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Dreams are, by definition, "A succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occurs involuntarily during certain stages of sleep". These successions are extremely diverse, ranging from the normal, like peaceful strolls through a field of flowers, to abnormal, like navigating the toppings of an oversized Pizza in search of the holy salt shaker. But despite their diverse nature, all of these successions can be divided into two distinct categories, depending on what's responsible for them;

Dreams, the harmless successions that peacefully exist within the mind and are caused by Dream Espers*, and Nightmares, the demonic successions that corrupt their vessels that are caused by Nightmare Espers*.

These successions, both Dreams and Nightmares, exist in an alternate reality. When beings from this realm sleep, their subconscious temporarily drifts between our own reality, the "Outercast"*, and the alternate reality, the "Dreamcast"*. This drifting area inbetween the two realities, known as "Innertia"*, is where our two realities mix together to create the successions humans recognize as Dreams. But what humans don't recognize, is the danger one faces when drifting in Innertia.

While drifting, your subconscious is completely unprotected and able to be freely tampered with by Dream and Nightmare Espers alike. While Dream Espers are harmless and even helpful at times, Nightmare Esperss and very dangerous. Nightmare Espers feed off of Humans, and use the subconscious of drifting humans to make their way into the physical world, and due to their nature, cannot be stopped by human weaponry, leaving them to run free and devour all of mankind....

That's where Dreamers like you come in.

Some especially gifted humans can freely move between the Outercast, Innertia, and Dreamcast while fully conscious. These humans, known as Dreamers, are recruited by the Dream King* to eliminate Nightmare Espers that trespass into the Outercast. They have power that can manifest at any time, in any reality, that allows them to combat the Nightmare Espers. And luckily, they aren't alone. Dream Companions*, Dream Espers born from the minds of their Dreamers, accompany them on their missions so that together, we can keep both the Dreamcast and the Outercast safe from harm.

Now you know the story, Dreamer. Will you join us?


Dreamcast: The reality where Dream and Nightmare Espers reside. It functions as the "Earth" of the Dream Espers, where they all live peacefully. On a seperate "Earth" exists the Nightmares.

Outercast: The reality we live in. Needs no further explanation.

Innertia: The "melting pot" of the two realities, where the Dreamcast and Outercast mix together. When humans sleep, their subconscious drifts into Innertia, and when they make contact with a Dream or Nightmare Esper, the successions known as Dreams and Nightmares are created.

Espers: Espers are the inhabitants of Dreamcast, and are either good, Dream Espers or bad, Nightmare Espers.

Dream King: The ruler of the Dream Espers and the strongest Esper in Dreamcast aside from the Nightmare King. A new King is crowned when the old one passes away, and due to their long life spans, Kings are crowned roughly 100,000 years apart from each other. The current Dream King, Lorei, is a woman who stubbornly refuses to be called Queen, though nobody knows why. She is very smart and very kind, but has a bit of a temper too.

Nightmare King: The ruler of the Nightmare Espers and the strongest Esper in Dreamcast aside from the Dream King. Unlike how the Dream King is crowned, the Nightmare King is crowned by killing all other Nightmares after the title in a gruesome battle. The next King is the one who kills the previous King, so the title changes hands a bit more often that the Dream King title does. The current Nightmare King, Nero, is an arrogant and evil man who is a notorious sucker for pretty women. He is ruthless in battle despite his perverted nature, and is just as cunning as Lorei.

The Zera Seal: A seal created by "The Creator" that seperates The Dream, Nightmare, and Human worlds. This seal prevents Dream Espers and Nightmare Espers from directly fighting each other. Legend has it that it has another purpose, but nobody knows if that's true, or what that purpose is.

The Creator: A mysterious being who was responsible both for the creation and the seperation of the three races. Their wherabouts are unknown.


-No OP powers, no controlling other characters without permission, and no "I win lolz" BS.

-Sexual themes and Profanity are allowed to an extent, but not constantly.

-No one line posts unless you have no other possible way to extend it beyond that. If all else fails, put random letters under your post and there ya go.

-Try to use decent enough grammar to where you are easily understood. No need for unnecessary confusion.

-Notify the others in the RP before taking an extended absence, so nobody goofs up and interracts with you while you aren't there.

-Keep outside Drama outside the RP.

-Be friendly, be creative, and above all else, have fun!








Dream Ability:

Dream Companion:

Companion's Appearance:

Companion's Ability:
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一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Alexi Steiner


Gender: Male

Appearance: Short, curly blonde hair and apple green eyes, with fair skin and freckles. He wears a dark blue turtleneck sweater, black pants, and dark blue sneakers, along with black, round rimmed glasses.

