随机角色扮演 Hometown (Slice-Of-Life Roleplay) [Setup]

BanetteGhosneir posted on May 17, 2017 at 06:09AM
okay, so, a Slice-of-Life genre roleplay. for those who don't know what the Slice-of-Life genre is, the definition is 'a realistic representation of everyday experience' meaning just normal lives. like of a Doctor, engineer, school professor, student. or even just a stay-at-home wife. meaning this roleplay will be built apon every-day problems and your and other's interactions. studies/school, taxes, work, health. ect.

So, we're going to start this roleplay off in 2020. not very much advanced future tech, just normal sort of stuff. phones and computers might be better, cars slightly more efficient, ect. but no lightsabers and lasers, and other futuristic stuff, this is the near future. not the far.

We'll start off in a town, Let's say Tokyo, but for the sake of the Roleplay, use English. unless you have characters that can speak multiple languages, of which case, use Japanese (or whatever language) but put a translation underneath.

you need to set up your own life and backstory. you can be the sibling/parent/wife of someone else's character, but try to talk to them about it before hand. One of my characters will have a younger sister, so if someone wants to fill that in, please do.

[===][Character Creation][===]

Name: (FULL name, first middle(if applicable) and last.)


Occupation: (If you're a student, put school here too. if a professor or someone with a diploma or graduate, give the title of your major and optional minor)



Past (Biography):

Problems (Health, Worries, ect.):

Extra: (Whatever I missed, or just extra details.)


---Takoyai Family---
> ??? - Father - 49
> ??? - Mother - 45
> Lumn 'Jack' Takoyai - Son - 23
> ??? - Daughter - ??

---Kanamari Family---
> ??? - Father - 45
> ??? - Mother - 47
> Jackie 'Blue' Kanamari - Daughter - 20

---Rey/Tsukamoto Family---
>Martin Rey - Divorced Father - ??
>Yuuka Tsukamoto - Divorced Mother - ??
> Akira Rey/Tsukamoto - Son - 19
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一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Lumn 'Jack' Takoyai

Age: 23

Occupation: Apprentice Electrician.

Hobby: Lumn likes to tinker with any old broken equipment, swimming, playing video games.

-Father: Lumn likes his father, a hard working man, but sometimes Lumn thinks his father works too hard, since he almost never see's him.

-Mother: Lumn enjoys the company of his mother, though over-bearing it is assuring to know he has someone to count apon.

-Sister: (I'll wait for someone before I do this)

-Jackie: Lumn's first friend in Japan. though she barely understands English beyond high-school english classes, it's sufficient enough for Lumn to talk to her in English, more than in Japanese.

-Engla: Lumn's next-door chat partner, though Engla's 'condition' causes him to forget everything about Lumn, Lumn still finds it interesting to talk to someone so... 'simple'?

Past (Biography):
Lumn wasn't born in Japan, he was born in Australia, and moved to Japan after his graduation at the age of 18. he came to Japan to life with his mother and sister. and to find an apprenticeship.

His time in Australia was spent on a farm, so the tinkering and fixing of old rustic broken down things is easily explained. why he hates taking a bath is not.

though he tries to learn Japanese, he struggles with it alot, and is also struggling to understand Japanese culture.

due to an accident during his time in Australia, he was the victim in a freak explosion, being rushed to the Hospital. he awoke with a piece of shrapnel lodged in the right side of his forehead, surgery couldn't remove it, as the hot shrapnel had cooled, welding it to his skull. though he is lucky that the shrapnel hadn't pierced to his brain.

Problems (Health, Worries, ect.):
Learning Japanese culture and language.
finishing his Apprenticeship
Medical concerns about the metal in his head.

Lumn primarily speaks English, but tries to speak Japanese to strangers, or anyone who doesn't speak English.
Lumn's room is on the 3rd floor of his mother's house in Japan. it looks like link.

Unlike his Mother, Lumn has Brown hair and eyes. whilst his mother has blonde hair and green eyes.

Lumn has a full driver's licence.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Lumn 'Jack' Takoyai [b]Age:[/b] 23 [b]Occupation:[/b] Apprentice Electrician. [
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Jackie 'blue' Kanamari

Age: 20

Occupation: University student. Majoring in Mechanics.

Hobby: Jackie enjoys learning, not from reading books though. more of hands-on-experience. she enjoys watching comedy movies, and cooking.


-Father: Jackie's father is a Lawyer, though he is mostly at home sometimes he's out of the house. Jackie enjoys lengthy discussions with her father, and likes to have him taste test her food.

-Mother: Jackie enjoys cooking alongside her mother, and dislikes having to clean up. overall she likes her mother for the smile and food. and sometimes they watch a movie together.

-Lumn: An interesting character, Jackie likes to learn about the electrical side in the construction of buildings and Lumn is all willing to show. though she is upset she isn't allowed to touch the wires. (Legal reasons)

(If you want to create a Sibling for Jackie, tell me about it)

Past (Biography):

Jackie was usually a Tomboy, enjoying the dirt, mud and filthy oil of cars and machinery, partaking in rough fights with bullies in the playground, and always coming home with either a smile of victory, or a scraped knee and elbow of defeat. as she grew through primary, secondary and high school, she matured. less fights, more study and tinker.

Problems (Health, Worries, ect.):
University studies
Lack of many friends
what to do after Uni

Jackie wasn't given her middle name until she was 3, when her parents took note of how deep blue her eyes were.

her parents both have brown hair, but Jackie has black hair, inherited from her grandfather.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Jackie 'blue' Kanamari [b]Age:[/b] 20 [b]Occupation:[/b] 大学 student. Major
一年多以前 Sableye21 said…
(Wow. All of your stories are gems but seems like no one joins welp)

Name: Akira Rey-Tsukamoto

Age: 19

Occupation: University Student / Software Engineer

Hobby: When Akira does have free time, which is rare, he goes and read graphic novels. He is filled with ideas of making a graphic novel in the distant future. He also loves watching animations by Domics.



