Why am I thinking of this? I shouldn’t be, my thoughts and my dreams should only be on Francis, my future husband, my future king. But as I lay here in bed, 下一个 to Francis who is sound asleep, I can only think of his brother, Sebastian. Thoughts of how sweet he is, how endearing. Sebastian actually wants to spend time with me, and he enjoys my company, Much unlike Francis.

I slipped out of 床, 床上 and silently crept to Sebastian’s room. If anyone was to find out that I was going there I would surely ruin the Alliance between our countries.

“Mary? What are 你 doing out of 床, 床上 at this time?” Sebastian asked. He was dressed in nothing but his undergarments. I felt my face blush at the sight.

“I cannot sleep. May I speak with 你 until I fall tired?” I asked. Sebastian nodded and put on a shirt. I took a 座位 on one of the many chairs in the room, he sat across from me.

“What shall we talk about Mary?” He smiled.

“Whatever 你 want.”

Sebastian launched into a full story of when he was younger and I sat and listened. Falling 更多 and 更多 in 爱情 with him with every word that he spoke.