Personality: Timid, cowardly, and kind. He is a peace loving person and does his best to avoid conflict, though this sometimes only attracts more of it to him. He is very smart due to his family's influence, and is a major bookworm. He is very easily flustered, especially when talking to other people, and has a bad habit of imagining the worst possible scenario in any situation. He also has a crippling fear of heights, and gets motion sick pretty easily. He is easily pressured and often times finds himself doing something simply out of fear he'll make someone mad if he doesn't. Deep inside he's a good kid, he just doesn't have the backbone to show it.

Backstory: Alexi was born into a family of engineers. His father, owner of the Engineering Company "SeigeTech", and his mother the right hand woman. Due to this he is very well educated, and has a passion for reading and drawing. From a young age he received the best, and as such was held to high standards by his family and teachers. However, all this pressure was a burden for him as he felt like he was always screwing up and could never live up to the expectations put him. This sense of being a failure developed into an inferiority complex and his withdrawn, timid nature. It was all of that which led to him being bullied.

His classmates, whether out of jealousy or cruelty, would take every oppurtunity to belittle and physically abuse him, to the point he would come home with cuts and bruises. Due to his family's busy schedule he was often home alone, and so was unable to get help from his parents, and too afraid to say anything at school, Alexi was forced to take on the daily physical and verbal abuse, and to this day still does. Due to his parents never having time for him he has a deep seeded resentment towards them, though he doesn't know it. As far as he's concerned, he understands why they are never home and isn't mad at them for it.

Dream Ability: Electricity Manipulation

Dream Companion: Zap

Companion's Appearance: A blue ball of sparking light with a white swirl in the middle. It prefers it's human form though, a boy with spiky white hair and blue eyes with a blue, lightning bolt shaped tatoo over his right eye. He wears a white t shirt over a blue unzipped hoodie and blue jeans with white sneakers.

Companion's Ability: Shapeshifting.
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一年多以前 grey_skies said…
name: Lillian Pulus

age: 15

gender: Female

appearance: short, red hair and bright green eyes, extremely pale. often wearing a t-shirt with leggings.

personality: fiery, witty, and sarcastic. has a strong facade as a strong, emotionless girl. only opens up to one or two people later on. soft and sensitive on the inside. very smart and nerdy, but likes to pretend she isn't. enjoys singing

backstory: has younger brother named Clark. parents are both alcoholics so Lillian is a motherly figure for Clark. Parents are very intense and abusive most of the time. Lillian and Clark avoid parents as much as possible. Lillian just got out of very abusive relationship, thus the reason for her facade. she's secretly constantly worried about him coming back. Considered "popular" at school.

dream ability: telepathy

dream companion: Mel

companions appearance: a small, white cube that floats and follows Lillian.

companions ability: telekinesis
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Well, while i'm still kinda awake, i might as well, lol)

"Um, Excuse me," Alexi mumbled, awkwardly walking by a small group of teachers en route to his next class. The halls were, as usual, packed with all the students trying to get to class, a bulk of them loitering around to socialize, and the familiar scent of food drifting from the Lunch Room. The blonde haired boy, as thin as he was, just stuck to the side as he made his way through the ocean of students, doing his best to keep his head down and avoid any of his bullies. Today at least, he wanted to leave without a new bruise or band-aid.
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((lol this is my first time so like yell at me if i'm bad or something))

"Lillian! Lillian, where's Jacob?" Lillian tried to not shudder at her ex boyfriends name and instinctively pulled down her sleeves to cover the scars he left. She and Jacob were the "it" couple all around the school, so word hadn't gotten around that she dumped him the other night yet. She blew the question off with a simple "around" and kept walking. Lillian didn't have to push her way through the crowd, the halls simply parted for her. "Lillian!" Lillian groaned at another nosey classmate, but turned to her little brother Clark running down the hallway to her. Waiting for him to reach her, Lillian stood with open arms to hug her little brother. She was relieved to have Clark to distract people from Jacob. Not only was Clark a good distraction from her, but he was also there for Lillian at home when their parents couldn't be.

((i'm not entirely sure if this is what you're looking for or what you want for this story, so if you want to make any changes, just let me know!))
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(You're fine, no need to change anything. That was pretty good actually...not that i'm a good judge.)

Alexi turned a corner, still keeping his head down in the event that any of his bullies found him. It wasn't an easy task, navigating the hallways of the century old building, mainly because of all the stray halls that lead to corners and detours that went nowhere. Truthfully, it was more of a very intricate maze than anything, and had he been a newer student he'd have gotten lost by now. Turning a second corner, he looked down at his watch.

