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What was th weirdest dream U ever had(If U can remember)?

Mine's was last night when there were a few episodes of this 显示 and those main characters almost looked lik the Gorillaz, they even had th same names and formed a 音乐 group! And they go 2 随意 places in th real world, hang out, fight bad guys, go through some tough obstacles(Lik 粉丝 and nannies(Yes, they had an evil nanny) etc.), played some tunes(Duh), and do other crazy stuff. Then they were spying on me and my family and then my older brother was on th floor and my dad hits him with a 海滩 ball and yells at him. Me and th other members of my family were pissed and then I tried 写作 a message 2 him on how horribl he was but it wouldnt let me send in th message. Then th characters(who look lik th Gorillaz) ended up in a dumpster(Which IDK Y) and when th 街头霸王 got out of th 垃圾箱, 垃圾站 and went 2 their HQ, they were thinkin of a stragety on how 2 defeat this villain(4got who it was, I think it was th evil nanny) and this guy[who sorta looks lik Murdoc]disses th guy[who looks lik 2D] about th plan(Sayin how it isnt gonna work and that they aready know th facts of this nanny) and then th girl[Who looks lik Noodle] slaps him(That Murdoc lookalik) and insults him(On how rude he was being 2 th 2D lookalik). After that, I think I woke up. P.S, when I went back 2 sleep, I heard a ticking noise, freaked out, and woke up again. I couldnt sleep 4 th rest of th day. And that was my dream(And it was very weird).
 Jamie38459 posted 一年多以前
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taismo723 said:
This one was a few days ago. Apparently I had known the Cars from Pixar's Cars. And like all the Tinker 钟, 贝尔 characters were there. And so the cars were trapped somewhere. Me and 老友记 had to save them. Sorry, I'm just too tired to write the whole thing.
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posted 一年多以前 
Sounds kinda cool.....
Jamie38459 posted 一年多以前
KishuandIchigo said:
I 爱情 having weird dreams!!!

So once.... *enters flashback*
I was the newest member of the kids 下一个 door (idk why, i didn't watch it) and all members had to go into a big factory that used kids to make electricity. The factory was on 最佳, 返回页首 a a hill. A very big hill. So we all went in, and a lady there 说 that the way to stop the factory was to go into a room and pull a lever. Everybody except for me, and like, 5 other people went in. After they went in, the lady locked the door. So, I jumped off the hill, and landed, face first, into the dirt, but, I bounced back up. So I went into the streets, walked around, and saw there were adults looking for kids to use in the factory. One was heading my way, and i was too afraid to fight, so I ducked into the nearest building, which happened to be a school. There was an assembally in the gym for girls only, so I went to check it out (and one of the other knd members followed me) so we went in and sat on this swinging 起重机 thing, and there was a guy in a 狼 mask telling the wizard of oz below. Then, all of the sudden, he started to attack the girls. We jumped off the crane-thing, and my friend hid under it and I said, "Help me fight him." She said, "No." And I kept begging until I woke up.

The End of the best dream ever.
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posted 一年多以前 
Cool, sry it didnt hav a good ending.....
Jamie38459 posted 一年多以前
but it was fun :D
KishuandIchigo posted 一年多以前
XDRoseLuvsHP said:
I was in an elevator. I was with six other people, all who I was very good 老友记 with (though I don't know them in real life). One of them told me "You know how in America, there is no Floor 13? Well, in England, there is no Floor 14." (Yeah, I know that's not true, but in the land of my dream it was weird) So we stop on Floor 14, and we see a tilted room filled with boxes. For some reason, we all got REALLY scared and went to the highest floor possible (Floor 19). We got off and found ourselves at the 最佳, 返回页首 of a really tall glass skyscraper. It sort of spiraled downwards, so we all had to slide down (it was fun XD) then at the bottom we were laying on the concrete of the outside of a cafe (a very nice looking one, very cozy looking 由 a lovely brick road) and we were staring up at the skyscraper, which for some reason was not directly over us, and we realized one of us wasn't there, but then he bounced off the awnings of the cafe, and there was a baseball sized hole in the 摩天大楼 which he must have fallen through (don't ask me how).

