Chibiusa was walking then saw a tall girl taller then her and herd Her say "Oh! are 你 okay? 你 must be 迷失 come to my house that is a camp." "My name is Hotaru." and at The girls' house she set the 火, 消防 and then had a talk with Chibiusa. "What's your name? then i'll Call 你 small lady Serenity." The girl said. Then Chibiusa 说 "Do 你 爱情 me? the 更多 people 爱情 me, the 更多 they say i'm cute." "Yes 你 are royal cuteness." 说 Hotaru. as she gave Chibiusa a Medal Award. Chibiusa said: "What does that say?" Hotaru answered:"it says:THE BEST CUTNESS WINNER."