Two minutes before the bell rings. I can make it, He thought with relief, before his chest was met with a fearsome shove and all the air in his lungs was forced out of his body. Falling right on his back, Alexi didn't even need to look up to know what happened. He'd been careless, and now he was going to get hurt again.

He was so stupid...

"Did'ja think you could hide, goldy?" The A familiar cocky voice asked, "Well, you thought wrong!" Before he could even try to stand up, he was stomped hard in the ribs, a shoeprint on his sweater marking him like an animal's territory. Alexi grimaced in pain, but refused to cry. He wouldn't cry today, he wouldn't-

"Gaaah!" Alexi involuntarily screamed when he was stomped on his fingers, and his bully just laughed, his entourage laughing right along with him.

"Aren't'cha even gonna fight back?" He questioned, before putting more pressure down on the blonde's hand, "What a loser!"
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((Thanks!!! but you are one to judge, you're pretty good. seriously i already love and feel awful for Alexi!!!!))

"What's up, little dude?" Lillian rubbed Clark's head as they continued to walk done the hallway, but Clark shrugged her off. Clark kept his voice low as he continued the conversation. "Mom called me last period," Clark announced in a whisper. "She was slurring her words again, but she said she wants us home as soon as possible. She wants to talk to us apparently," Clark dragged his feet on the ground and his tennis shoes squeaked almost every step. Lillian let out a small, frustrated whine. "I hate it when she does this. I really don't need more scars to have to cover up, neither do you, Clark." Clark avoided Lillian's eyes as she looked at him. "Lillian!" someone screamed angrily. Lillian tensed up, and Clark slid out from under her arm and into his class. Lillian refused to turn around at the all-too-familiar voice and tried to walk faster, but Jacob caught up to her. He gripped her hand, hard, once he reached her. He muttered through gritted teeth, "Everyone's asking me what happened to us, and i am NOT," he yanked on her arm, hard, "telling everyone that you broke up with me." Jacob tightened his grip on her hand and yanked her arm nearly out of its socket every other word to emphasize his point. Lillian gritted her teeth together to keep any whimper coming out of her mouth. "I'm telling them that I broke up with you and left you heartbroken. And if I hear you've been saying any different, well, let's just say you don't want to know what I'll do." Jacob tightened his grip on her hand even more and Lillian pressed her teeth together tighter. "Oh, and keep those scars covered. Don't want our little secret getting out," he finally let go of her hand and walked away from her, leaving her motionless in the hallway. Once Jacob was out of earshot, Lillian let out a tiny whimper and shook her hand violently before heading off to class.
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Thanks to you too! I was trying to make him the sympathetic victim, and even i feel bad for Alexi now...

...But i'm still gonna make it worse.)

"Stop! Please, just stop!" Alexi cried, vision blurring with tears that were threatening to fall. Why was it always him? What did he do to deserve any of this? "I'm sorry, please!" He never hurt anyone or said anything wrong, he never acted out of line. "Aaaaaagh!" He never looked at anyone the wrong way, never got bad grades or detentions. "It hurts!" So why, why was he the one everybody hated so much? Why was he the one they chose to pick on, day after day?

"That's right goldy, keep screaming! Nobody's here to save you!" The bully shouted, stomping harder on his hand, smiling sadistically. And he was right. They were in one of those corner halls where few students ever went, and those that did weren't about to mess with a bully, especially not for a weakling like himself. "Just cry for us goldy, go ahead! I can see the tears in your eyes, so cry!" Alexi squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head furiously. He promised himself he wouldn't cry, and he wasn't going to go back on that promise. He wouldn't cry, he wouldn't cry, he wouldn't cry....

"I said CRY!" The bully punched him hard in the gut, and Alexi had to bite his lip to keep from screaming. He wouldn't cry, he wouldn't cry, he wouldn't cry..."Cry goldy! Stop holding back!" Another punch, this time in the jaw. Alexi still remained quiet, his free hand clenched so tight into a fist that his fingernails were digging into his palm. He wouldn't cry, he wouldn't cry...."JUST CRY ALREADY!" The bully raised his foot into the air, and Alexi's heart skipped a beat when he saw the bottom of the shoe, hovering directly above his face.

And then there was a flash of light.
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((Yeah, that's working veryyyyyyy well, you're seriously a really great writer, i nearly cried reading that good god))

Clark was standing outside Lillian's classroom when the final bell rang. Lillian just muttered a simple "let's go" before walking out of the building with Clark right behind her. They walked home every day, as walking would take longer to get home than the bus. Lillian and Clark walked home in silence.

