I have to admit but this film is actually very good. I loved it since I first saw it on YouTube 3 years 以前 and I got the DVD 2 years ago. So here is my ups and downs for my favourite movie of the 21st century Enchanted. Enjoy.

Ups of the movie

* Amy Adams nailed on her performance as the wannabe princess Giselle I loved how she played her part so well it was like the role was made for her.

* The 音乐 is brilliant. It should have won a bloody Oscar as Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz were brilliant doing the film score.

* The whole cast was brilliant as well as Patrick Dempsey who I admit am not a 粉丝 of but he shocked me in this movie I was like wait a 分钟 isn’t that dude in the medical programme Grey’s Anatomy as the cocky Dr Sheppard. Wow he was hot as hell.

*James Marsden OMFG that bloke made me laugh my 屁股 off with his Jim Carrey impersonation. 哈哈 and Bravo to that man.

* The story was cute and adorable if not too sweet.

* The ending to this was adorable I was rooting for Patrick’s character the whole time during this movie.

* The 动画片 was brilliant.


Now for the negative side to Enchanted.

* The manhole scene was just plain freaky I was like what the hell is going on here why is she inside a manhole I am so going to press the STOP button now.

* Girl steals a guy just because he was her real true 爱情 WTH if that happened in real life she wouldn’t even get the guy.

* Can be sometimes cringy and sweet. I may 爱情 this movie so much but honestly part of it was so cringe worthy I was like OMG I cannot believe a then 17 年 old is watching a kids flick with adult humor something is wrong with me LOL.

* Nancy & Edward’s relationship was rushed Nancy is upset that her once true 爱情 is now in 爱情 with someone else and Edward decides to marry her . She could have a criminal record and he still wouldn’t care. That boy is a lovestruck puppy.

* Lots and lots of mistakes. This is the ONLY film that I can spot errors in. To Kevin Lima why in the hell did 你 have to make the mistakes so bloody easy to look at. 下一个 time try and not have too many errors.

* Ok is Giselle suppose to be 18 and Robert 35. If that’s the case then that is just plain freaky having a teen falling for an older man yuck.Yeah I have a crush on Dempsey I admit it but would I marry him in real life ah no.

* The dragon scene wasn’t even scary 或者 edgy I expected to see a jump off your 座位 climax but it was too short.

* Susan Sarandon I hate to say ruined this film as we only see her for like a few 分钟 and that’s it.

But having 说 that I 爱情 this movie.