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posted by RayRaycutie
嘿 guys its yo girl RayRaycutie!!!!!!! :P n im sick...
thats rite

the famous crazy 屁股 girl iz sick


here's the story!!!

my cuzin/friend Jatlin (luv lots) was talkn at lunch

rite in front of the monitor

and she wrote him up

and called him stupid


and i was laughng so hard

i choked

and threw up

and cried

yeah i did

and word got around fast

im never going to here the end of it

but still


i feel lik its a hangover!!!!


i want food

but i cnt get up

no energy 2 walk

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Patrick(Tricky) Vaughn Stump: A quiet but friendly face and a voice to DIE for. My husband and frontman of Fall Out Boy, my hopes and dreams, my life and heart. He is very talented and he is about the most sweetest thing I've ever met. He was my best friend ever since 3rd grade then we became a couple in high school, I moved away and never saw him again...but I'll save that tale for another time as for I reunited with Patrick after a tragic event between one of my exes. I 爱情 him with my all my 心 and he's really special to me...and now we're marrried <3

Danielle(Dani...don't ever...EVER...
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posted by 16falloutboy
♥Why do I 爱情 this gorgeous boy so much? Why do I adore his voice and talents? Why is it that he makes me feel happiness inside of my heart? No matter what problems I may face 或者 the people who get on my nerves, I know that he's there for me. I 爱情 him with all my heart. I 爱情 the way he sings, I 爱情 the way he looks, I 爱情 the way he says my name. He makes me feel special, he makes me feel wanted, he is the best thing that's ever happened to me. His name is my energy, it fills me up whenever I hear it. He's the most important thing in my life, he's the one who made me confident about...
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posted by ssook78
橙子, 橙色 kitten: mommy kitty im hungry
grey kitten: yeah mommy we are very very hungry
*all the kitten meows*
me: *feeds*
橙子, 橙色 kitten: mommy can 你 dance *does the 莎莎, 萨尔萨 with grey kitten*
me: O_O
1 日 later........
kittens: o_o
me: :D
my friend >_<
my dad: *dancing like a maniac hobo*
some 随意 dude: SHUT THE FUCK beeeep
some 随意 dude: SAAAAANNNN
me: da fuck?
kitten: meow meow meow meow moew
2 days later.......
me: lalalalalalalalalalalalala
elmo: hi im elmo
me: AHHH HOLY SHIT!! *shoots elmo*
elmo: AHHHHH!!!
one 小时 later....
kitten: MEOW!!
and thats what i do when im bored okay bye!
posted by Paice2Pacegurl
MEOW, CALIFORNIA! See? There's something deeply liberating in yelling out something random, and it makes 你 think 'Hey, I don't care what 你 think about me!' Go on, try it now, say something random! There we go.

The word 'random' should not be confused with weird, 或者 stupid. They are three very different things, and if 你 don't believe me, look it up in an English Dictionary.

Obviously, some people are 更多 reserved than others, and will simply not go yelling out 随意 things, but what I am trying to really say is, is to just feel free to be yourself! It's your life, so live it!
posted by australia-101
Desktop Fun Prank

This works best on someone without much computer knowledge. If 你 know of someone who is constantly talking about how stupid their PC is, 或者 always seem to be lucky enough to get the newest virus before anyone else...this trick is for them.

You will need:

- Access to their computer
- Ability to take screenshots, change desktop wallpaper, and other basic computer skills

How this prank works:
You take a screenshot of someone's desktop (with 或者 without apps running 或者 photoshopping "enhancements"), than place that image as their desktop wallpaper. If 你 are decent with using photoshop...
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posted by chillyneon
I'm sorry if one of these shows are still one of your 收藏夹 it's my opinion not yours :P

1 = Icarly
2 = Victorious
3 = How To Rock
4 = Degrassi
5 = Team UmiZoomi
6 = Dora The Explorer
7 = Big Time Rush
8 = So Random
9 = A.N.T farm
10 = Hanna Motanna
11 = Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
12 = Pair Of Kings (some episodes)
13 = Bucket And Skinner
14 = Dance Academy

Sorry if 你 like any of these shows. I just dont like them!!! It's my opinion, MINE.

