随意 问题

Name all the things 你 CANT do.

> Do math
> Lie without fessing up a short time later
> Sit in a chair with my feet on the floor
> Listen to rap music
> Watch romance movies
> Comedies
> Romantic comedies
> and anything on the MTV
> Swim very well
> Not doodle on a peice of schoolwork
> Look in a mirror
> Wear bright colors
> Smile and mean it at the same time

and lots of other examples that i am forgetting.
你 seem like a very sad person
larouxbestfan posted 一年多以前
no he 或者 she doesnt..............
I_DONT-KNOW posted 一年多以前
 MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
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随意 答案

LostGhost said:

And still be alive.
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posted 一年多以前 
I_DONT-KNOW posted 一年多以前
negar said:
i can't stup loving justin bieber!
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 i can't stup loving justin bieber!
posted 一年多以前 
tabithasb13 posted 一年多以前
TDIlover226 said:
Get those damned munchkins out of my closet.
Shoot lasers out of my ass.
Destroy chuck Norris.
Beat a Touhou game.
Eat corn.
Get those damned munchkins out of my closet.
Make my 龟, 海龟 smile again.
Watch an episode of 'Fanboy and ChumChum'.
Get Those damned munchkins out of my closet.
Look people in the eyes.
Be alone for 5 分钟 without talking to myself.
Get those damned munchkins out of my closet.
Convince my sister that there isn't a gorilla outside her window.
Draw Ezekiel from Total Drama Island without messing his oddly shaped head up.
Get those damned munchkins out of my closet.
Teach myself not to eat the skin off my fingers.
或者 not to chew my nails.
Drink milk.
Get those damned munchkins out of my closet.
Go one 小时 without saying "Shit-Nehs"

And did I mention getting those damned munchkins out of closet?
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posted 一年多以前 
eat the skin of your fingers?:s
fake_alibi10 posted 一年多以前
i too can not stand to watch an episode of 'Fanboy and ChumChum'
tokyogirl0093 posted 一年多以前
@Fake_alibi10; Yes, It's a nervous habit of some sort.
TDIlover226 posted 一年多以前
I CAN'T look people in the eye 或者 drink 牛奶 either.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
samuraibond005 said:
name everything i cant do

keep my personalities under control

eat human faces

solve quadratic equations with my left hand while 写作 names with my left and take a potato chip......AND EAT IT!!!!!

deal with dial up internet

let this rotten world stay the way it is

eat peaches without almost puking

and more
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posted 一年多以前 
Anyone can probably eat potataoe chi[s dramatically, but choose not to.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
Monrose said:
I can't.
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posted 一年多以前 
HuddyJoy0524 said:
1)Anything that has to do with math and science (i cant do any basic math without a calculator :p)

2) A split. It hinders my dancing :'(

3) Cook. Ha.

4) Go to 床, 床上 at a reasonable time at night- FAIL.

5) Go without 浓情巧克力 for 更多 than 48 hours. (Try me- i might kill something)

6) Get the guy I like to like me *cries*

7) Lose 5 ibs (thats all im asking!)

8) Watch all my 最喜爱的 电影院 that i wanna watch now (Sense and Sensibility is calling to me...!)

9)Quit school

10) Scrap the American government and start over (that includes congress and the president too)

11) Eat fatty and fried foods all the time

12) skip everywhere (well actually i technically could...)

13) wear my bathingsuit in the winter

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posted 一年多以前 
Pretend-Rose said:
-Not say my opinion

- Be nice to people who aren't nice to me...


-Drink 更多 than two cans of pop a day

-Play basketball, football, 或者 baseball.

-Stop listening to my 最喜爱的 singers

- Stop watching movies

- Not be tired at school

-Pass math class

-Not be so awkward...

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posted 一年多以前 
Those do sound reasonably impossible.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
same here XD
Giggle_lugo posted 一年多以前
xxXsk8trXxx said:
Pay attention
Listen to my sister play piano
Eat hamburgers with onions inside of the patty
Be near Chinese 食物 (Only because of the smell. I can eat it.)
Not laugh when the teachers say that everyone in my school isn't a rich brat.
Play a Sonic game (I only like Tails.)
Not look at people with a creepy face
Participate in any sports
Eat anything with gluten 或者 dairy (I seriously can't. I'm alergic.)
Study (And somehow I get 80's)
Watch the 迪士尼 Channel
Listen to country music
Listen to my mom 唱歌 country 音乐 off-key
Be near a pastry
Not eat 糖果 (I'm thin, somehow)
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posted 一年多以前 
MrOrange16 said:
I can't not type.

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posted 一年多以前 
Duncan-superfan said:
-Study. [Never have and probably never will. xD]
-Keep myself from chewing my fingernails/skin.
-Speak up for myself.
-Talk about some problem w/ people [Even teachers and my parents..]
-Eat a lot of 破烂, 垃圾 food. XP
-Give up 日本动漫 for a day... 或者 10 seconds..
-Show people my horrible drawings.. [Even though whenever I do, they say my pics are amazing.. I don't believe them..]
-Cook. [I almost burned my house down trying to make tea. Akane, much? xDD]
-Stop being clumsy and akward..
-Be super girly.
-Wear a dress for 更多 than two minutes. [I HATE dresses. XP]
-Write neat. [I have the worst handwriting..]
-Causing some sort of pain to myself.
-Stay off my laptop.
-Go to school willingly..
-Ride a rollercoaster.
-Dance.. [xD]
-Listen to rap. [Besides Eminem]
-Listen to country.
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posted 一年多以前 
willingly going to school is pretty rare. And i'm the same way with my drawings.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
I'm the same in almost everything O_O
cmrm posted 一年多以前
Duncan-superfan posted 一年多以前
NomyCake said:
I can't fly.
I can't jump higher than a mountain.
I can't predict the future.
I can't 移动 objects with my mind.
I can't turn 你 into a frog.
I can't divide 由 zero.
I can't turn into a 狼 in the full moon.
I can't make my voice sound identical to a guitar.
I can't kill people with a black notebook and a pen. (I've tried this one ._. )
I can't talk to 动物 and actually understand what they're saying.
I can't rip down a door with only my teeth.
I can't make my eyes change color randomly.
I can't live forever.
And I can't 列表 all the things I can't do, that'd take all eternity!
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posted 一年多以前 
very nice
larouxbestfan posted 一年多以前
MaxSparrow said:
I can't and I want to whistle.
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posted 一年多以前 
I suck at whistling :p
sapherequeen posted 一年多以前
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
BellaLovett said:
answering this quetion
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posted 一年多以前 
Giggle_lugo said:
i can do anything because i'm AWESOME™
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posted 一年多以前 
Good for you.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
sapherequeen said:
One thing I can't do is die. Prematurely, if 你 wish for me to be specific.