Martin Rey - Akira doesn't truly remember his dad much. He never came to visit Akira and Akira's mother, Yuuka Tsukamoto, is sickly and couldn't raise funds to let Akira see his father over holidays.

Yuuka Tsukamoto - Akira never had friends growing up and bullied for being a "loner" and so Yuuka was his only true friend. However once sickened with leukemia, Akira tries and cares for the only person who actually cared about him.


Akira has been living all his life in the 23 Ward. Martin and Yuuka has been arguing for years and finally a few months before Akira's 10th birthday, they decided to become divorced. Yuuka was diagnosed with leukemia 7 years later. Akira used to be a lackie and did nothing other than watch and read cartoons however since his mother and only friend has gotten sick, he has to work and struggles paying the bills. Luckily, he had enough to land himself in university for awhile studying software engineering as a major.


Lack of friends
Lack of confidence

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 (Wow. All of your stories are gems but seems like no one joins welp) [b]Name:[/b] Akira Rey-Tsukam
Sableye21 commented…
If 你 need me to change anything, just let me know. ^^ 一年多以前
Wolfpaw6 commented…
is that a boy 或者 a girl *cocks head to the side* 一年多以前
Sableye21 commented…
Hes a boy 一年多以前
BanetteGhosneir commented…
I have no idea how 你 see that as a girl >_> 一年多以前
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
(Welcome aboard, your character is fine. my stories may be 'gems' but It never really ends well, they mostly die out. I've got maybe 2 or 4 stories with proper ends)
一年多以前 Wolfpaw6 said…
Name John Paul

age 23

Occupation U.S. Soldier

Hobby playing with friends


Wife, Tessia Paul

Children,Jacob and Lauren

Jacobs dad died and his mother is living with him

Biography as a young boy they said he could be anything he attempted to be iron man (broke his arm trying) but as he got older he became fascinated with the army thus being his job now.

Afraid that one of these missions he won't leave afterwards

Lack of confidence
 Name John Paul age 23 Occupation U.S. Soldier Hobby playing with 老友记 Family Wife,
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
((He's a U.S. soldier..... in Japan? I'm EXTREMELY certain that is not how that works))
Wolfpaw6 commented…
called an army base 一年多以前
Sableye21 commented…
I mean, there are military bases that the US owns in 日本 however we are trying to stay within Tokyo for awhile until we expand to other parts of the world I believe. 一年多以前
Sableye21 commented…
Wrong USJF. We are talking about the United States Forces, 日本 not United States Judo Federation. 一年多以前
一年多以前 Sableye21 said…
(( Hopefully we can get some more people in the next couple of days. But it is you decision if you want to scrap it or not if we do not have many people.))
一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
((Hey Banette, I'll do Lumn's sister if you want to pm me about it))
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
((boop boop?))
一年多以前 SilverLeo said…
Is this still going? Never really done a slice-of-life RP and thought I'd give it a shot.
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
((I was waiting for more characters :< but yeah, I hope this is still going))
一年多以前 SilverLeo said…
(So its just making a character and playing out their daily lives?)
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
((Essentially, yeah.))
Name: Engla Dorry

Age: 43

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Engla likes to sleep and write in his book of what he did today.


Past (Biography):

Engla... can't remember his past.

Engla, as far as the town is aware, has Dementia, and is incapable of remembering anything he did yesterday and further past, without writing down what he has done he wouldn't know anything about his past.

Engla is from Britian and remembers things he has learnt, but no smells, tastes, sounds or sights of his past, only knowledge. meaning he remembers nothing of anyone's face, voice, smells, ect.

however, due to this medical issue, Engla has become a popular Mechanic in the town, since he completes his work as quickly as possible, owning a Mechanic shop next to an Electrical store, he also lives in his mechanic shop.

Problems (Health, Worries, ect.):
If he remembers a problem, he'll tell you.

Engla can speak Japanese clearly and fluently, but retains a british accent.

Engla doesn't know why he knows Japanese and English.

Engla keeps a book, of which everyday he writes in what he did the previous day, though this only helps minorly, since he doesn't get a full picture of his life in Tokyo.
 ((Essentially, yeah.)) [b]Name:[/b] Engla Dorry [b]Age:[/b] 43 [b]Occupation:[/b] Mechanical E
一年多以前 SilverLeo said…
(So where does this take place?)
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
((Read the main post before asking questions, please and thank you. >_>))
一年多以前 SilverLeo said…
(Oh, Tokyo. Some of the characters' names threw me off which is why I asked. Sorry)
一年多以前 Phantelephant said…
((might have better luck getting people to join if the rp took place in a less homogenous culture))
一年多以前 BanetteGhosneir said…
(('The same'? I dunno what culture has to do with this RP :L this is people's individual lives, some can choose to go along with Japanese culture, some can be randoms from other countries (like Engla and Lumn) no one is forced to go with the culture.))
一年多以前 Sableye21 said…
((Wow, it's been a month of waiting. Welp, I do not see what's wrong with this roleplay. Maybe not a lot of roleplayers here are interested in Slice of Life anymore?))
一年多以前 Phantelephant said…
((I don't think anyone is interested in any rp that isn't fandom based or at the very least very high fantasy. Unfortunately. I wasn't saying Japan is a bad setting, just a very common one and somewhat limited for accessibility. It otherwise gives a roleplayer a good chance to come up with something more detailed and creative but it looks like Sable might be right... Then again, this whole place is at its deadest it's ever been.))