Here are some 随意 words to make my 文章 longer
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posted by AngelicaPickles
 my house i usally normal and heres me
my house i usally normal and heres me
I just had my worse nightmare and im gonna tell all you!
Okay, i was eating breakfast one morning when the room started to get hotter and hotter and HOTTER! It was soooo hot that i felt like there were burns all over my body. IT WAS A FRIGGIN ATOM BOMB!! See i was doing the dishes and my immature brother was running around and he accidentaly threw a platypus toy down the drain but before i found out anything went wrong IT WAS ALREDY IN THERE ALL JAMMED UP VERY GOOD!!!! So we grabbed everything that ment something to us.
I grabbed:all my clothings, my Demi Lovato cds that mean lots to me and everything in my room
My brother grabbed:books and a bumper sticker
My grandma grabbed-wait a dvd player not the best choice

But right before the atom bomb went off…………………………

I woke up in my 床, 床上 realizing it was a dream.

-Offical Angelica Pickles
 and heres me when badness starts
and heres me when badness starts
posted by australia-101
你 may be stupid if...

...you can't remember how to spell "IQ."

...you can't remember the number for 911.

...you just discovered your AM radio also works in the afternoon.

...you use correction fluid on your PC monitor.

...you fail Physical Education.

...you can not spell it.

...you try to turn the light on to find flashlight in a power outage!

...you put braille on a drive up teller machine.

...you think 塔科, 炸玉米饼 钟, 贝尔 is a Mexican phone company.

...you think a pigpen is something to write with!!!

...you think a cartoon is a song about automobiles.

...you use your CD-ROM unit as a drink holder.

...you frequently...
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posted by andresandru
"argggg!" Lawrence shouted, as he died, everyone was near him, James, a 12 year-old boy, was right beside him, and Philip, his 15 year-old brother, too.

Lawrence had many adventures when child, he went to almost every country, he tried everything, it was no surprise the old man died 3 days before his 102 birthday.

Eventualy, after many coughing, Lawrence closed his eyes, James started crying, and his brother hugged gim, it's hard when 你 lose a familiar, but when they where going to leave, James, who was holding still Lawrence's hand, felt a hard grip.

"James?" Philip saw he didn't go, so he...
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posted by JustinDrew_B
Can I Get That Real
Can I Get That Official
Can I Get That Certified
Can I Get That Please
Can We Get This Fake To Delete, Delete, Delete?
Can We Get This Fake To Come Clean Clean Clean?
Ray? I Was Like Yo Ray?
Why Do These Fakes Try To Play These Girls This Way?
Okay Let's Get It Now.
你 Messin' With Some Bad Bishes.
Ray's With His Fans.
We Don't Say Hi, We Say
Mofoing Right, Yeah.
( )
if this bish try to go hard im gona break her she hatin cuz i got all these boys that would never want to 日期 her . and u can try to get serious while we remain the dictator us + fakes + - many haters
Excuse Me, I'm Sorry. I'm Really Such A Lady.
I Rep Team Mindless, 你 Know MB, Baby
And We Be Reppin That, Til' The 日 That We Die.
While 你 Sit There Bein Fake, Tryna Act All Sly.
Yellin, Why 你 Gotta Be Soo Fake? Can 你 Hear Me?
Please 删除 This Page! I Know 你 Hear Me.
Rest In Peace, To This Fake Ash Page.
Yes, My Dear. This Is So Explosive.
•    Clear empty bottle
•    Matches
•    Lukewarm water

Step 1: Pour a small amount of lukewarm water into your bottle. Shake and pour out the water when you’re done.
Step 2: Light a match and quickly drop it in the bottle. Shake it until the match burns out; notice that the smoke from the match will fill up the bottle.
Step 3: Using both hands, squeeze the center of your 云, 云计算 bottle as hard as 你 can. After several squeezes, you’ll see that a small fog will form as 你 release your hands. Place the bottle near a dark background to better see your very own 云, 云计算 in a bottle!

