Reign is on the 列表 of one of the highest rating shows on television. And on mine.

I am a history buff and 爱情 shows that deal with history (Tudors, Merlin and Game of thrones).

From the previews that I have seen of Reign I am sure it will be one of the best shows. Even if the accuracy isn't all right, I don't mind.

The 显示 has everything that I love, 爱情 triangles, adventure, intrigue. and Adelaide Kane.

I have been a 粉丝 of hers since power rangers: RPM. she is a brilliant actress and wonderful in every role she portrays. Bringing the role of Mary to life is not a challenge for her. her 表演 is amazing, highly believable.

The other actors are as well, they are perfectly cast as Francis and Sebastian.

the scenery is remarkable, the costumes, 支持 everything is wonderful.

The 显示 itself has potential. The first episode just blew me away. Perfect.