Scar, Whe some people hear that name they mite quiver with fear. Some may faint. Some may look at 你 in disgust. But when I think of Scar, I see a evill villan that is very evill but also very handsom, (in my opinion) With his jet black mane, his firey colord fur, his glowing green eyes and his slick and pointed fetures.
We don't know anything about Scars past and what made him so evil 或者 how he got his scar. The're are so many 未回答的 qustions! like:

Why is Scar so evill?

How did Scar get his scar?

Who are Scar's parents?

Was Scar ever in 爱情 with Sarafina?

Is Zira Scar's mate/wife?

Is Nuka and Vitani Scar's childeren?

Who did Scar become 老友记 with the hyenas?

Did Scar ever want Nala to be his queen?

And the're many more! That is the other thing I like about him, his mysterious past. And all his secerets.
I also 爱情 Scars voice. It is a very apropriait voice. And it is a very sothing and caniving sound.

These the things that I like about Scar. His looks, features, voice, evill charicter, properness, the way he lies, and his song.

So, I will always like Scar.