#1 The introduction:Before we go to the film we see a book kept inside the Walt 迪士尼 城堡 and the camera zooms into the 城堡 where we see a golden book. Whoever came up with the 设计 for this book should have got a bloody Oscar for his designs.
As much as I 爱情 this movie here is some 图片 of moments that I love.
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#1 The introduction

Before we go to the film we see a book kept inside the Walt 迪士尼 城堡 and the camera zooms into the 城堡 where we see a golden book with cute designs on it(a bluebird, swirls etc). Whoever came up with the 设计 for this book should have got a bloody Oscar for his designs. Awesome creativity here.

#2 The 动画片

For the first 10 mins of this film we see 2D animation. When I first saw this part I was like Yippee 迪士尼 is back to what they do best. This will look good. The song True Love’s 吻乐队(Kiss) was so cute it was like watching a bunch of 迪士尼 classics in one. (Snow White with the maiden and the prince riding off into the sunset, 灰姑娘 for the golden carriage, Sleeping Beauty where 你 see Narissa as a dragon when she 说 NEVER). I actually loved it in cartoon form as the 动画片 was beautiful and the characters were just like their live action forms.

#3 The manhole scene

When I first saw this part I was like oh boy this is so stupid having a princess coming out of a manhole and 表演 like a right idiot. Luckily enough it started getting good afterwards.

#4 When Giselle met Robert

This one had me in stitches as Robert was like 嘿 Lady and she turns at him when she is on the billboard and falls right on is hand 哈哈 I was like Ahw poor Robert he thinks that this one is weird and mysterious.

#5 The that’s how 你 know scene

This is the best scene in the movie along with the ballroom scene which im gonna tell 你 later on. I 爱情 how Giselle bursts into the song and Robert is looking at her as if she has 迷失 the plot and he starts to smile at her as she starts 唱歌 and the part where he was doing the jazzy hands was OMG hysterical. I loved how the Jamaican guys 加入 in with Giselle and the song itself is brilliant. It always puts a smile on my face as its such a feel good song and it makes 你 want to sing out the song while your watching this movie.

#6 The arguing scene

This was a great performance here with Adams character Giselle getting angry with Robert(Dempsey)who has a funny habit of saying No all the time and she just looses her cool with him. I like how she feels his chest (which I think is a bit weird as it’s a children’s flick but still I thought it was cute). Part of me was like OH 吻乐队(Kiss) HER ROBERT I KNOW 由 THE WAY 你 ARE LOOKING AT HER THAT 你 爱情 HER.

#7 The ballroom scene

I absolutely fell in 爱情 with Patrick Dempsey here as he was so charming in that outfit. I loved how Giselle is the odd one out as she wore a modern purple mermaid dress while the rest were done up like they were in the 17th century. The song So Close is so perfect it sends a shiver down my spine. When I heard Dempsey’s character Robert pouring his 心 out to Giselle(aka Adams) in this scene 由 唱歌 softly in her ear I was like wait a 分钟 that dude from Greys can SING. 爱情 him.

#8 That 吻乐队(Kiss) on the tower

OMG I loved how the two of them kissed after Giselle battles 皇后乐队 Narissa and she saves Robert’s life and Giselle says to him ‘Is this a habit of yours 由 falling off of stuff’ and Robert 展示 his million dollar smile says ‘Only when your around to catch me’. I was like 吻乐队(Kiss) him godamit and she did. I loved the harmony of True Love’s 吻乐队(Kiss) while the two are 接吻 on 最佳, 返回页首 of the Woolworth Building. Now that was what I call good chemistry too.

#9 The ending

I 爱情 how everyone lives happily ever after . Giselle gets Robert, Edward marries Nancy in Andalasia,Pip writes a book, and Nathanial writes one too in NYC as he stayed in NYC in the end too.

#2 Animation:The first part of 着魔 is done in hand-drawn animation.You may say to yourself Yippee 迪士尼 is back but its actually not a fully animated film at all but its also a live action flick too.
#3 Manhole scene:The manhole scene was a bit freaky to be honest I was like Oh this looks so stupid but I was surprised after that.
#4 When Giselle meets Robert:The moment Giselle meets Robert for the first time was hilarious as he didn't know where she comes from.
#5 The that's how 你 know scene was brilliant.It put a smile on my face
#6 Ahw the arguing scene.In this one I wanted Robert to 吻乐队(Kiss) Giselle but I guess he was afraid that he could betray Nancy. For a kids flick I was surprised 由 this scene as Gisele feels Robert's chest
#7 The ballroom scene was brilliant,there isn't another word to describe it
#8 Ahw I simply adored this part as it was so cute and magically. If only fairytales can happen in real life.(sigh)
#9 The happy ending to this is so corny but I 爱情 it. I 爱情 how Robert does this jig dance in the end. Hilarious