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Buttercup: *Doing pushups*
Grayback: Practicing for Mojo Jojo?
Blossom: I told her to do it earlier so she would get her energy back, but when he arrives, she'll be too tired.
Buttercup: I got energy to spare.
Eula: *Farts*
Buttercup: *Falls down* Eugh, what did 你 eat?
Eula: 塔科, 炸玉米饼 bell. You're girls. Why don't 你 fart?
Blossom: *Leaves with Buttercup*
Eula: Welcome to Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. I'm Eula, and I'm the hostess tonight. Here's tonight schedule.

8 PM - Now

Con Mane: You'll Only Live Twice

8:30 PM - Later

Anata No Tenkei-Tekina 日本动漫 - Bak2Bak

Con Mane has returned.

We begin our story in Beijing, which was violently taken over 由 the koreans.

Con: *sneaks onto dock*
korean pony55: What was that?
Con: *kills pony* 更多 like who was that?
korean pony21: I'll be right back I just wanna get some cider.
Con: *sneaks toward warehouse*
korean pony21: *shoots at Con*
Con: *dodges bullets*
korean pony21: All units, we have an intruder in the warehouse!
Con: *pulls out gun* Where is that manifest?
korean leader: What do 你 need the manifest for? Grenades? We made specially designed grenades to blow up an entire building. Now that 你 know this, I gotta let 你 go *kills Con Mane*

A few days later the C.I.E found Con Mane dead in the warehouse.

P: Bring him back to life!
Doctor: We can't. It's past 24 hours.
S: Well, at least he died on the JOB.
Moneybit: Yeah, *cries*
P: What happened that got 你 into this Con?

Fillies & Gentlecolts I present to 你 the 5th INSTALLMENT of Con Mane called...

You'll Only Live Twice


Doughnut Joe...........................Con Mane
Discord.........................Ernst Staverald Discord
Pinkie Pie.......................................P
Lyra Heartstrings..........................Miss. Moneybit
British ponies..............................M.I.6
Korean ponies..............................bad guys

Cars provided 由

Equestrian MOTOR WORKS
& others that will be mentioned later.

The 下一个 日 in Canterlot

Moneybit: Welcome back Mr. Mane.
Con: Thank 你 Moneybit. I better be 更多 careful, cause I'll only live twice.
Moneybit: I hear ya.
P: Glad to see you're still alive 0007.
Con: Oh yes. Even though I died I'm on another life.
P: You're second. Now listen, I need 你 to go to England, and help M.I.6 stop someone from creating W.M.D's.
Con: What kind are we dealing with?
P: First it was grenades, now it's rockets.
Con: How big?
P: Big enough to destroy Manehattan.
Con: Well we can't allow that. I'm on my way.
S: Con. Wait up.
Con: Why?
S: P assigned me to go with you.
Con: Alright. Let's go to england.

So Con, and S along with his crew left for England.

Con: Where's the 小马 were meeting?
S: She should be over there.
Rareesa: Hello.
Con: Oh hey. Muffins are Derpy's 最喜爱的 food.
Rareesa: Yes, but I don't know what they are.
Con: Now what do 你 know about the 小马 that's creating all those W.M.D's?
Rareesa: Nothing, except for that he's not a pony.
S: We must get going now. Where's your car?
Rareesa: It's that car over there *points at sports car*
Con: Sweet! I'm driving.

After 17 分钟 of driving a sports car, Con arrived at a house.

S: Thanks for making us take the bus!
Con: My pleasure.
workers: Hello.
M.I.6 leader: Hello lads, what are 你 doing here?
Con: We're here to help 你 stop whoevers making all those W.M.D missiles.
M.I.6 leader: I also believe 你 have something for us.
S: Yes we do. Ok 你 guys, set up Little Mily.
M.I.6 leader: I'm quite curious Mr. ehh..?
Con: Mane. Con Mane.
M.I.6 leader: Oh right. I'm quite curious Mr. Mane, what is Little Mily?
Con: Oh she's a wonderful mare. Very small, quite fast, and can do anything. Just your type.
workers: *finish work*
M.I.6 leader: A toy helicopter?
S: No, it's not a toy. You'll see. Con, would 你 care to demonstrate?
Con: Sure. *climbs into helicopter*
S: 你 push this rotor, and it starts the chopper *pushes motor*
Con: *flies away*
Rareesa: Wow
Con: S! I see korean choppers heading toward me!
korean pony66: *shoot missiles*
Con: *blows up missiles*
S: *shoots pilot*
Korean pony42: We have a 小马 down!
Con: *shoots other pilot*

The C.I.E won, but they still had to find where the Weapons of Mass Destruction were being built.