The front door creaked open loudly when Lillian and Clark arrived. They were welcomed by the sound of glass set down clumsily on the kitchen counter. "Oh, it's Lillian and Clark" their mother stuttered from the kitchen. "Clark, go upstairs," Lillian hissed at her brother low enough so their mother couldn't hear. Clark gladly listened for once and darted up the stairs. Lillian reluctantly walked into the kitchen to find her mother. She was shocked to find her mother and father there. Her mother walked past Lillian and headed to the bathroom. Lillian nearly choked on the smell of alcohol emitting off of her mother. "Why are you home so late?" Lillian's father snapped at her. "I had to finish up a test," she lied. "Oh," her father drew out as he stood up. He crossed the kitchen until he stood directly in front of her. "A test, I see," her father slurred his words so much they were hard to make out. Before Lillian could realize, his hands were reaching out towards her. She felt strong pressure on her shoulders and was pushed back into the wall, hard by her father. The contact between her and the wall caused the shelf above her head fall. Lillian fell to the ground once the wooden plank of the shelf hit her. The last she saw was her father walking towards her before it was all dark.
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Lol thanks, i tried my best. And Lillian's parents got my vote for "Worst parents of the year". Like, jeez, dropping shelves on your kid's head? That's pretty bad.)

Alexi kept his eyes shut, bracing himself for the taste of rubber from the shoe and the pain that would accompany it. He was already thinking up an excuse for it, assuming he saw his parents today. Maybe he'd fallen down the stairs and happened to land right where someone was walking, or maybe he was in Gym Class and someone had kicked a soccer ball so hard their shoe flew off and hit him in the face, or maybe-

"Uh, what are you doing?" A voice asked awkwardly, a voice Alexi didn't recognize. Opening his eyes, the blonde found himself...somewhere else. Gone were the walls and lockers and cheesy inspirational posters of the school. Now he found that in every direction was an endless, swirling abyss of colors. There was no sky, no left, no right...

"Where am i?" He asked, before looking down to see...

....A cloud?

"Aaaaaaaaaah!" Alexi screamed, turning pale and jumping to his feet, "I'm dead! I'm dead aren't i? That bully murdered me and now i'm dead!" The boy whom the voice belonged to watched with a raised brow as Alexi had his panic attack. "I'm standing on a cloud! A literal cloud! Clouds are made of condensed water vapor and therfore not solid! So how am i standing on one? Where's the sky? What's happening? I have to be dead-"

"CALM DOWN!" The other boy shouted, causing Alexi to pause. "You're in Innertia, you're not dead!" Alexi looked around again, quiet for a good five minutes, before raising an eyebrow.

一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((Thanks, i tried to make them seem pretty bad so lol guess it worked then. So are Alexi and Lillian going to like interact with each other?))

Lillian's eyes gently fluttered open. She was waiting for her horrible headache she knew all too well and was hoping she wouldn't have to pull splinters out of her head. She stayed laying down for awhile before trying to push herself up. Once she did, she was shocked that there was no pain following. She looked down at where her head was laying to see if any pieces of wood came out of her head while she was out. She found no wood, but instead a cotton-ball looking surface had replaced the kitchen floor.

"W-what?" Lillian whispered to no one but herself. She heard a faint, high-pitched giggle. Lillian looked up to see a white cube floating near her. Floating?

"You're in Innertia!" The cube must've said, as no one else was around.

"Yeah, sure okay what is that?" Lillian bit back. The cube only giggled again. "What in the world is Innertia?"
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Will they interact, you ask?.....

....Well, about that....)

"What's Innertia?" Alexi questioned, for the time being deciding to ignore the scientific impossibility of this entire situation, and instead listen and hopefully learn something. The other boy ran his fingers through his wild white mane of hair, scratching his head a bit, before answering.

"Innertia is-actually, hold on a second," The boy's electric blue eyes looked around the area a bit, before focusing once again on Alexi, "No really, hold on." Alexi blinked, awkwardly grabbing the sides of the cloud before raising a brow. He didn't like where this was going...

"Why do i need to hold oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" His question morphed into a terrified scream as the cloud blasted off like a rocket, nearly throwing him off. He could feel the nausea coming in now...

The cloud came to an abrupt stop, and Alexi fell face first into the puffy white thing he was sure was not a cloud, his skin seeming to turn blue with sickness. "Ugh....you could've warned me...this thing moved...." He groaned, and the other boy shrugged.

