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“It’s so different to other films, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it. 你 read the script and you’re like, “Is this actually getting made? It’s set in a car, there’s so much talking about experimental economics.” -Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis) – The Guardian UK, 2012

“I was sitting in the car on the way back from the press conference, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing on my phone. I’ve never really done anything where people have hated it, 或者 really, really read into it.” -Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis) – The Guardian UK, 2012

“I want to...
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posted by NickelodeonLove
Bravo: What kind of 日期 type are you? Do 你 arrange everything before hand 或者 is it spontaneously?
Rob: I like it to plan romantic evenings. Although, I mostly don’t know what to do. But if I have a good idea once I’ve to realize it. It’s appealing to someone.

Bravo: What do 你 figure out? Kristen and 你 are often seen on concerts, 你 have to buy the tickets for it…
Rob: When I take her to a 音乐会 it’s a gift

Bravo: What’s a real 日期 for you?
Rob: When we can talk during the date. Maybe a dinner, as every couple enjoys it.

Bravo: But the two of 你 aren’t undisturbed, at least...
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Interview with Mr. Pattinson, your hair is long again. Note: He had a crew cut the last time. Did 你 actually cut your hair for your role in "Cosmopolis" 或者 "Bel Ami"?

Robert Pattinson: Neither. It was for a movie where I play a soldier who discovers Saddam Hussein. The shooting should have begun in the spring, but was postponed to the autumn.

Interview: 你 are the leaving roles that are in the 幻想 field 更多 and more, and doing 更多 realistic roles. Do 你 agree with that?

Pattinson: 你 have to have as an actor luck to get good roles, and if I get the chance to play a role, I take it....
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Robert Pattinson itunes Celebrity Playlist

"C-Jam Blues" 由 Oscar Peterson: "What I learned how to play blues 钢琴 riffs from. Peterson was the best."

"Soldier Sender" 由 John Lee Hooker: "If I could have a song as a wife..."

"Soft" 由 Kings of Leon: "I've always thought that I really relate to the lyrics of this even though I don't really know what they are. I 爱情 the singer's enunciation in all their songs. They are pretty much the only modern band I can say I am a 粉丝 of."

"Cold Sweat" 由 James Brown: "This song hits me just as hard every time I've heard it since I was a little kid and I...
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He’s one of the hottest properties in Hollywood, and today, 音乐电视 Australia was lucky enough to catch up with ‘Twilight’ 星, 星级 Robert Pattinson!

The 26-year-old Brit is in Australia to promote the final instalment of the hugely 流行的 franchise, ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2,’ which hits cinemas on November 15.

We sat down with the in-demand actor to find out how well he thought his co-star Kristen Stewart handled Bella becoming a vampire, what his favourite memories are from being on set, and where to from here!

MTV: Hi Rob! So there's a lot of anticipation from 粉丝 to finally see...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
What makes Rob Pattinson so perfect?How much time do 你 have?There are lots of things that make him perfect,not just to me but to lots of other girls and women.I know no one is perfect,but to me and I am sure to all of Rob's female fans,he is as close to perfect as 你 can get.If 你 were to ask any of his female 粉丝 why we 爱情 him and put him on a pedestal,we could give 你 a very long 列表 of reasons why we 爱情 him and what makes him perfect to us.Well here are just SOME of those reasons...

-He is a gentleman,in every sense of the word.He's the kind of guy to open doors for you,pull out...
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posted by Heidihi2
American Twi-hards — bad news…don’t get TOO used to Robert Pattinson frolicking all over the States!
It sounds like the heartbroken Cosmopolis 星, 星级 won’t be hanging around here for too much longer!
R-Patz is getting ready to shoot his 下一个 film, The Rover, an indie flick to be filmed in Australia and it seems like it’ll serve as a MUCH needed escape!
A 来源 revealed:
“Rob wants to get away for a while, and is looking 前锋, 期待 to filming in the desert in Australia. He needs some space.”
We’d say the land down under is pretty much as far enough away from Kristen Stewart as he can get, LOLz!
Sounds like Rob will continue to keep busy — and hopefully, keep his mind off his broken relationship — when he films 皇后乐队 Of The Desert this fall and Mission: Blacklist 下一个 year!
KStew on the other hand…well, let’s just say things haven’t been shaping up too well!
“Extra’s” Ben Lyons headed down to San Diego for the first 日 at the Con, where the “Twilight” frenzy began four years ago. He caught up with Stewart and Pattinson, chatted about “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” -- and whether they’ll ever work together again now that’s it over.

Stewart told Lyons, “Oh dude, we will work together again. And I'm not being coy, but sometimes I have a few actors that I worked with before that I'm like, ‘We have to keep doing this together’ and he's definitely one of them.”

Pattinson, who has been 写作 scripts on the side, concurred. “I would...
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Robert Pattinson and his leading lady/girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, are one of the most famous couples on earth, and as such, they are also one of the most immediately recognizable. Only Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their teenage counterparts, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, can rival Breaking Dawn's real-life 爱人 as magnets for not only the paparazzi but also for their millions of adoring, sometimes hysterical fans. After four years of Twilight mania, Robsten can't go anywhere without being mobbed 由 hordes of Twihards. Well, one of them can't.

In a 最近的 interview, Robert Pattinson...
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The interview was done in a private club in Sunset Boulevard.

He hid his intense beauty under a baseball cap, a blonde scruff, a lumberkjack shirt, a white tee and washed out jeans. They had the interview on the terrace where he could light up his cigarettes.

Between light coughs and nervous laughs, he explains that he doesn't feel at 首页 here.

His dream is to work in a black comedy of Todd Solodnz 或者 in dramas for men 由 James Gray 或者 Jacques Audiard.

