Sandra I met 你 3 yrs. 以前 at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, and your visit made my century. Your kindness to my friend who is mentally challenged,reaffirmed my reason for liking you(as if I needed another reason)I come from a large family, and whether 你 believe it 或者 not, that Thanksgiving was the best i've ever had!!!! I'm really sorry that your marriage didn't work out, but with your courage and fortitude, 你 will not let this get to you. This is Your Chance For A New Day, and Only 你 Can Make it in Your Very Own New Special way. Congratulations on 你 son Louie, I know that 你 will be a terriffic Mom.
I don't know if 你 remember me, but I will be grateful forever for your generous heart,your sweet and sassy demeanor, and I pray for only good things for 你 and your son. Keep making those 心 wrenching films, and an occassional Comedy.
Thank 你 for Being 你 Cyndi.