"Well i said hold on, didn't i? 'Sides, you shouldn't be such a baby about flying on clouds, tough guy." Alexi sent him a weak glare.

"It's...called....motion sickness...." He struggled out, rising to a sitting position. Before he could say anyghing more, Alexi realized there was now another person in the weird, rainbow colored endless void. A girl, to be specific. Immediately turning red in the face, Alexi started sweating bullets. "G....Girl!" He squeaked.
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((ha, nice, good god why is Alexi so awkwardly adorable I can't handle it))

"Ooh, yay! A friend for you!" The melodic words drifted from the cube to Lillian's ears. Lillian, still sitting on the cotton surface, looked over her shoulder. She hoped with all her heart that it would be Clark, but she found a scrawny, nerdy-looking kid who was red in the face staring at her. Alongside him was another boy with hair as white as snow.

"What is this?" Lillian looked back towards the box, but only a slight giggle came out.

"You're in Innertia!" The box repeated a few times, as if Lillian was supposed to understand that. Lillian looked back at the poor kid, he had barely moved an inch, if at all. Lillian let out a exasperated sigh and pushed herself up. Once she was standing, Lillian brushed off her clothes, even though there wasn't anything to brush off. She made eye contact with the boy before looking at the white-haired boy. At least he looked like he knew what he was doing. Lillian looked back once more at the cube, and asked again what this place was.

"All will be revealed shortly!" Lillian groaned at the excitement this small cube had with every statement. she looked back at the white-haired boy.

"Well, this floating cube isn't giving me answers, maybe you will. What is Innertia?"
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Lol I just gave him every inconvenient issue i could think of. Guess it worked.)

The white haired boy scratched the back of his head, as if trying to remember something from a long time ago. "Let's see...how did it go? The queen said it was like, where you human dudes go whenever you're sleepin', or somethin' like that..." He put his hands behind his head, nodding at the cube, before turning around. "Speakin' of the queen, you guys do have to get registered, so off to the palace we go!" Alexi, who'd finally started to move again, turned ghostly pale in fear.

"Uh...d-does that mean..." He trailed off, and the white haired boy just laughed.

"Hold on tight!"

"Not agaaaaaaaiiiiin!"
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((Yeah, it really did lol))

Lillian grabbed some of the cotton just in time before the spinning started. No wonder that poor kid couldn't move. Lillian felt a rush of adrenaline while the cotton floor spun at speeds faster than tornadoes. Lillian managed to lift her hand off the surface and stuck her arm out. She laughed as the force pushed her arm way back behind her. she loved this "Innertia" already, whatever it was. For a split second, Lillian stuck both arms out, but quickly brought one back down to stop herself from flying off. she looked back at the boy, he looked like he was about to throw up. She felt bad for him, he couldn't enjoy this like she was. The cotton floor gradually slowed to a stop, and Lillian was left laughing uncontrollably once they stopped. She heard the cube giggling above her. The white-haired boy even let out a chuckle.

"What is this?" Lillian was surrounded by a new landscape, a castle stood in front of them, resting on more cotton.

"Why, we're seeing the queen of Innertia!" The cube repeated the same line over and over, slowly turning it into a song.

"Going to see the queen! Going to see the queen! Going to see the queeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!" The cube sang as it floated in the direction of the castle. The cube spun a few times in the air. "Well, come on now!"
一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
((Hey Taikamodo!!! Between this and EDEN, btw your forums are making me so totally jealous! But anyway- to add a different layer to the roleplay I'm making a character who's already known about being a Dreamer for awhile if that doesn't work just let me know and I'll fix it))

Name: Cora Tobin

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Straight, long, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, slightly taller than average

Personality: She is a tough, rough-and-tumble type girl who's not afraid to speak her mind. She's brutality honest, and doesn't mind telling people what she thinks of them, even if it is rude or tactless. She's very competitive, extremely self-driven, and overall a pretty intense person. Definitely not the type of person you'd want to cross or challenge. She struggles with not acting on her emotions, which can be a fatal flaw
from time to time. When she decides to commit herself to something, or something, she's fiercely loyal.