When Con got back from flying Little Mily, M.I.6 found the building where the W.M.D's were being manufactured.

Rareesa: It's at the 太空 station?
Con: Looks like we might be going to where Luna was for 1,000 years.
S: We're not going to the moon Con.
Con: Well lets just stop these ponies now!

So they left, in Rareesa's EMW & with some pegasi carrying the others.

Rareesa: Here we are.
Con: Let's do this. *grabs MP5*

Con, and M.I.6 stormed into the 太空 station killing some ponies that got in there way.

S: *grabs pen*
Con: 你 gonna blow someone up?
S: Pens don't always explode *shoots tranquilizer*
korean pony72: Aaahh!
korean pony55: *shoots at Rareesa*
Con: I got this *kills korean pony55*
S: We need to get on that spaceship!
Con: Let me handle it *teleports his team onto ship*
S: Good.
M.I.6 leader: Now everypony get into a spacesuit.
korean pony21: Freeze!
korean pony33: Hold on, isn't that?
??: Con Mane. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ernst Staverald Discord. They told me 你 were assassinated in Beijing.
Con: Yes, this is my 秒 life.
Discord: You'll only live twice Mr. Mane.
Con: Yeah, only. *shoots safety valve*
korean pony21: What did he do? *shoots Con*
Con: *uses magical shield*
M.I.6 leader: Looks like we're not going into space.
S: Quick, into the escape pods!
Discord: *launches them all* Nice try, until then Goodbye Mr. Mane. *leaves*
Con: Teleportation?
S: Now!

Luckily before the spaceship exploded, Con got everyone off.

M.I.6 leader: Good work Mr. Mane.
Con: Thanks, but what about Discord?
M.I.6 leader: We'll worry about him later, but first we have another assignment for 你 to help us with.

And what might that be? Is it...

A. Killing Discord
B. Finding a 痣, 鼹鼠 in M.I.6
C. Preventing a mad 小马 from launching 更多 missiles
D. Buying 茶 for Rareesa

If 你 guessed C preventing somepony from launching 更多 missiles 你 are correct.

Con: So where is he?
M.I.6 leader: At the warehouse where 你 were killed.
Con: Oh great.
M.I.6 leader: Relax, with some practice you'll get ready.

M.I.6 was going to train Con with some KARATE.

Con: What exactly do I need to do this for?
M.I.6: Many koreans are experts in karate. Whoever you're going against will most likely know karate.
Con: Well then lets do this.

So Con practiced with the other 小马 until..

british pony53: Ambush! It's the Koreans!
M.I.6 leader: What? Let's go Con, I'll have to teach 你 更多 karate later.
korean pony98: Keep firing *kills 53rd british pony*
M.I.6 leader: We have a 小马 down! Send reinforcements!
Con: *kills two koreans*
korean pony40: We need 更多 reinforcements!
korean leader: Sorry, we cannot send anymore ponies out there.
korean pony40: Shit! Retreat!
Con: *kills 更多 ponies*
M.I.6 leader: Easy! They're retreating.
Con: Alright. Howsabout we practice 更多 karate?

The two ponies soon got back to where they were practicing karate.