"I was scared of being cut off from the art-house cinema that I always felt passionate about. I was scared to never be asked to play in anything...
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posted by maritina12345
He’s deathly afraid to do comedies!!

Yep,girls, Rob knows it’d be terrible if he ever did a comedy movie 或者 tried to act in a comedy series, because it makes him panic!

“Doing comedy is impossible. I would be terrible. People have asked me to do things like Saturday Night Live, and there is just no way, not in a million years. That’s just way too scary:”

Who would’ve thought that? Rob is a pretty serious guy, but we never would’ve thought he’d panic at the thought of comedy!

So, don’t expect to see him hosting SNL anytime soon!
posted by nimmygo
There were times when i was in 爱情 with Daniel Radcliffe.He was my Hero at those times!I Loved him so much,When i saw Rob first time in Goblet of Fire,i hated him.I 说 every one that [i]"See this Boy,He looks very bad.How can anyone compare him with my Dan?[i]I hated him and i think ed that he is an ugly boy!! But Now ,things are changed; i also don't know that how i fall in 爱情 with that ugly boy and now no one is handsome for me than him!!He is like my World!!I 爱情 him So Much!!that i can't explain my 爱情 for him 由 any means.I don't know how it happened;from dan to Robert Pattinson.I think it happened after watching Twilight;may be 或者 may not be.
Had this also happened with you?If YES,then plz Comment.And if,NO then say something about it!!
posted by SelGomez01fan
Ok..... A couple nights 以前 i had a dream it was really strange. So here it goes. I was in my house for a movie audition. I was auditioning for the lead part. Then Robert Pattison came in and he auditioned for the MALE lead part i got the female lead and he got the male lead. So it was a really sad movie ): and then we were in this really strange dark green and black creepy room to start filming. Then Rob's part was named "John" and i was "Lisa" and Here are the lines that happened
John: I am so angry
Lisa: Why duuuuuuuuuuude
John: I want to die
Lisa: Ok
John: Stop let me have yogurt

Then we kind...
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posted by maritina12345
InStyle claims that Robert is the most stylish 星, 星级 when it comes to getting dressed.

Rob is one of the sexiest men around, but most stylish too?

Rob always wears nice suits, and they look amazing on him, though there's nothing creative about them.

Rob also admitted that Breaking Dawn left him drained because he worked harder than anyone could ever imagine.

“It was such a long shoot,” Rob said. “It was hard.

“We were doing six 日 weeks with 15-hour days for months and months and months.”
ROBERT Pattinson would die for love

The 25-year-old actor — who is in a relationship with his Twilight Saga costar Kristen Stewart — 说 he would be willing to lose his own life in order to protect those who mean the most to him.

“I think if 你 爱情 anyone, 你 kind of feel like that,” he said.

“If you’re in 爱情 with anyone, I think the majority of people would say, ‘If I have to die for this person, I will.’ I mean, 你 don’t really 爱情 someone if you’re like, ‘No. Just let them die.’”

Robert has previously claimed he is old fashioned when it comes to 爱情 and says...
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What was it about Robert Pattinson that made 你 think he was the right guy for the lead?
He’s the right age. He looks right. He looks good in a suit. He looks like he could be a young, tough, billionaire. And I’ve actually thought he was quite a good actor who was very underrated in a similar way to Keira Knightley, I think, when I was thinking of her for Dangerous Method. Both of them have had great financial success and are stars based on franchises, but of course to do that 你 have to have a kind of screen charisma, 你 have to have a presence, which 你 can’t buy 或者 create; 你 either...
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ROBERT Pattinson has arranged for a private screening of the latest Twilight Saga movie to be auctioned off for charity.

The British actor — who stars as vampire Edward Cullen in the movie franchise – has organized a bidding war for a viewing of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 which will take place in Los Angeles on November 17, the night before the film officially opens.

Profits from the sale of the private screening will go to the GO Campaign, which is raising money to build a permanent 首页 for PAGE (Program Advancing Girls Education), an organisation helping to educate teen...
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posted by Robssesed
The phenomenally successful teen vampire franchise, Twilight, has sunk its teeth into a hungry 粉丝 base and transformed Pattinson from a bumbling Harry Potter supporting cast-member into one of the most desirable men on the planet (or 'the Most Handsome Man in the World’, as he was dubbed 由 Vanity Fair).
It’s earned him millions, made British-born Pattinson the most sought-after young actor in Hollywood, and furnished him with a superstar girlfriend, his co-star in the vampire films, Kristen Stewart.
But the success of the first two instalments in the franchise – Twilight, which came out...
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The final chapter of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, is one of the most anticipated 电影院 of the year. The first part will be released in November, while the 秒 will have to wait another 年 ... and after?

How successful Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, 粉丝 are already prepared to feel "orphans" of their 最喜爱的 story. With this film it will end the cycle of Twilight. Yet, Robert Pattinson does not agree: in an interview did not rule out the possibility of return to assume the role of Edward Cullen once again.

"I have a feeling that somehow I still find me to pose and make-up (vampire) to something else ... but do not know when," 说 Robert Pattinson.

What do 你 think ... it could truly be a new book 或者 a new film on the horizon
Robert Pattinson uses a stunt double? View photos!
Edward Cullen in the trailer for Breaking Dawn is very muscular, Robert Pattinson has used a stunt double?

June 10, 2011 -

We saw a few days ago, the first official trailer for Breaking Dawn, the last chapter of the Twilight series.
In the 秒 clip we see some of the passionate 爱情 scene between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward: Robert Pattinson looks really muscular, do not you?

The beautiful Robert Pattinson is known and loved 由 most to her look mysterious and sexy smile ... not for the muscles! Robert fact has a physical rather dry...
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