Ok another one now and this time I am talking about 着魔 and The Little Mermaid.

Main characters in both films

Ariel: Like Giselle Ariel is a lovesick mermaid who dreams of being part of the human world and falls for a sailor named Eric who is a prince. She has a statue (like Giselle) of Eric and her father King Triton thinks that humans are barbarians.

Giselle: Amy Adams who sings, voices and plays this character is a dead ringer to Ariel 由 the way she acts and sings. She has a statue of Robert and like Ariel she is obsessed with finding true love(yep princesses they have to get what they want). Instead of Giselle being a mermaid of course she becomes a real life woman in NYC and instead of falling for a prince she falls for a divorce attorney named Robert Philip(aka Patrick Dempsey who I quote is one hottie in this movie).

The main characters 爱情 interests

Ariel’s 爱情 interest is Prince Eric who is an 18 年 old sailor who falls for Ariel(im guessing it’s the 唱歌 voice as like Giselle her voice is enchanting) while Giselle’s real true 爱情 is a single father who works as a Divorce Attorney in NYC named Robert Philip who isn’t the kind of man that would fall in 爱情 with someone in a 日 as he is quiet and takes life for what it is.

Every time I watch this and The Little Mermaid I always wonder did Kevin Lima hire Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey because they are dead ringers to Ariel & Eric because if 你 look at these 电影院 你 will notice that they are so identical. Only difference is that Giselle’s hair colour is 草莓 blonde(Adams hair colour is this colour) and Patrick’s hair colour is dark brown(but its done the same style as Prince Eric’s in Enchanted).

Scenes in 着魔 that are similar to TLM

* True 爱情 is in both movies

* The 船, 小船 scene with the reggae man 唱歌 in the background(Sebastian is reggae).

* Ariel & Giselle both have statues of their 爱情 interests.

* Part of your world can be heard when Giselle is looking at the fishes in Robert’s working place.

* Jodi Benson plays Sam (Robert’s secretary) in this movie and she voiced and sang as Ariel in the 1989 movie.

* The part where Robert looks at Giselle in the restaurant was similar to the way Eric was looking at Ariel.

* Giselle & Robert are (quoted) live action versions of Ariel & Eric(well I think so anyway).

* When Robert lifts Giselle in the air was similar to the way Eric lift Ariel when she came out of the water wearing a blue dress at the ball.

*When Giselle becomes human 你 see lights flashing when the 星, 星级 forms on Giselle's left side.

*When Giselle falls on 最佳, 返回页首 of Robert when she is in the bathroom.