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So mrcodegeass impressed me and inspired me to share some 爱情 in 文章 as well, so I decided I would say some of the things I 爱情 about other users right here. I was thinking of doing a separate 文章 for everyone, but I don’t think I could write that much for some people I still wanted to call out for being awesome so I decided I would do a massive ramble of an 文章 right here.

If I didn’t mention you, sorry XD Its not a personal thing 或者 anything. I am doing this off the 最佳, 返回页首 of my head so either I don’t know too much about 你 或者 just didn’t think of 你 at the time 或者 I got tired at the end since these got tiring ((Also I seem to have started a trend of having at least one hashtag so Imma make that a thing))

So without further ado!


Starting off with Wanta, I would like to say he is a great friend I’ve had for a while. While he isn’t the most active on Random, he still always carries around a great humor and comfort with him. He is pretty much like family to me and he is a fun person to play games with, write with, and to 总体, 整体 hang out with. We go back for years and there have been countless memories we have formed (and a lot my dumb brain forgot) and I would like to thank him for all the fun times, moments, and memories that we had built. #Nezia #PTA #Fortnite #Spoopy #Everything


While Zeppie only comes on her once in a blue moon these days, I still feel like she is worth calling out since she was such a strong member of our family back in the days. As for between me and her, I really have to say I am so grateful to have her in my life as my #Girlfriend since she's helped me develop and work through my issues. She’s like my sister and even though we don't talk to often since we are both busy, its always great hearing from you. 爱情 ya Zeps.


Lefteris here is probably one of my closest pals at this point on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and while we haven't been talking for too long, he has always been a fun person to talk to and always a huge contributor to the fun and energy of Random. I can vouch that if 你 want to have a fun conversation 或者 just to pass thoughts around, Lefteris is a good person to talk to. 你 are amazing dude. #Brofist


Blind is old. Like… why isnt he in retirement yet? I mean zanhar is also old but like… dude hes old and blind //shot// Just kidding though. Blind is awesome and hes been here since I was new. While he is a bit cold and direct, I have to thank Blind for the constant back up and reliability, support and presence on this club. Personally, while no specific memories stand out for him, I’ve really enjoyed being around him this long and with how long hes been here, hes like the old sage of Random, so I have to thank him for being here. Many people come and go on Fanpop, and as someone who is grounded to the club and website, its nice to see someone being a constant #Stubborn #LogicBuddies


8theGreat is another oldie now that I think about it. Shes our old lolita-duck lover and has on multiple accounts tried to adopt me. But I would like to thank her for the quirkiness she has brought to the website and the unique experiences and interests she brought in too. Plus she brought Mauser in and thats great. Personally I would like to thank her for the years we’ve been 老友记 and demand we organize some kind of CAH game again since its been a while and Im entering summer vacation in a bit. #Lolita #GiveMeCalciumHydride


Mauser here is our aggressive yet still lovable 潮流粉丝俱乐部 user. While she curses every other sentence and talks about her sexual desires and actions all the time in a way that most would THINK of it to be disgusting and off putting, it strangely comes off in a kind of nice unique way? Shes our Mauser and personally, she brings spice into the club and Im sure she will be a great mother. Thanks Mauser for amazing stories and friendship we’ve made. While 你 might not believe it, 你 are awesome #DontBeMeanToYourself


Literally the Prez. 随意 would not be the same without our Prez. Where has he been lately? I miss him :v We need our weird Prez and the typos. 爱情 你 tho bro. Ill bring the pizza. #Prez #420BlazeIt


And I THINK the oldest person on this club. Not age wise, I mean staying here the longest. Shes old. Really old. I think I put her and her clones in the retirement 首页 but between the zanarchy and her long term presence, shes really becomes a large part of the club and its atmosphere. Plus, these days me and her have become Flightrising buddies and thats been great so thanks for all of it!


And Jet Black also known as Heartbeat also known as CatsLover and I think two to three other usernames I forgot. Hes been in and out on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 under different usernames, but hes added some really interesting 问题 and 民意调查 and done some great contribution to the club. Even 更多 so, he has been a fun and active person on my club and a good friend of mine. 爱情 ya, [insert 用户名 of the time]

((I actually had like seven other users here for shout outs but I got tired. I might do a part two later if I get the energy / will))
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60 Things Guys Should Know About Girls

1) For all we talk about how hot guys are. We mostly care about there personality. Though a hot body is a plus

2) We are just as shy as 你 are about relationships

3) Many of us don't let 你 see us cry, unless we want 你 to comfort us

4) We like dropping small flirts, to see if 你 are interested. But we will later deny it 或者 make it into a joke

5) Most of us prefer to be call beautiful than hot 或者 sexy. But not all of us

6) We only wear mini skirts, tank tops and skimpy cloths for 你 (unless it's REALLY REALLY hot outside). So if 你 don't like what we wear...
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posted by sweet_n_silly
I laughed so hard when I read this and I just had to share it

1. Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them!