I have....
Been in the ocean at least a mile away from the 支撑, 海岸 with only a buggie board at age ten. I could have drowned, but someone got me in time.
Walked on a highway for ten miles with cars driving everywhere. I almost got hit 由 a huge truck. But I didn't.
I was out in a snow storm for five hours with just a 运动衫 on, and 由 the time I got 首页 the blood was not regulating quickly through my fingers. It took me two hours 或者 更多 to warm up, etc.

I could have died during a lot of things. Hell, today I ran in front of a car that was about to move. I almost got hit. Yet I survived! =D
(And yes, I know running in front of cars is stupid. I was late for school, and that was the main thing on my mind, I am shameful to say).
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posted 一年多以前 
"God" must really 爱情 你 and wants 你 to live for something.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
Hmmm....well, then that would be pretty ironic considering the other shit that now dominates the good things in my life.
sapherequeen posted 一年多以前
@MasterOfFear what do u mean, "God"?
peetarocks999 posted 一年多以前
Sapheraqueen, christians say that a certain divine being sends people misery because it gives them strength. And to Peetarocks999, it's because i don't want to assume that a diety existst. There could be many gods 或者 goddesses, 或者 an enrtity that doesn't like being reffered to as 'God"
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
adultswimperson said:
Watching 迪士尼 Channel(most horrible tv station of all time)
Act like a moron in public
Watch romantic movies
Eat the foods that i already dislike
Do homework 或者 anything school related
Staying off the computer
Stop playing video games
Getting up in the morning for school
Watching movies/tv shows that make no sense
Listen to country, r&b, 或者 pop music(worst genres ever)
Resist watching tv
Not eat 破烂, 垃圾 食物 for a whole day
Biting the nails off my fingers

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posted 一年多以前 
Same here on allot of those (except for the not being able to resist watvhing Tv one)
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
@MasterOfFear, Lolz.
adultswimperson posted 一年多以前
zanesaaomgfan said:
Edward Cullen can't....

-Burn in the sunlight
-Stay away from my true love
-Stop 阅读 minds

Wait, 你 说 things I can't do?! Oops...Sorry Edward!
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posted 一年多以前 
Hot_n_cold said:
I can't not 爱情 Katy Perry
I can't do math
I can't not 爱情 my bff
I can't live without being on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 for 2 hours
I can't lie to a friend
I can't live without my 老友记
I can't not be myself
I can't ever be mad at a friend
I can't forget but I can forget
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posted 一年多以前 
peetarocks999 said:
I can't...
~ Kill Edward Cullen
~ Hate books
~ suck at Math and Science
~ listen in class completely
~ be 情绪硬核 或者 goth
~ stay quiet for 更多 than an 小时 unless I'm sleeping
~ go a 日 without hitting at least ONE person
~ eat blueberries and eggplants
~ not blink 或者 breathe
~ breathe underwater
~ fly
~ Burn Twilight to ashes
~ not take a bath
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posted 一年多以前 
mish_mish said:
i cant not be perfect..i really try hard but i just cant!! jk:P now dont look at me like i'm in 爱情 with myself...cause i'm not!!
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posted 一年多以前 
HaileyBrand said:
i can't NOT obsess over Russell Brand...

Ask anyone who knows me, it's simply impossible...
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posted 一年多以前 
larouxbestfan said:
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posted 一年多以前 
Ms_Mea said:
I can't:
-Get a grade higher then 70% in Math
-Be a drama 皇后乐队 in Drama class (but I can be a drama 皇后乐队 anywhere else)
-Not be bored while watching most documentries
-Not cry while watching a 显示 about sick/hurt/abandoned animals
-Not grimace when watching a hospital show
-Play football for the life of me
-Dance with another person (like waltzes and stuff)
-Watch 或者 read anything about Twilight (sorry to twilight fans!)
-Read anything over 700 pgs
-Eat 蘑菇 汤 without throwing up lol
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posted 一年多以前 
For most people, a 70 in math is probably unabtainable.
MasterOfFear posted 一年多以前
natty13 said:
can't stp 唱歌 all da time
be single 4 lng
pass math
hate sum1 n nt 显示 it
stp laffin wen i start XD
touch my elbow wit my tongue

hmm there's mre bt i can't tink of it rite nw :)

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posted 一年多以前 
jklilly56 said:
i cant drive... yet
i cant have a boyfriend... yet
i cant go somewere with 老友记 parents dont know all too well... atleast till im 18

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posted 一年多以前 
fulful said:
i cant stop loving Michael Jackson
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 i cant stop loving Michael Jackson
posted 一年多以前 
HellOToYou said:
i can´t juggle.. other then that i can do everything!
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posted 一年多以前 
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