. C. asked, "What is it?"

Lelouch answered, "I knew you're not going to ask anybody to prom, so I'm offering to take you."

C. C. replied, "I'm not going to prom. It doesn't take place during school hours, so I don't have to attend."

Lelouch responded, "Student Council members are required, to attend."

C. C. replied, "Then I'll come, 由 myself, and just stand around."

Lelouch shook his head and said, "No, the reason I picked the theme, of choosing any costume each student wants, is for you. I want 你 to go to the prom, while wearing an outfit that reflects who 你 are."

C. C. could hardly believe Lelouch picked a prom theme, just to suit her needs. She knew she couldn't refuse that offer. She said, "Then I'll go and wear an outfit of my choosing, but I'm not going to socialize 或者 dance."

Lelouch decided it was time, to put his foot down. He said, "C. C., I'm not going to the prom with anybody else. If 你 won't go to the prom with me, I'll go 由 myself, just like you. I'll be on the sidelines, just like you."

C. C. replied, "Suit yourself." C. C. felt something in her pocket. She pulled out a card, which had Lelouch's phone number on it.

Lelouch looked back at her, while saying, "If 你 change your mind, about going to prom with me, give me a call. Either way, I'm not going to prom with anybody, unless it's you." Lelouch walked away, while C. C. stood around, with several thoughts in her mind.

The 下一个 day, during Study Hall, C. C. looked at Lelouch and asked, "What are 你 going to wear, at the prom?"

Lelouch didn't usually reveal such secrets, but he was willing to tell C. C., because he knew she wouldn't tell the other students. However, Lelouch wanted to get some information from her, so he said, "If 你 tell me your outfit, I'll tell 你 mine."

C. C. replied, "I'm going to be a witch."

Lelouch responded, "If you're going to dress as a witch, then I'll be wear a warlock costume."

C. C. asked, "Wouldn't a warlock costume embarrass you?"

Lelouch answered, "I'm willing to embarrass myself, for you. If I had to wear a Fisher Biskit cosplay, to make 你 happy, I'd do it. I'd dress up as anything, to make 你 smile. I'd even wear a Sewer King costume, if I had to."

Lelouch was one of the few people C. C. had ever met, who even knew Sewer King, from the sixth episode of Batman: The Animated Series. She couldn't resist being charmed, 由 Lelouch's dedication, to making her happy. She said, "I'll meet you, at the prom. We can hangout, as long as 你 want. You'll probably want to hangout with the dozens of hundreds, that 你 probably have, but we can talk and stuff, for a little while."

Lelouch replied, "I will be socializing with my friends, but I want to a majority of the prom, with you. Zero is the number of people, that I'd rather go to prom with, than with you."

C. C. shyly responded, "Thank you, Lelouch."

A few weeks later, the prom night had arrived. Lelouch walked in, while wearing a black warlock's costume. He thought the costume was corny and bizarre, but he felt proud to wear it, for C. C.'s benefit. A few students saw Lelouch's outfit. They looked stunned, before they started giggling. Lelouch didn't mind, because it was C. C.'s opinion, that mattered.

A few 分钟 later, C. C. walked in, while wearing a purple witch costume. She looked nervous and shy, but Lelouch walked up to her. He stuck his hand out and said, "Greetings, witch."

C. C. gently held his hand, while saying, "Nice to see you, warlock."

Lelouch and C. C. walked to an empty part of the gym, while holding hands. Lelouch asked, "Are 你 okay?"

C. C. answered, "Yes, but only because of you."

Lelouch asked, "Can I get 你 anything?"

C. C. said, "I'm okay."

Lelouch gently played with her hair, while saying, "You're hungry, aren't you?" C. C. 说 nothing. Lelouch said, "There's some pizza. Do 你 want some?"

C. C. answered, "I guess."

Lelouch said, "Stay here. I'll get 你 some pizza. Please try to relax and have a nice time." He started walking to the 食物 table, while C. C. stood around. She looked around and saw several people, who were chatting away and having a nice time. She felt jealous, because she wished she could talk to others, without feeling scared.

Lelouch grabbed some 比萨, 比萨饼 and soda, while Milly walked up to him. Milly was dressed as a cat. She started slurping milk, while saying, "Greetings, Lelouch. Who's your prom date?"

Lelouch answered, "None of your business."

Milly put her arm around Lelouch, while saying, "Being the President of the Student Council, I'm also in charge, of this school's gossip. Because of that, I need to know who everybody is dating, especially you."

