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Our room is number.... 9? Well at least it's not 13.

Courtney : Hi, Brittany! I didn't know you'll be staying in ChitterChat hotel! Yuck! Your clothes are like, from a city dump! LOL!!! Can I steal a smooch from Alvin?
Brittany : 1, my clothes are not from a city dump. And 2, I don't care if 你 偷了 a smooch from him. He's a 100% jerk.
Alvin : -Rolls eyes- Read for that smooch, Courtney?
Courtney : Sure! -Puts their heads together and BANG!-
Alvin : What was that for?
Courtney : That's for ignoring me when I was 7 years old! -Slams the door shut-
Dave : Alvin!!!!!
Alvin : My rose, my evil queen,...
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***In Dave's car***
Alvin : Are we there yet? -Yawns and stretches arms at the same time-
Dave : Not yet, Alvin.
Me : Woah!
Jeannette : Why did 你 say woah?
Me : I just got 873 followers on Twitter! I just registered 10 分钟 ago!
Brittany :Congrats, Sapphire... -Looks down and sees a cockroach- Ahh! Dave, there's a cockroach in here! And it's alive!
Dave : Just calm down, Brittany. -Stops car and opens the back door- Can 你 please stop screaming already?
Brittany : Just get it!
Dave : -Rolls eyes and gets something to smash the cockroach-
Lorenzo : Anybody got a pillow?
Sapphire : Just wait until...
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[[[[[DAY 2]]]]]
Me : -Wakes up- Good morning, girls and boys!
Lorenzo : -Yawns- Shut up alarm clock!
Brittany : Time for school!
Me : We're just going to stay here? 或者 go with you, guys?
Dave : -Comes inside- Actually, 你 guys are not going to school. We are going to LA to be prepared. We will not be in this house for a week.
Me : Are me and Lorenzo are going to perform?
Dave : Yes. Sapphire, follow the Chipettes' lead. And Lorenzo, follow the Chipmunks' lead.
Me and Lorenzo : Yes. Jinx! Double Jinx!
Dave : We will stay in a hotel.
Brittany : Alvin will cause trouble! Why can't he just stay in school?
Dave : Brittany... You're starting to sound like...... Alvin!
Alvin : Hahahahahah! No 浓情巧克力 做傻事, 福吉 sundae for you!
Brittany : Jerk! I can have 浓情巧克力 做傻事, 福吉 sundae! -Hits Alvin for no reason (kinda)-
Me : Brittany! Where are you?!
Lorenzo : -Runs up to me- Hey, Sapp!
Me : Please don't call me Sapp, it's annoying. What would 你 feel if I call 你 Lolo? Hhmm?
Lorenzo : Jeez. Sorry! I didn't know!
Me : Ugh! -Stomps right through the dinning room-
Lorenzo : What's wrong with her?
Brittany : -Walks right up to Lorenzo- She hates it when 你 do the [i]Jeez[i] thing. -Goes to the dinning room-
Lorenzo : Hhhmmm.....

*****Dinning room*****
Me : -Sits down beside Eleanor-
Eleanor : Hi, Sapphire! Why are 你 sad, mad and feeling bad? Just came up with that one! -Giggles-
Me : Do 你 know Lorenzo?
Eleanor : Ofcourse! He's the really annoying, 下一个 to Alvin...
Me : HHHmmm...
*****Me and Brittany goes in the bedroom*****
Me : Don't say that, Brittany. I know he cares for 你 but he isn't ready to 显示 it. I promise you, I'm telling the truth.
Brittany : I think you're right.
Lorenzo : -Walks right to us- Where's Alvin?
Me : We'll just 显示 you. Right, Britt?
Brittany : Yeah...
Lorenzo : Okay... C'mon, let's go already.
Me : -Whispers to self- I wish I could 吻乐队(Kiss) him right now...
Lorenzo : What?
Me : I 说 you're starting to piss me off!
Lorenzo : What did I do?
Brittany : Just shut up, Lorenzo...
Lorenzo : -Growls-

*****Me, Lorenzo and Brittany enters the living room*****
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I went to the bathroom door, so now what? -Knocks-

*****Brittany opens the door*****
Brittany : Why are 你 here? Did Lorenzo tell 你 I'm here? What an idiot!
Me : -Rolls eyes- I'm just here to apologize.
Brittany : I forgive 你 anyways, 你 know it was me who treated 你 badly. Sorry.
Me : It's okay.
Brittany : Here 你 go. -Gives me a white skimpy shirt-
Me : Thanks. -Gives Brittany a pair of luxury earrings-
Brittany : Thank you.

*****Me and Brittany goes to the bedroom*****
Me : -Whispers to Brittany- Did 你 know that I accidentally tripped and Lorenzo grabbed me before I fell on the ground? He was so sweet!
Brittany : Good for you, I think Alvin doesn't care a bit about me.
-Goes in the bedroom of the chipmunks and chipettes and sees a boy 花栗鼠 wearing a grey sweater with a skull printed on it-
Me : Uhm, excuse me?
? : What?
Me : What's your name?
? : Lorenzo, you?
Me : I'm Sapphire 由 the way. Nice name.
Lorenzo : Thanks, cool clothes.
Me : -Blushes- Thank you. Have 你 seen Brittany?
Lorenzo : Yeah I did, why?
Me : Just askin'.
Lorenzo : She was stomping through the hallway! Jerk isn't she?
Me : -Frowns- That doesn't answer my 问题 at all, sir laughs-a-lot.
Lorenzo : Fine. -Points at the bathroom-
Me : Thank you. Woah! -Trips-
Lorenzo : -Grabs me before I hit the ground-
Me : Thank you. Well this is awkward... -Stares at his eyes-
Lorenzo : -Stares at my eyes- Totally awkward.
I just can't stand it! Why am I poor? I don't deserve this! -Sees newspaper on the ground- Ooh! What's this? The Chipettes and Chipmunks will perform live in LA tomorrow night? Hhhmm... Their address is written over here. I wonder if I went to this address, they will officially make me a chipette 或者 花栗鼠 或者 whatever. After all I also live in the state where they live.

*****After traveling 1,500 miles*****
(That's what it said!)

I finally arrived at their house! I got to make my first move! -Knocks on door- Oh no, I wish it was not Dave...

*****Door opens*****
Alvin : Who are you? 你 seem kinda...
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