M.I.6 leader: *throws kick*
Con: *grabs leg & breaks it*
M.I.6 leader: Bloody hell, 你 learn fast.
Con: Want me to fix that?
M.I.6 leader: No, I think your ready.
Con: Excellent.
M.I.6 leader: Now all 你 need to do is travel back to time after your death, and get back your first life.
Con: That's all?
M.I.6 leader: It isn't as easy as it sounds.
Con: Well if I can only live twice, I wanna keep both forever.
M.I.6 leader: What if 你 die from being too old?
Con: I get my 秒 life, and I come back as a foal. Good bye sir *time travels*

So let's see how this goes

Con: *sneaks onto dock*
korean pony55: What was that?
Con: *kills pony* 更多 like who was that?
korean pony21: I'll be right back I just wanna get some cider.
Con: *sneaks toward warehouse*
korean pony21: *shoots at Con*
Con: *dodges bullets*
korean pony21: All units, we have an intruder in the warehouse!
Con: *pulls out gun* Where is that manifest?
korean leader: What do 你 need the manifest for? Grenades? We made specially designed grenades to blow up an entire building. Now that 你 know this, I gotta let 你 go. *shoots gun*
Con: 你 missed loser. It's not just grenades your making.
korean leader: Correct. We're also making missiles. Not only that, but we're launching the ones that belong to Germany & Mexico, making it look like they waged war against each other.
Con: Not if I can help it. *shoots korean leader*
korean leader: I'm hit, need backup now!

5 ponies then arrived at the scene.

Con: *kills all 5*
korean leader: *hits Con*
Con: *runs into warehouse*
korean leader: *follows*
Con: (Where are the missiles being launched)
korean leader: *grabs grenade*
Con: *shoots grenade*
korean leader: *blows up*
korean pony82: Stop! Hooves up.
Con: *hits pony* where are the missiles being launched?
korean pony82: *shoots Con's hoof*
Con: *pushes 小马 over ledge*
korean pony82: I'm still alive!
Con: Then tell me where the missiles are being launched!
korean pony82: On a boat. It should be in the docks.
Con: Thanks.

0007 then went toward the 船, 小船 that would be launching the missiles.

korean pony96: We have an intruder!
Discord: Let him on, let him on.
Con: *pushes 小马 off boat*
Discord: Now kill him.
korean pony96: *grabs knife* Banzai!!
Con: *shoots pony* Wrong part of asia.
Discord: Welcome Mr. Mane.
Con: Hello Discord. So you're trying to get Germany into war with Mexico.
Discord: Yes, precisely. Not only that, but I'll be launchcing my own.
Con: What for?
Discord: To destroy all of China so that Korea can have it.
Con: Not on my watch *hits Discord with clock* 或者 on your clock.
Discord: It's not mine *grabs gun*
Con: *shoots it* Don't launch the missiles & I'll let 你 live.
Discord: I have to. *goes for button*
Con: *kills Discord* Finally! *time travels back to present*

None of the missiles were launched, but Con may deal with the same enemy in his 下一个 adventure, On Celestia's Secret Service

The End
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This is 1920.
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No derailments!
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You're fired
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Special thanks to AquaMarine6663 for letting me use her three OC's, Aqua Marine, Double Scoop, and Blue Fedora.

Our main character for this story is a 小马, 柯尔特 named Ralphie. He will be narrating this story, taking place in Indiana, 1948.

Ponies: *Walking on sidewalk, looking at the snow*
Colts: *Running down 街, 街道 passing a yellow house*

Ah, there it is. My old house. And there I am, with that ugly hat, and that dumb smile. No matter, 圣诞节 was on it's way. Good old, lovely Christmas.

Later at night.

Band Ponies: *Playing 圣诞节 音乐 with trombones*

Downtown, everypony was getting prepared...
continue reading...
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This song is very entertaining. Get it? XD
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Holiday Inn, Charlestown South Carolina

Three women arrived in a Chevrolet Cruze. Two were sitting up front, while one was in the back seat.
 The Cruze being used 由 the women
The Cruze being used 由 the women

Cara: *Gets out of the car with Edith* We'll be right back. We need to get something important.
Edith: Leave the engine running.
Charlotte: *Nods. She watches the women walk into the hotel, then picks up her phone to talk to her mother*
Mom: Hello?
Charlotte: Hi Mom, 夏洛特 here.
Mom: How are 你 doing?
Charlotte: Good. I made a couple of new friends, and I just became a member of this group called Social Justice Warriors....
continue reading...
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由 The Champs
sean the hedgehog
Song: link

Sean & Shayne: *Racing each other as they go very fast with their trains*
Mr. Nut: We're back.
Kevin: We were supposed to be back last week, but I guess we forgot.
Metal Gloss: Yeah, sorry everyone. I'm Metal Gloss from Ponies On The Rails, and I'm your hostess tonight for Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. Tonight's schedule is down below.

