evil Princess Kurai
The 下一个 morning on August 9th 2013, Priscilla came to Serena with some bad news." Serena! Serena! I just found out who the enemies are! Your old friend Princess Kurai, she's the leader of the villians from the dark moon."Serena had already walked away with a trail of half - eaten doughnuts behind her. She must be sad.Priscilla thought. She ran up to Serena and told her it would be alright, that Kurai would always be in her heart." Thanks." Serena said. "But that's not why i'm sad. i'm sad because I ran out of doughnuts.""you pig! 你 ate ALL the doughnuts and didn't save any for me! Your gonna get fat Serena."As they were walking down the street, they saw a toy shoppe that sold ugly stuffed animals,but. Serena enjoyed them. When it was time to go, Serena bought ALL the stuffed 动物 in the store!"They were just too cute!"Serena said, still making that ugly face. Priscilla rolled her eyes." Oh Serena."
Priscilla and Serena