Backstory: ((lots of detail stay with me here lol))
Cora has no idea who her parents are or where she came from. Her parents abandoned her as an infant on the side of the road, in a basket wrapped in threadbare blanket and a slip of paper that read simply "Cora" (bc I'm cliche like that lol). When she was discovered, she was taken to an orphanage and put into the foster system.
She lived under the care of George and Laura Tobin from the time she was two until she was seven. She thought they'd be her family forever, and even decided to use their last name. They even let her call them Mom and Dad. She was happy. Then one day, Laura found out she was pregnant. She and George sat Cora down and told her that since they were having a child of their own, they didn't need her anymore. Seven year old Cora cried all night, confused and scared and totally alone. She had to be pried off of George's leg and carrying into the car kicking, screaming, and crying when she was taken away the next morning.
In only a few months she was transferred to another home with three other foster kids. The couple provided them with meals and a roof over their head, but they were only in it for the money. Two years later, the husband inherited a large sum of money from a dead uncle, and the kids were sent back into the system.
Two weeks after her eleventh birthday, she was sent to live with a couple and their 15-year-old son. They'd had a daughter named Emily around her age, and the couple was looking for a replacement, their minds destroyed by grief. Over the 2 months she lived there, they called her Emily, forcing her to answer to the name. Her older "brother", became obusive, something she shockingly ended up thankful for when an incident that left her hospitalized eventually lead to her removal from their care.
After that, she was eventually placed with Rose Clemens, an older woman who lived alone. She was kind to Cora, and the two developed a friendship. She went to school, and tried her best to live as normal a life as she could. Later, when she turned 16, Rose would help her become emancipated and Cora would moved into an apartment to finish high school.
At only 12, she discovered she was a Dreamer. Lal showed her what she was, and guided her through the new world she would fight for. Cora finally felt like she had a home, a true home, one she could trust and depend on. Cora trained for battle against Nightmare Espers with such drive, passion, and dedication that she soon became one of the strongest Dreamers. Lorei herself later made her in charge of training the new recruits. She's held in high esteem, as she works closely with the King, and is known for pushing the recruits hard, but producing excellent soldiers.

Dream Ability: Teleportation

Dream Companion: Lal

Companion's Appearance: Golden shimmering pyramid, human form- pale skin, golden eyes and long wavy, white hair

Companion's Ability: Phasing

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一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
((Ugh I'm super sick and I was going to wait until tomorrow to put the final touches on this and post it but now the storm is keeping me awake so there wasn't much else I could do than just miserably wait it out. Have I mentioned how I hate being sick, lol? Also sorry it's so long, I understand if you just skimmed it haha))
一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
"The boy and the girl, they will be here soon?" Cora asked Lorei, expectantly. She held her hands folded behind her, resting in the small of her back, and stood tall and readily at the right of the queen. The great Esper was seated high upon a magnificent, ornate throne, it's beauty of nothing seen on Earth. "Patience, Cora, patience. They will come." The queen replied. Her voice was kind, but she maintained a certain order to her assurance. Cora looked straight forward, waiting to see her two new recruits. She wondered how they would react. She anticipated a large amount shock and disbelief, naturally, but hoped not to have to put up with another full blown panic attack. She hated doing that.
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一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(That cube has no chill, lol. "Going to see the queeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!")

(Yoooo! Wazzup Firebird? I don't mind at all, welcome to the RP! Also, yeah, being sick is the worst. It only rained a bit over here though, no storm.)

"Queen of Dreamcast," The white haired boy corrected, "But more or less, yeah. We gotta see the queen, so let's get going." Alexi, who at this point resembled a lifeless doll, weakly got up and followed him off the cloud, legs wobbling the whole time. The white haired boy sighed, shaking his head. "Is cloud riding that difficult for you?" He questioned, and Alexi came back to life just to glare at him.

"Mo....tion...sick....ness...." He huffed, though his weakened state made it sound more like a whimper.

"Yeah yeah yeah," The snowy haired boy smirked, "Whatever floats your boat, tough guy." Deciding he couldn't win an arguement with him, Alexi instead took in the scenery, the odd environment he now found himself in. The palace felt more like a large, well decorated city. There were streets and buildings and civilians busily shuffling about, just like home, but the roads seemed to shine, and the citizens of the palace all looked weird. They were all seemingly random beings that shared no characteristics with each other. From different skin to different faces to different species entirely.

Finally, after roughly ten minutes, they arrived at the actual palace-at least, Alexi thought they did. They were currently standing at the foot of a large, golden door with diamonds lining the edges, and in the middle, carved the word Lorei. It looked more expensive than everything in his house put together, and he lived in a mansion.

"Here we are," The boy announced, "Queen Lorei's palace." Seeming to remember something, the boy then added, "By the way, when we get there, call her 'King', alright? We do it when she's not around, but if you call her Queen to her face, she may or may not erase you from existence, soooo....yeah. Call her King." Alexi turned pale.

