I was a fool
I was so busy with me
I could not see

This is jess talking

Now I see
And I want to start over…
I 爱情 you

I did not know the meaning
Of love
你 taught me it
I lied to you, I didn’t talk to you
你 don’t deserve me

I can see now
I can see that I want
你 to have the best,
If 你 except then
I will never hurt you
If 你 reject then surly
I will never bother you

Will 你 marry me?

this is Rory

I know you
I know that 你 won't hurt me
I know

I know that 你 爱情 me
I also know that I 爱情 you
But life isn't all about 爱情

All of my body and mind is saying "GO GO WITH HIM!"
So insted of sating no to my body I will say