Source: K-Zone Philippines
posted by madscientist117
Memory of a Soul

I was a boy who once had a great life. The reason why I 说 “used to be” is because I died, and somehow, I was reborn and regained my memory. My name used to be Francis Adams. I once had two good parents, two 1-month old twin siblings named George and Georgia, and a girlfriend named Christian Anderson. I got straight A’s every school year.    
When I was 12 years old and in 7th grade, my dad and I were walking 首页 from school and then one of my dad’s workers stopped us. My dad, who owned an electronic company with many employees, forgot to pay...
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posted by dylin1
Time for some fun... 哈哈 twss

1. Are 你 single?

2. Are 你 happy about that?

3. Are 你 bored?

4. Are 你 sad?

5. Are 你 Italian?

6. Are 你 pregnant?

8. Are 你 cool?
The coolest person you'll ever meet!!!

9. Are 你 Irish?

10. Are your parents still married?

1. Full Name:
Madylin Sage Duce

2. What are your nicknames?
"that girl who ______" fill in the blank.

3. Birth place:
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

4. Hair color:
Light Brown.

5. Hair style:

7. Birthday:
august 8, 97

8. Mood:

9. 最喜爱的 color:
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posted by Sandfire_Paiger
Today I had a really bad day, so Im just putting it in an 文章 because it didn't fit on the wall.

:p 日 was kinda bad. I was playing flag football. I tryed to grab one of a boys flags. He had a weird rope thing on his pants, and it skinned my finger pretty good.
Then my sister, who I TOLD that I had band today, that I had a huge saxaphone to carry on the bus, STILL brought her 单簧管 for me to bring 首页 on the bus for her.
And I had a project that was due today, and I hadn't even star...ted yet, so I had to color all of my 11:45-12:30 study hall, still didn't finish, finished coloring right as the 3:18 钟, 贝尔 rang during homeroom (I had band, so I couldn't do it during 2:00-3:00 study hall). My cousin was nice enough to take my bag, saxaphone, and my sisters 单簧管 out to the bus pickup/dropoff place while I literally sprinted to get my project to Mrs. Beauchene so I didn't get a 0 on my project.

Lovely day, wasn't it?
posted by Musiclover456
My 心 is cold
and sad
My 心 is angry
and nothing more
My 心 is crying
and lonely
but my 心 can be warm
and happy
My 心 can be happy
and everything else
My 心 can be smiling
and with 老友记
but people hate me
so my 心 reflects that
i cut myself from
你 and everyone
i cut myself from the
my 心 hates being alive
so please help me
i give up
and i start dying
from the inside
so be strong and help me
显示 me what it mean to be alive
显示 me the way to happiness
显示 me what being happy means
显示 me before my
give out
posted by GoldnSnitch_96
Ok, alot of people are shittin their pants because some achient calander 说 that the world is coming to and end. R u 4 ceral? Plus, alot of u are thinking, but bro, so much shit is going down it isnt funny, the world is gonna end bro! Ok, so stuff looks preatty bad now. 日本 is in shit and there are earth quakes and floods. But think about it,what do u think people were thinking during the black plague? 或者 the world wars? The world isnt gonna be over yet. Mabey soon. Mabey the moment u finish 阅读 this your house will blow up. Mabey tomorow a 钢琴 will fall on the prime minister. We...
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posted by karpach_14
I married Miss Right. I just didn't know her first name was Always.

It's not true that married men live longer than single men. It only seems longer.

Losing a wife can be hard. In my case, it was almost impossible.

A man was complaining to a friend: 'I had it all - money, a beautiful house,a big car, the 爱情 of a beautiful woman; then, Pow! it was all gone!' 'What happened?' asked the friend. 'My wife found out..'

Wife: Let's go out and have some fun tonight. Husband: Okay, but if 你 get 首页 before I do, leave the hallway light on.

How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be...
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舱, 小木屋 for the Summer
By: moolah
Chapter Four: Minnie
    Hi, I’m Minnie Ellen James Buchanan. I live with my boyfriend Sam’s parents, Ashley and Kurt. My parents (R.I.P), Nancy and Chris died 6 months 以前 in a horrible car accident. My little siblings, Marilyn and Jassen were sent to our godparents, Ian and Lea. I was old enough, that I wanted to be with my boyfriend. They welcomed me in with wide arms, but every time I have a school thing our something, they insist I talk to Ian and Lea about it, because they are just “the housing parents”. I treat them like my parents...
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posted by EmzLovesCheryl
Ok, I'm bored, so I think I'll talk about the thing we all 爱情 - music.

What is music? 音乐 is the most addictive drug you'll ever come across. It's the one thing that will go on living, that anyone can learn to love. There will be a peice of 音乐 to suit everyone, 你 can always find a song to relate to, no matter how you're feeling. When making music, you're creating a monster, a monster that will make people dance, sing, be happy. It's the most powerful monster of all.

Each good songwriter and composer has the ability to express emotions and feelings through lyrics and notes, and make other...
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