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CBBC studio-based sitcom about a feisty 13-year-old girl who solves the problems of those around her, including her single dad.

Genre: Sitcom
Broadcast: 2011 (CBBC Channel)
Episodes: 13 (1 series)
Starring: Georgia Lock, Ronan Carter, Priyanka Patel, William Nye, Bobby Fuller, Rose Liston, Alfie Stewart, Steve Speirs, Mel Giedroyc
Writers: Robert Evans
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Georgia Lock ... Sadie Jenkins
Ronan Carter ... Kit Karter
Priyanka Patel ... Dede Baxter
William Nye ... Danny Jenkins
Bobby Fuller ... Jake Healy
Rose Liston ... Chloe
Alfie Stewart ... Keith Woods
Steve Speirs ... Steve Jenkins
Mel Giedroyc ... Miss V
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Sadie isn't your average 粉, 粉色 obsessed, bubble brained girly girl. And neither does she want to be. But with her teens fast approaching she's made a conscious decision to express her feminine side, even if she often ends up being, well, a bit rubbish at it. Bright as a button, quick-witted and fiery tempered, Girls will want to be her (or be 老友记 with her), whilst the guys will find her funny and smart.

Sadie is a rebel with a cause. Determined to express her individuality against the odds, she's unafraid to take the initiative and go for what she wants.

DeDe is the real tomboy of...
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Over at link
, they've got exciting news that Jessie Cave(who plays Lavender Brown in the hugely 流行的 Harry Potter movies) is to appear in an episode of Sadie J!

"Look out for Jessie Cave, of Summerhill and Harry Potter fame, who plays a guest role called..... "Hermione"!" ScreenTerrier

Jessie Cave had previously only appeared in the Harry Potter movies, but it seems she is stretching her talent to the world of television!

你 can read 更多 about Sadie J casting over at