"E-Erase us?" He whimpered, now terrified to meet the Queen-no, the King.
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一年多以前 Andeh said…
Name: Maria Daniella Torres

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long dark hair, bright hazel eyes and pale skin. She's 5'5'', and has a curvy frame.

Personality: Maria has NO CHILL. None. At All. She will charge into situations impulsively and irresponsibly if she isn't properly discouraged. She is usually a kind girl, very cheery and happy, really good at convincing people about her motives to do things, mainly because her intentions are often good, but do NOT test her patience, because she has as much patience as she has chill. Do not underestimate her either. That is dangerous, because she hates it. She might seem delicate because she is so kind and sweet, but she's a freaking monster sometimes. She's also brutally honest, and the queen of all things gossip.

Backstory: Maria was born and raised in Mexico City, in the zone of Polanco, which is one of the wealthiest places in the City. As such, she grew up in a perfect little family, with both her parents and an older sister, and attended private schools and such. You could say she had a very nice childhood. Her private education and ability to travel gave her a really good english, to the point where she speaks it as if it were her mother tongue. When she was ten, her dad died in an accident, and her mom just kind of disappeared on her and her sister. She'd go to work all day, then come home, get dressed up and go drinking, so Maria and her older sister were left to the nannies.

In school, she was never actually great at making friends, basically because, as good with words and persuasion as you may be, having no chill and being brutally honest can make some kids hate your guts. During her lifetime, she has gone to about three different elementary schools, two different middle schools, and is now going through her second high school. Her mother is running out of private schools to send her to. She is currently in Miraflores, a prestigious school for girls in the neighborhood of Santa Fe.

Dream Ability: Electricity. She can make the air in a place feel crisp, as if a thunderstorm were about to start. She can also create and manipulate electricity with her body, control electric waves and sparks. She can't spawn full on lightning from the sky, but if excited, she can break a few lightbulbs.

Dream Companion: Luz

Companion's Appearance: A very frizzy ball of fluff.

Companion's Ability: it can give tiny little shocks to people, like when you touch your frizzy hair and then touch a metal bar.

 Name: Maria Daniella Torres Age: 16 Gender: Female Appearance: Long dark hair, bright hazel
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((lol i know right, the cubes super fun to write though))

((hey Firebird!!!!!!! so glad you joined!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what Cora adds!!!))

"Queen, Queen of Dreamcast, King, whatever. Why are we here?" Lillian spat at the white-haired boy angrily.

"Look out, she's an angry one!" the cube said way too enthusiastically. "Can't wait for Lorei to meet her!" Lillian groaned at the over excitement of this small cube.

"yeah, yeah. wait, what did you say about ERASING us?"

"don't get eraaaaaaaaased!" the cube chanted.

"id rather keep my existence, thank you," Lillian responded with a heavy tone of sarcasm.

The cube spun and twirled in the air as it gradually floated towards the doors of the palace. "well come on!" the cube repeated itself over and over until finally Lillian had no choice but to get up and follow it.

((hey guys, so i'm visiting my grandmother over the weekend and i'm not sure if i'll be able to post as much as usual. i'll for sure be back sunday though))
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(Welcome to the RP Andeh! So many people joining, i wasn't ready.)

(No problem grey! See ya Sunday.)

"I feel bad for you," The white haired boy chuckled at Lillian's growing irritation as the group headed up a flight of stairs, "You're gonna be dealing with Mel 24/7 soon enough. As for you, tough guy," He looked over his shoulder at Alexi, "You're gonna be stuck with me." Alexi raised a brow.

"Stuck with you? Why would i be-" He was cut off by the group stopping at yet another large door. This one was considerably less extravagant, a simple wooden door with a golden name plate reading King's Office. The white haired boy casually walked up to the door, knocking a few times.

"King Lorei, it's Zap and Mel. We've got our partners here for registration," He explained, and Alexi's brow furrowed in confusion.

Partners? He mentally questioned.

"You may enter," A woman's voice responded, and the door seemed to slowly open by itself, as if it too needed permission. Once the door fully opened, the group walked in, and the first thing Alexi noticed was the Queen's, no, King's, throne. It looked as if it were made from Diamond, with miniature, gold colored diamond shapes dotted all of it's surface. The King sat in that royal way that Alexi liked to imagine only royalty knew how, relaxed and calm, but regal at the same time. Beside her was a girl that looked a bit older than him, with brown eyes and blonde hair a few shades darker than his own. She stood fairly tall compared to him, and looked to be staring straight at them, like an Eagle watching it's prey. He personally found it a bit unnerving.