Lelouch replied, "You don't need to know, so please don't ask me." Lelouch started walking away.

Suzaku walked 由 Lelouch, while dressed as Superman. Lelouch smirked and asked, "How's the newspaper business going, Clark?"

Suzaku asked, "What's going on with you? Milly seems to be giving 你 a hard time."

Lelouch said, "She's determined, to find out who I'm with. The person I choose is super shy, which is counterintuitive, for Milly's plans."

Suzaku replied, "I see. If 你 don't want to tell me, I get it."

Lelouch said, "You're the only guy around here, who I trust. I'm with C. C. This prom theme was my way, of getting to C. C., to express herself."

Suzaku replied, "I understand. 你 seem to care a lot about her and you've been 更多 respectful to her, than the other students have. She has autism, doesn't she?"

Lelouch responded, "Yes."

Suzaku said, "I'm proud of you, for taking care care of. You've matured a lot, in the past few years."

Lelouch smiled and replied, "Thank you, Suzaku. That means a lot to me." Suzaku gave Lelouch a hug, before Lelouch returned.

C. C. looked at him and said, "You were gone a long time."

Lelouch replied, "I'm sorry." He handed her the 比萨, 比萨饼 and a can of soda.

C. C. responded, "Thank you." Lelouch and C. C. spent a few 分钟 eating and making a little bit of conversation, but they were mostly silent.

After they finished eating, they looked at the others and saw that they had started dancing. Lelouch looked at C. C. and asked, "Can I convince you, to do one dance?"

C. C. nervously said, "No."

Lelouch put his hand on C. C.'s shoulder, while saying, "I'm not going to force you, to do anything. I want 你 to be as happy and comfortable, as humanly possible. However, there's nobody I'd rather dance with, than you."

C. C. replied, "That's a sweet sentiment, but I'm a cruddy dancer. 你 can go ahead and dance with other people."

Lelouch responded, "C. C., I don't want to do that."

C. C. replied, "I insist. I've caused a lot of stuff, without every paying 你 back. 你 shouldn't miss out on the prom, because of me. Go ahead."

Lelouch responded, "If 你 say so."

Lelouch walked up to Kallen, who didn't have a dance partner, because her date, Gino Weinberg, was stuffing snacks down his throat. Kallen was dressed as Selene, from the 黑夜传说 film series. Gino didn't mind if Kallen danced with somebody else, so Lelouch walked up to her and casually asked, "Do 你 wanna dance?"

Kallen answered, "Sure."

C. C. looked around and saw Lelouch dancing with Kallen. It was hard for C. C., to not feel some jealousy, even though it was an unfair feeling to have. She quickly got over her jealously, because she knew Kallen wasn't interested in Lelouch.

After Lelouch finished dancing with Kallen, Shirley walked up to him and said, "Hi Lulu."

Lelouch replied, "Hi Shirley. What's going on?"

Shirley shyly asked, "Do 你 want to dance with me?"

C. C. knew Shirley had a crush on Lelouch, so she couldn't let Shirley dance with him. She knew it was time, for her to be brave. She got on the dance floor, stuck her hand out, and said, "Lelouch, may I have this dance?"

Lelouch looked at Shirley and said, "I'm sorry, but there's someone else, who I have strong feelings for."

Shirley replied, "I understand, Lulu." She walked away and asked Lloyd Asplund, to dance with her. Lloyd threw his 布丁 away, which landed in Suzaku's hair, and started dancing with Shirley.

Lelouch and C. C. started dancing. They danced slowly and carefully, so C. C. wouldn't get nervous. Lelouch said, "C. C., do 你 feel okay?"

C. C. answered, "I feel better than ever, thanks to you. I still feel scared, but when I'm with you, I feel a special feeling of comfort. However, I also feel guilt. You've seen so nice, but I've been rude and I've been avoiding you."

Lelouch replied, "I understand, C. C. 你 have autism, which isn't your fault."

A tear came down C. C.'s eye, while saying, "That doesn't me, for not 展示 你 the appreciation, that 你 deserve."

Lelouch replied, "You have been 展示 me appreciation. 你 went to the prom and you're dancing with me. I really appreciate that, because you're the first girl, that I've ever loved."

C. C. felt her 心 warm up, from Lelouch admitting his feelings. She wanted to share how she felt, but she felt nervous. She asked, "Can 你 follow me?"

Lelouch answered, "Sure."