I was very sad to wake up.
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posted 一年多以前 
Sry about that, Ur dream looked cool though......
Jamie38459 posted 一年多以前
AngelVicki427 said:
ok, here it is.
there were these monster things, and they were good and nice. then some tornado sucked them up and behind the tornado were monsters that looked just like the nice ones, exept they were evil (i know, weird. i can't control my dreams 你 know) so i went to warn my friend, nicole. i barged into here house but it was freaky! her mom made 薄煎饼, 煎饼 in our school's uniform and asked me if i wanted 浓情巧克力 chips in my pancakes. i 说 ok. i checked nicole's room and she was a teenager in furry, 粉, 粉色 cheetah pajamas (which is a shockwer considering she calls herself goth, but i am not)
"Hi vicki"
"who are u?"
She got off the bed
'I'm nicole!Silly girl!"
"you have such chubby cheaks" she grabbed them and squeezed them.
"Chipmunck cheaks"
"get off me"
"hey1 it's not my fauit u hsve cheaks like theodore" (from alvin and the chipmunks)
"BREAKFAST IS READY!" her mom yelled We walked in the kitchen
"vicki has chuby cheaks mom" she said
"that's nice dear. NICHOLAS!" (nicole's brother)
"i am coming" 说 an old man (nicholas is really like 19)
"what u youngster want?" sonia (nicole's mom) fed nikki his pancakes
"y r u feeding him?"
"cause," nicole 说 "he is unable to after his accident"
"what accident?"
"he burned his liver. remember? u where there! that's y he hates u"
"he hates me?'
"no honey" sonia said
"yes i do!" the old man yelled
"ok,well i have to go"
"r u leaving because nikki hate u?" sonia asked
"he's sorry"
"nikki!" she kicked him under the table
"It's ok, i have 2 go anyway"
"ok, walk 首页 safely hun"
"i will"
I went 首页 2 tell my family this wacky story
"guys, there r evil monster things and nicole's family has gone all wacky!"
"tell us all about it" my mom 说 as she held a thing
"what is that?"
"your brother" (i don't really have 1)
"my brother has one eye and a huge green head?"
"SHHHHHHHHH he can hear u"my mom covered his ears
"yeah, be nice to Hallok"grandma said
"how do u pronounce that?"
"HALL OK" ava (my real sister) 说 meanwhile, judge judy was on in the backround
imagine me waking up that morning!
I asked who Hallok was, and my mom told me to have breakfast and that i was the one who is wacky.
PS don't u think it is weird that i remembered all of that?
Yeah, i know
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posted 一年多以前 
That sure is long, kinda longer than mine(And mayB weirder than mine). But I liked Ur dream though, it was kinda cool(In a weird sort of way :P)....
Jamie38459 posted 一年多以前
Matsy23 said:
lolz my weirdest dreams are usually those with me not included.........ok heres my weirdest dream(you would understand my dream better if 你 watched fullmetal alchemist)
ok so ed and winry were a couple in my dream then al(eds lil bro) and may were there too then ed left to run some errands then al and may KIDNAPPED winry then they went to this hideout place waiting for ed to give them the ransom money while al was smoking a cigar then i woke up and i was like " WHAT THE HELL?!"
then my other weird dream was about a sausage fly O_o
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posted 一年多以前 
XxemoeeveexX said:
well i was a rock and an 象, 大象 was chasing me...i moved away, fell off a cliff and landed in a giant cinnamonbun...o-o
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posted 一年多以前 
Jeffersonian said:
This was like the scariest dream I've had but it was also pretty weird (parts of it may be better understood if 你 watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent but it should be pretty easy to follow.)

I am at this place that looks like my old house looking for my grandma, so I go into the back bedroom and she is lying there dead. Then my aunt starts chasing me and I find out she killed my grandma (my aunt is really very very nice in real life and would never kill my grandma) for some reason my 最喜爱的 characters from Criminal Intent (Detectives Goren and Eames) are there too and we start coming up with a plot to stop my aunt. After a while Eames goes missing but we don't think anything of it, we just think she went off to investigate. Then the giant bird thing from 阿凡达 shows up to rescue us and I ask Goren if he knows where Eames is. He tells me he doesn't know but he is very worried because he loves her. So we start looking for her. Right then I trip over something that is on 火, 消防 and I look down to see what it is, it's her dead body, my aunt killed her too (I still shudder everytime I picture the dead body) so I'm trying to get Goren away before he sees her and I feel really bad for him, we are both prectically crying now. Then we leave on the bird and I wake up.

At the time I had the dream, Criminal Intent was about to take those characters off the 显示 and there was a possibility one of them might die so I was really worried about them which is probably why that part showed up in the dream.
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posted 一年多以前 
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