2. "Hey, are 你 busy?" 或者 "Are 你 doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone.

3. Guys may be flirting around all 日 but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

4. Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're going to say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes.

5. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile when they’re...
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THIS 列表 ISN'T MINE. It belongs to "thatboyandrew" on youtube. This 列表 is from his original video. If 你 haven't seen the video, here's the link:


NOTE: This is JUST a joke. I did not come up with this list. I just thought I'd post it for fun.

60) Latifah
59) Shaniqua
58) Latoya
57) Laquisha
56) La'Kisha
55) La'Tanya
54) Rohandra
53) Bon'Quisha
52) Sha'Tanya
51) Toprameneesha
50) La'Quishria
49) Bonifa
48) Shataniana
47) Levondia
46) Bufanaquishria
45) La'Quishraniqua
44) Barbeesha
43) Mo'Nique
42) Abduiniana
41) Fo'Landra
40) Kisha
39) Bon'Qui Qui
38) V'Lanta'la'mana'ma'nisha
37) Sha'Nay Nay
36) Tay Tay
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I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated 由 you.
I was so 着魔 由 your beauty that I ran into that 墙 over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
If beauty were time, you'd be eternity.
If I were a stop light, I'd turn red everytime 你 passed by, just so I could stare at 你 a bit longer.
Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.
You'd better direct that beauty somewhere else, you'll set the carpet on fire.
If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents.
For a moment I thought I...
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1.    Guys don't actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.
2. Guys 爱情 flirts.
3. A guy can like 你 for a minute, and then forget 你 afterwards.
4. When a guy says he doesn't understand you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is.
5. "Are 你 doing something?" 或者 "Have 你 eaten already?" are the first usual 问题 a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.
6. Guys may be flirting around all 日 but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.
7. When a guy really likes you,...
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posted by milorox18
1. I 爱情 the way we finish each other’s sentences.

2. I 爱情 the way I know you’ll never give up on me.

3. I 爱情 the fact that I wouldn’t ever give up on you.

4. I 爱情 the way 你 look at me.

5. I 爱情 how beautiful your eyes are.

6. I 爱情 the way I can’t imagine a 日 without 你 in my life.

7. I 爱情 the way if we were ever separated I wouldn’t know how to go on.

8. I 爱情 the way we cuddle and watch sunsets together.

9. I 爱情 the way we sometimes stay up all night and just talk, then watch the sunrise together.

10. I 爱情 how I know you’ll always be there when I need 你 to be.

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Hello guys. I wanted to take an oppertunity into 写作 this 文章 because there is something of importance that I think the whole world on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 should know.

I have ran into many people who can be nice at times and those that can be really mean. What is with the rudness? Is it really that hard to trust the ones you've talked to for over a long time 或者 that 你 can trust with 建议 and answers?

This has really been pulling my leg lately because I go through it every moment I come here- no matter how nice I try to be, people tend to get the best of me and it really makes me angry. I am not...
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found this stuff and i wanted to share with 你 guys (girls) so enjoy !! =)

1.Stare at someone and if/when they stare back at you, yell, “Staring is extremely impolite!”

2.Bring a Glad product to school and whenever someone gets mad at you, say, “Don’t get mad! Get Glad!” Then hold up the Glad product.

3.Keep talking as if you’re talking to the person 下一个 to you, and when they answer, scream, “I wasn’t talking to you! Now, Bob, where were we?”

4.When the teacher calls roll, after each name scream "THAT'S MEEEEE!!! Oh, no, sorry."

5.Sing your 问题 to the class.

6.Sit in...
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posted by simpleplan
1. When the teacher says to “take a seat”, 你 answer “take it where”.
2. When the teacher calls your name at roll call, 你 answer “Absent”.
3. When she calls roll, 你 answer “yo mama”.
4. When the teacher says something, 你 say “is that so?”
5. If 你 so happened to not turn in your homework say, your class pet ate it.
6. Tell your teacher you’ll turn in your homework, as soon as your parents finish doing it.
7. Tell your teacher 你 did not turn in your homework because 你 were watching TV.
8. Fold your homework into a cootie-catcher.
9. Fold your homework into a paper...
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1.When 你 walk into the room, run up to the teacher and stare her in the eyes. nothing more. just keep a straight face and stare. they get quite scared.

