Razia's Shadow: A Musical Club
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posted by O_The_Scientist
I think Razia's Shadow was awesome. Some parts made no sense, like how did Adakias get to the light? But still, AWESOME!!!!! The End and the Beginning was the best song. "Razia" is the name of the mountain that separated the light from the dark if anyone was wondering about that. Pallis isn't really evil I think. I mean he believed he was doing the right thing- until his brother suffered the consequences, of course. I wonder how Pallis knew that Anuhra was a princess. But Pallis 说 "You're a fool to think this princess would ever really 爱情 a couple of poor boys like us"- but aren't they PRINCES? Like really, WTH??? Well, the songs were great (except Holy The Sea, that one was boring and had no point) and I am the biggest 粉丝 ever.