8 PM - Now

The Nut House

8:30 PM - Later

Ponies On The Rails - Back 2 Back

Metal Gloss: 更多 back to back episodes of my show? This really is spectacular.

Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run...
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Four teenage boys were sitting on the front porch of a house. One of them was 展示 them a video on his cell phone.

Teenager 1: After Squadron 86 killed my cousin, and his partner in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, me and some of my other 老友记 decided to create this parody.

This was one of the clips in the videos.

Teenager 72: *Holding an AK47* Oh look, American tourists. We're going to kill them, just because everyone else does. It's not a legit, and good reason, but we're terrorists, so it's okay. *Shoots the American tourists*
Teenager 52: *Holding two revolvers* I'm Ms. A....
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Song: link

Sean: *Backing into a station with a passenger train*
Jesse: Perfect timing.
Sean: Why?
Jesse: Listen to the 音乐 and you'll find out why.
Sean: We're not in New York City.
Liam: But that's where Bartholomew lives in his spin off. For the 2nd half of our show, we have back to back episodes. Have fun.

My name is Bartholomew Perfect The 55th. I was born in London, 1902. I lived there for nearly my entire life, but in 1951, I moved to Cheyenne Wyoming, which is in The United States of Equestria.

I worked on the Union Pacific as a conductor until June 1953, and I moved into Manehattan to work...
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Estevez walked back from his apartment, and reunited with Johnny 由 his car.

Johnny: *Holding a can of deoderant*
Estevez: No thanks Lightning, I already got some.
Johnny: This is from Mabel. It's one of those sprays that reveal lasers from alarms.
Estevez: Oh. Nice.
Johnny: I'm keeping the other stuff. Let's go back out there, and find Mark.

Speaking of Mark

Driver: *Heading for an intersection*
Mark: 你 want something to eat?
Driver: Not really.
Mark: Well I do. Head to Wal-Mart.
Driver: *Goes straight*

Not far away.

Johnny: *Slowly passing Hampton Inn* Out of all the nice hotels in this town, 你 decided...
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State Police Barracks, just outside of town.

Officer 52: Who was it that 你 were trying to trap with that rope?
Parker: *Speaking, while looking like a robot* None of your business.
Officer 90: Speak normally.
Officer 52: We found one of these. *Holding a wanted poster for Mack* Even without the picture, I know who you're trying to get. There's only one purple 三角形, 三角 in Frenchtown. I see him many times. Is that who 你 were trying to get?
Parker: *Speaking, while looking like a robot* None of your business.
Officer 90: Speak normally!
Officer 52: 你 may not want to cooperate, but we already know...
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Some shows in tonight's segment of the S.S.S.S maybe inappropriate for anyone under 13. Viewer discretion is advised.

Song: link

Sean: *Stops at a station* Ha. I knew we'd here this song again.
Emily: *Speeds 由 with her passenger train*
Tom: *Throwing rocks at a switch*
Snowflake: Why are 你 doing that?
Tom: No idea. *Hits the switch*

The song began to slow down. Set the speed to 0.5

Tom: Oh, so that's what it does.
Mily: It sounds better at this speed.
Sean: I kinda agree.
Pete: May I 加入 你 guys? I'm Pete Reimer from Ponies On The Rails, and I'm hosting tonight. We got a good schedule for 你 down...
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Alan, and Stuart were running towards a dealership.

Stuart: I'm not certain if we have the money to buy a new car.
Alan: Who 说 we were buying it? I happen to know how to hot wire cars.
Stuart: No. We are not hot wiring a car.
Alan: Not even that one? *Points at a red convertible*
 Alan and Stuart make their escape in this Oldsmobile
Alan and Stuart make their escape in this Oldsmobile

Stuart: 你 have to be fucking kidding.
Alan: I'm not, now let's go before those bad guys 显示 up. *Runs to the Oldsmobile*
Stuart: I think it's 安全 to wait for my Packard to be repaired.
Alan: Fuck that. We need to get out of here. It's now 或者 never. *Gets in the...
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