.......... = NEW SCENE
(....) = THOUGHTS

火影忍者 begins to open his eyes very slowly. He sees a figure above him, very faintly. but the figure has no face. it's covered 由 a mask. "wh-who are you?" he asks with a faint voice.... the masked figure doesn't respond. "wh-who are you?" he asks again. the masked figure stands above him, quiet. "mh! my head!" 火影忍者 slowly begins to go unconsious again. the masked figure kneels down infront of him before he feels his body being lifted. "who are you?" He feels a light breeze on his face before he passes out again.
The 下一个 time he wakes up in his bedroom and it's the 下一个 morning. "where..... where am I?" he looks around his room puzzled not remebering what had happend before he got home. he shakes his head and calms himself down before getting out of 床, 床上 and getting ready for school. ..........
"Goodmorning Naruto!" Sakura greets with a little smile as they all walk to school together. "Morning!" he responds with his eye-flattering smile.
"where were 你 yesterday? we got worried! 你 left and never came back!" Sakura wanted to know. "We?" he looked a sasuke with disbelieving eyes. Sasuke looks back at him,"don't get excited!" then rolls his eyes not wanting to be included in the conversation. Sakura looks at them and shakes her head towards their childish behavior. "so?" she nudges. "I was at 首页 yesterday!" he tells her.
"you 说 你 were going training and 你 also 说 that you'd meet us later to finish our project. but when 你 left, 你 never came back!"
"mhm!" she nods. 火影忍者 scratches his head.... "i don't-" he pauses. *w-who are you?*
"Naruto?" she worries. "are 你 alright?" 火影忍者 shakes his head "I'm fine! just a little headache! must've over-trained yesterday!" he sees the masked figure in his head.
"don't worry Sakura. I'll be fine!" he assures her. "I'm sorry for not coming back yesterday. i don't know what happend!"
"that's okay! Sasuke managed to do your part!"
"mh?" he looks at Sasuke. "don't get excited! i never fail and i wasn't willing to start!" Sasuke says without moving his eyes from ground.
"i wasn't excited Uchiha! you're not worthy of my excitement!" Sasuke looks at him with a bit of an offended face causing 火影忍者 to smile with victory. Sakura sighs (These two will never ever get along!!! even if they try, it'll never work. Sasuke is too cool for 火影忍者 to get along with him. 火影忍者 is too childish for Sasuke to get along with him. they're too opposite to one another to get along!) ..........
"Well if it isn't team 7" Kiba announces as Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke walk through the classroom door. "I'm sorry Kiba but this is a school not a petting zoo!" 火影忍者 jokes walking towrads his group. "Typical Uzumaki!" 鹿丸 complains. "wouldn't kill 你 to be 更多 quiet 你 know?!" 火影忍者 shakes his head.
" you've reached a whole new level of lazy Shikamaru!"
"it's called relaxing! instead of being enthusiastic about everything, try relaxing and being enthusiastic about nothing!"
"not a chance!"
"corse not!" 鹿丸 leans back on his chair with his legs on the table, staring up at the ceiling 粉丝 feeling the breeze on his face. "umm... good-goodmorning Naruto-kun" Hinata stutters. "oh, 嘿 Hinata! hardly even noticed 你 there!!" she blushes. "Hey Hinata! Get over here!" Ino calls.
"i'll see you... later Naruto-kun!"
"yeah-yeah!" he says stuggling to get out of Kiba's grip. ..........
"they're sooo cute!!!!" Tenten screams... reffering to Sasuke's group ie Neji, Gaara, Shino and Sasuke pretty much.
"i know... just look at Gaara!" Temari adds, literaly drewling as she stares at him.
"Calm down ladies. calm down. The school dance is in a couple of months" Sakura says.
"I'm so excited! I already have an outfit picked out!" Temari adds.
"and how about your date?" Tenten asks.
"Still haven't figured that out yet!" she 答案 embaraced.