2.Before your science class starts, put a 冷却器 that has "Human Head" written on top, on the front table. On the board write: "Class, we will be disecting a human head tommorrow, the sign up 列表 is on my 台, 办公桌 for the part 你 would like to dissect" Actually put a sign up 列表 on her desk.

3.bring a cactus to school. Raise your hand. When called upon say the cactus has a question. look at the cactus and wait for it to say something. when it...
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My love
Sweetie Pie
Baby Doll
My Little Cabbage (French)
Love of my Life
Dear one
Heart’s Desire
Honey Bun
My Sweet
True Love
Light of my Life
Object of my Affection
Angel Face
Little Angel
Little Darling
Little Doll
Number One
Doll Face
My Idol
My Everything
My Life
Object of My Affection
True Love
One and Only
My Passion
Honey Bunny
Dream Girl
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1. Angus is for a beefy yet cute boyfriend, 或者 to bolster up the woefully sagging self-esteem of a weak, pasty face limb noodle who does your homework for you.

2. Babe - is a classic cute boyfriend nickname that will only get 你 in a slight amount of trouble in front of his friends. ( i call mine this)

3. Baby Boo Boo - is for a boyfriend that you'd like to castrate slowly 由 giving him effeminate names.

4. Bunny-kins - means you're cousins and will be humping like bunnies at the 下一个 family wedding.

5. Bunny Wabbit - 你 may as well stroke his belly with a coonskin 帽 and feed him grapes when...
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1)"Why, do 你 find me irresistible?"

2)"No, I just dress better than you"

3)"You're a double gay. No returnsies!"

4)"I 爱情 the 秒 grade insults, *insert name here*. Honestly, isn't it strange how "gay" has come to replace "stupid"? And so what if I was gay? Insulting my sexual orientation is pointless.

NOW...if a girl says you're gay, and 你 actually are, I find the best burn is: "At least I can get a boyfriend."

5)Look them in the face with a deadpan expression. Simply say, "Yes. I'm gay," and walk away. Take their thunder away. It's such a juvenile thing to say in the first place.
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1. Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center.

2. He was as tall as a 6′3″ tree.

3. Her face was a perfect oval, like a 圈, 圈子 that had its two sides gently compressed 由 a Thigh Master.

4. From the attic came an unearthly howl. The whole scene had an eerie, surreal quality, like when you’re on vacation in another city and Jeopardy comes on at 7:00 p.m. instead of 7:30.

5. John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had also never met.

6. She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just before it throws up.

7. The ballerina...
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1.Most 足球 players run 7 miles in a game.
2.The only 2 动物 that can see behind itself without turning its head are the rabbit and the parrot.
3.Whip makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound.
4.It cost 7 million dollars to build the 泰坦尼克号 and 200 million to make a film about it.
5.When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.
6.Every time 你 sneeze some of your brain cells die.
7.Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.
8.Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an...
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I Found that on the internet

1. When 你 were young, were 你 involved in any kind of political protests such as for the Civil Rights movement 或者 against Vietnam? Why 或者 why not?

2. What tells 你 when a child is responsible enough to trust a lot?

3. What was your first car? What was your 最喜爱的 car when 你 were young?

4. How often do 你 go over the speed limit?

5. Were 你 considered 流行的 in middle school 或者 high school? Why 或者 why not?

6. Did 你 have big fights with your mom when 你 were growing up? If so, what were they usually about?

7. Did 你 have big fights with your dad when 你 were...
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posted by black_magics
1.The 'poke' button on 脸谱 is awesome...
But I think there should be a 'stab' button...

2.was riding a horse yesterday and fell off. I almost got killed! THANK GOODNESS
the Walmart greeter saw what happened and came over and unplugged it.

3. anyone who says "nothing is impossible" has obviously never
tried to staple jello to a tree.

4.Text someone and tell them "Hey, I 迷失 my phone, can 你 call it?"
and see how many people call it

5. 3 bottles of bleach: $15.00. One rope, 3 rolls of duct tape,
and a shovel: $35.00. 3 boxes of trash bags: $10.00. The look on the cashier's face: Priceless!...
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