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posted by RoxasPlushie
I think Roxas deserves to have his own self. That's what I've got to say. Roxas is such a good character, that returning to Sora was not only a waste, but all Roxas 粉丝 will live in agony. Imagine living in a normal town with a normal life and normal friends, only to have it suddenly come crashing down on 你 as 你 discover that 你 don't exist, never were supposed to exist, 你 will either return to darkness 或者 return to your original self (which is basically being erased from existence), and all your 老友记 and your whole world is just data. Roxas has a short, sad life that he doesn't...
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posted by Arakus
As 你 all(FUNS)know,in the end of Kingdom Hearts 2,Roxas return to his original form,which in this case is our beloved Sora.As I read the scenario of kingdom hearts III(which is totally awesome 由 the way,THE GAME ROCKS)Roxas return in some way in the dreams os Sora as his conscious,by it seems that Sora doesn't really remember him.Anyway!we meet the two boys fight side 由 side the heartless in the "Garden of Serenity"(is the dark place withe glassed platforms,by the way,for the funs that didn't know).

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