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posted by ivoryphills
I am a teenage girl.
The world I was brought to when I had hit the big "1-3" are supposed to be the best years of my life, right? Why am I fed this lie? Everywhere I turn, there is nothing but torture and conflict with no solution. I am expected to be a kid- do your chores, mind your authority- and yet, I have to be an adult- care for your younger siblings, finish this task 由 Friday. Why must I obey like a child without all of the benefits of a childhood, and why must I take my responsibilities like an adult without all of the freedom like an adult? Worse yet, as I am a teenage girl/woman/whatever society wants me to be, I am put into a far scarier world that even the bravest of men would quiver in fear if they set one foot into it. 你 know what I'm talking about and if not, then 你 are sorely ignorant. I am talking about...well, let me put it this way: when your loving mother puts a scarf around 你 to protect 你 from the winter cold, there will be men-no, trash waiting to take 更多 than that scarf off of you, and I can bet it won't be because they want to make 你 cold; when your younger siblings are still latching onto 你 because you're the World's Best Big Sister, 你 have to start worrying that 你 won't have children latching on to 你 so soon, calling 你 World's Best Mom; when your protective father is holding on to you, there will be trash waiting to snatch 你 from him, and your innocence from you- if, that is, the trash isn't your father, himself. To trash, I'm not even human (oh, the irony of that phrase!), let alone a child/adult, 或者 a person who'd want control of her virginal rights and her body. This society is nothing but a grave disaster. For my family, I have to be the utmost beautiful virgin until I'm married; for the guys, I have to be the easy hot chick until my "true love" comes along, tag me as his property, and when he's done with me, knocked me up, 或者 found someone with 更多 experience, dump me-figuratively 或者 literally in the nearest ditch, I don't know; for my friends, I have to be fun, exciting, supportive, 或者 whatever they want 或者 need, without the guarantee that they'll be what I want 或者 need. And we drift into the "friend" factor, where there are problems of trust and communications. 你 have 老友记 that praise 你 when you're together, but go gabbing rumors about 你 when your back is turned. 你 have 老友记 that demand one thing after the other from you, yet ignore 你 completely when 你 beg for their help. 你 have 老友记 that would help you, but only if 你 do something in return, like some deal. And there are the true friends, those who'd 爱情 你 through the flaws, 或者 at least not blab them to others, help 你 in a heartbeat because they know you'd do it for them even without their asking (or they simply just 爱情 你 so much),those that deserve your trust. But hey, with humans being so unpredictable, wouldn't it be just easier to keep our trust to ourselves and not let others have it? This sad world that I live in, where I'm not safe, free, 或者 happy. I'm told to be this and do that 由 everyone, even the media that was supposed to entertain me, not be entertained 由 my dillema and confusion, and none of this is what I want for me. I am supposed to enjoy the fear of possible sexual attacks, confusion of where I stand as an adolescent, the identity as subhuman because I'm female, and this world that says it loves me when clearly it wants me destroyed before I realize what I can 或者 want to be?
I am a person with an identity to obtain, goals to reach, and a future that shouldn't be tarred 由 this society's stereotypical 查看 of what future I should recieve.
I am a teenage girl, a person, so could 你 please stop unnecessarily making my world a living hell?
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posted by MiizLadiDiime
Some of the many things the dumb 21 faced bitches say in my class i am in 年 8 yeah i 说 it 年 eight they act like deh 18 或者 sumtin most of dem will become prozies

1. oh look at us were so bad cuz we smoke weed..WTF
2. so did u 吻乐队(Kiss) 或者 snog 吻乐队(Kiss) oh ur boringgg
3. rememba my so called friend gave blahblah a blow job she was serious she told me nt 2 tell bt im tellin EVRi 1
4. i 爱情 你 i wanna be wid u 4 eva oh yh me 2 吻乐队(Kiss) kisssy... UR 12!!!
5 oh im gonna bang 你 oh come 巢穴, den, 书房 fight fight fight oh no i broke a nail oh did u im sorry friend yh 4eva bfff
7. i 迷失 my virginty ooh yh she abused...
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Just copy it, 删除 my responses and add your own. Post the results in the 评论 if 你 like. Yeah I know this should be an answer but it wouldn't fit there. Yes, I'm also aware that mine sounds kind of lame.

Write Down Ten 随意 Characters.
1.Damon Washington
2. Louis Fitch
3. John Stone
4. Captain
5. Maureen Mason
6. Shaggy Rodgers
7. Ariana Sanchez
8. Jesse Longford
9. Vikram Mahajan
10. Velma Dinkley
Four invites Three and Eight to 晚餐 at their own house. What happens?
Stone and Longford: Fitch?
Captain: Who?
Longford: So you’re not Fitch?
Captain: No.
You need to stay at a friend's house for...
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posted by BellaCullen96
Eight 小时 lunch; two dollar tip.
Ask, "Excuse me, are 你 a really bad singer, 或者 a really bad actor?"
After he describes each special, 你 shout, "Stinks!"
Whenever he walks by, cough and mutter, "Minimum wage."
Insist that, before ordering, 你 be allowed to touch the 伦敦 broil.
Tie tablecloth around neck and say, "You wouldn't charge 超人 for dinner, would you?"
Every time 你 eat 或者 drink, cough really hard.
Eat the check.

Hey! This 文章 was too short so I have to write this sentence.