随意 Who do 你 hate 更多 and why (answer in the comments)?

Pick one:
Justin Bieber (when will he finally hit puberty?)
Rebecca Black (Because of her now i know the days of the week, yay!)
Robert Pattinson (i have no idea why 你 爱情 him so much)
Taylor Lautner (HE's wearing a 衬衫 - OH MY GOD, i lived to see that day!!!)
Lady Gaga (meh, the new combo - 麦当娜 and Marilyn Manson)
Kristen Stewart (how did she even make it in Hollywood?)
Russel Brand (Is that a nest 或者 your hair dude?)
Katy Perry (no comment)
Paris Hilton (do i even need a reason?)
Selena Gomez (why would 你 even like her?)
Miley Cyrus (one word - moron)
Megatron (Transfo- rmers)
Megatron (Transformers)
That guy over there...
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John Cena (WWE Superstar)
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I think it&# 39; s pointless to hate celebrities!
I think it's pointless to hate celebrities!
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The Annoying 橙子, 橙色
The Annoying 橙子, 橙色
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