"So Sakura! hope 你 don't mind that Sasuke is going to be my 日期 that day!" Ino points out.
"In your dreams maybe!" Sakura hisses. " i believe he's MY team-mate, thus,being MY date!"
"hm! in YOUR dreams!" Ino hisses.
"oh, here they go!" temari complains.... "as usual!" tenten adds. ..........
"Uchiha!" Neji greets
"Hyuuga!" Sasuke responds. "Gaara!"
"Uchiha!" Gaara responds.
"Aburame!" Sasuke greets.
"Uchiha!" Shino responds. as 你 can see they don't really talk to each other on a last name basis ie apart from Gaara. They do it as if to remember which clan they all revive from, as if competing to see which clan is srongest. they hardly ever have anything to talk about and its a wonder to each of them why they're always hanging around each other.
"Alright quiet down class! Let's begin todays lesson shall we?" Iruka sensei announces. everybody settles down in their own seats. 鹿丸 is too occupied 由 the rotating 粉丝 to notice the change in surroundings. "Shikamaru?" Iruka sensei calls. "shikamaru?" there's no response. "SHIKAMARU!!" 火影忍者 shouts causing 鹿丸 to fall out of his chair onto the tiled classroom floor. the class laughs. "argh! this is such a drag!" he complains scumpering back on his chair. "welcome back Shikamaru!" Iruka sensei hisses. 鹿丸 settles in his chair and hits 火影忍者 on the back of his head before resting his own head on the desks wooden surface. "alright! 提交 your projects please." he says sitting on his desk. Sakura stands up to 提交 their project. when she's handing it to Iruka sensei he asks her "Did 火影忍者 take part in this project?" "umm... yes!" she responds with a bit of uneasiness. "really?" he asks. she nods. "Uzumaki Naruto!" he calls. "do 你 mind coming infront up and preseting what part 你 did in this project for the class please!" 火影忍者 galps before standing up and going to the front of the class. his taking the file from Irukas' 台, 办公桌 but Iruka stops him. "without the hardcopy!" Iruka sensei points out. "owh!" he turns to the class and is competely blank in his head. he doesn't know even a single word."umm.... umm....." he scratches his head. he looks over at Sasuke with sweat falling down his face. Sasuke's peforming the mind transfer jutsu that he copied from Ino with his Sharingan. he successfully transfers his mind into Naruto'd body, avoiding detection, soon after, Naruto's lips begin to 移动 and pour out high-class vocubulary. Although;Sakura had seen what Sasuke had done.(nice thinking Sasuke)..........
"Thanks for saving my butt in there Sasuke!" 火影忍者 tells Sasuke while they're packing their 图书 in their lockers that are right 下一个 to each other. "Don't get too excited dobe! i didn't want to fail!" Sasuke closes his locker and heads to the cafeteria along with his group. ..........
火影忍者 keeps on getting flashbacks from the 前一个 日 *w-who are you?* it's so bad that his head is actually beginning to hurt. "Hey, loud mouth! are 你 alright? 你 don't look too good!" 鹿丸 points out. "What? yeah i'm fine! just a slight headache!" he responds. "you should probably go to the nurse 或者 something!" Chouji says chowing down on his breakfast. "yeah you're probably right" he stands up from where he sat. "i'll see 你 guys later!" he leaves the 表 and heads to the nurses room. ..........
asleep on the 床, 床上 he has flashbacks... *w-who are you? ..... who are you?* he remebers himself being lifted 由 the masked stranger... all this is happening so fast and is being repeated in his head over and over again. he abdruptly wakes up screaming out "who are you?" "It's the end of the day. we're going to meet 卡卡西 sensei now" Sasuke tells him. 火影忍者 looks up at Sasuke whom is standing above him just like how the masked figure was standing."Sasuke?" he calls out. "don't get too excited." sasuke responds before leaving the nurses room. "c'mon Naruto!" sakura says following Sasuke out the room. 火影忍者 sits upright rubbing his head whispering "who are you?" to himself before leaving the room.