Lelouch and C. C. went back to the area of the gym, that nobody else was at. C. C. took a long pause, before whispering, "I 爱情 你 too." Lelouch and C. C. looked at one another, while they both wondered if they should attempt a kiss.

Eventually, Lelouch decided to 吻乐队(Kiss) C. C.'s cheek. C. C. blushed and enjoyed it, but she wanted something grander. She reached in, to 吻乐队(Kiss) Lelouch's lips. She kissed him quickly, because of how shy she was. However, it was a moment Lelouch and C. C. both treasured. Lelouch hugged C. C. They both had happy tears, which poured down their cheeks. Despite having the pain of autism, C. C. had still found the happiness and love, that Lelouch thought she deserved.
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When Ms. 心 made it to the 最佳, 返回页首 of the hill, her car was missing. The jack was still there with the flat tire however.

Ms. Heart: What is the meaning of this? I left my phone in the car, and now I have to go all the way to the police barracks.

She continued to walk along the road passing several cars.

Kevin: *Stopping 下一个 to Ms. 心 again* What happened to your car? Did 你 decide to keep the spare, and sell everything else?
Ms. Heart: No. Leave me alone.
Kevin: Okay. *Drives away*

She reached an intersection when a state trooper stopped 下一个 to her with the police lights on.

Ms. Heart: Thank...
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If 迪士尼 sues, we'll claim fair use.
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Johnny was outside, walking with Derek, Mark, and Lewis in a park.

Johnny: 你 boys weren't lying. This is beautiful.
Lewis: 伦敦 has many excellent landmarks.
Derek: May we take him to Big Ben?
Lewis: I don't see why not.
Mark: Just remember to stay on your guard. ISIS might plan another attack on us.
Johnny: I don't know about you, but that's why I have my gun with me.
Derek: 你 took a regular flight though. How did 你 get past security with it?
Johnny: 你 remember the car that came out of my watch?
Lewis & Mark: What?
Johnny: I'll explain later. When I got out of the car, I hit the red button...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

It was a typical 日 in New York City. People were walking down the sidewalks, and cars crowded the streets, but in front of a coffee shop, a man was sitting, while typing on his laptop.


Person 94: *Typing on his laptop inside the coffee shop*
Background People: *Drinking coffee, and eating donuts*

Wonderful World

Taxi Driver: *Going over 60, passing several other cars*
Man 89: *Hugging his suitcase* Do all taxi drivers drive like this in the city?
Taxi Driver:...
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下一个 morning, Bill, and May woke up to the sound of airplanes passing over the hotel.

Bill: *Gets up* Come on May, we gotta go.
May: What time is it?
Bill: *Looks at the clock* 7. We overslept. The damn alarm must be broken.

Then, three Highway Patrol officers barged into the room.

SHP 95: Put your hands up 你 two!!
Bill: *Looks at the officers with his hands up. He quickly moves them down, hitting one officer in the head, and pulling out his gun*
SHP Officers: *Pull out their guns*
Bill: *Shoots one officer*
SHP 53: *Shoots the gun out of Bill's hand* That's enough. I'm giving 你 two the chance to...
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car chase
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Mabel: We got a special 显示 where trains 显示 off their paint, and upgrades.
Sean: *Using hydraulics to make his front end bounce*
Kenny: *Has 金牌 wheels, and a 金牌 horn*
Theresa: That's awesome, but we gotta start the 秒 half of the S.S.S.S.
Eula: That's right. Let's get started.

Girls: *Playing Rock & Roll music* Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Which is Japanese for, which is Japanese for... *Drum solo* Your Typical Anime. *Guitar solo* Your Typical Anime. *Guitar solo* Your Typical Anime!

Episode 4: Fat Pat

Song: link

Fat Pat: *Sitting on his throne*...
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Buttercup: *Doing pushups*
Grayback: Practicing for Mojo Jojo?
Blossom: I told her to do it earlier so she would get her energy back, but when he arrives, she'll be too tired.
Buttercup: I got energy to spare.
Eula: *Farts*
Buttercup: *Falls down* Eugh, what did 你 eat?
Eula: 塔科, 炸玉米饼 bell. You're girls. Why don't 你 fart?
Blossom: *Leaves with Buttercup*
Eula: Welcome to Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. I'm Eula, and I'm the hostess tonight. Here's tonight schedule.

8 PM - Now

Con Mane: You'll Only Live Twice

8:30 PM - Later

Anata No Tenkei-Tekina 日本动漫 - Bak2Bak

Con Mane has returned.

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