"Your highness," The white haired boy, Zap, began, bowing his head briefly. Alexi began feeling nervous again. He was....somewhere, surrounded by complete strangers and in the presence of royalty. He stiffened up, face turning a bit red and sweat building on his forehead. He suddenly longed to be back at school, back on the floor with that bully's foot hovering over him. At least he was used to that, even if he hated it. But Dream Queens? Weird alien things? No sir.

What in the world had he gotten into?
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Cora raised her head with interest as the first of her new recruits entered. A baby faced boy with curly blonde hair and freckles soon stood stiffly in front of her. He looked at her with nervous, light-green eyes, his face red and sweaty. Him? She thought with disinclination. That was the best they could do. He was followed by a very pale girl with short red hair. Her sarcastic tone had carried through the doors and Cora could tell she wasn't so enthusiastic to be here. This one seemed like she was going to be a pain in the ass. Just perfect. Whipping these to into shape was going to take patience, something Cora admittedly didn't have much of. She couldn't stop herself from allowing a small look of disdain to cross her face as her King began her welcome speech.
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(And my fourth longest Forum Post on Fanpop! Ta~da!)

"I'm sure this whole thing has been a bit overwhelming for you," The King began, hands folded neatly under her chin, "Suddenly finding yourself in a place you don't know, surrounded by people and things you've never seen before, and now being in the presence of a King." She paused, as if expecting an answer from him or the girl, but continued shortly afterward. "So first things first, allow me to explain our world, and how it connects to yours." Alexi's eyes widened a bit. So they were in a whole other world...

"This realm, where we are now, is known as the Dreamcast. It's where Espers, beings like Zap, Mel, and myself all reside. Your realm, the place you came from, is what us Espers call the Outercast." The King, whom he assumed was named Lorei based off of what Zap said earlier, opened her palm. Out of her hand came what looked like those Venn Diagrams he saw in school: Two large circles that overlapped in the middle to create a third, smaller circle between them.

"Under normal circumstances, Dreamcast and Outercast remain completely seperate. But whenever a human from Outercast sleeps," The middle circle started glowing, "Their subconscious drifts between worlds, to a place where Dreamcast and Outercast mix together. This drifting space is known as Innertia." The circles vanished into smoke, leaving only Lorei. "While in Innertia, the human subconscious is completely unprotected, leaving them to randomly drift along until they contact with an Esper; One of us. That's how your human dreams work."

Alexi's jaw dropped. This was a lot on information to process, and thus far it was completely insane! This new explanation of how Dreams work completely clashed with modern science's explanation. It turned everything he'd ever learned about the human brain's role in dreaming into a lie...But...

"Um, excuse me," Alexi meekly interrupted, "But, um, what does that have to do with us?" The King looked at him for a few seconds, before giggling.

"Good question!" She said, like one of those teachers from Elementary School that tried too hard to be nice, except she actually seemed to mean it. "You see, when the human subconscious meets an Esper, one of two things will happen; If it's a Dream Esper, like me or the ones that guided you here, the human has a harmless, peaceful, Dream. But if it's a Nightmare Esper, the human will become corrupted, and the Nightmare Esper will use the human as a gateway to Outercast, where it can then feast on all the Humans it wants. These Nightmare Espers are evil savages, and crave humans. But mortal weapons have no effect on Nightmares, and we Dream Espers can't go into the Outercast under our own power. That's where you two come in."

She paused again, snapping her fingers and creating an image of a human outline. "You two are Dreamers, humans who can freely pass between both worlds and Innertia while being wide awake. You possess powers that transcend your worldly limitations, and using those gifts, you can help protect humanity and Espers alike by helping us to defeat Nightmares that cross over into the Outercast." She reclined on her throne as she finished, wiping away the human outline, "So, what do you think? Will you join us?"

Alexi still stood there, jaw dropped in a mixture of amazement and disbelief. He was a Dreamer....he was chosen by fate to defend two worlds from human eating monsters...what was he supposed to say? How was he supposed to react to all that?

What did he do?
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Name: Astennu-Ra

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Faux Cut, right side gold, left side silver. Wears white and black clothes, with gold accents on right, silver on left. Right eye is gold, left is silver.

Personality: comedic, accepting, kind. loves making jokes but sometimes does not know when to stop. When angered he can get bitter and harsh.

Backstory: Father left when he was 5, Mother committed suicide when he was 12, he has been bouncing in the system ever since. This instilled him with the belief light attracts darkness.

Dream Ability: Solar and Lunar Magics

Dream Companion: Hoshi

Companion's Appearance: Copper stellated dodecahedron with a light blue glow.

Companion's Ability: Healing
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Dode...what? 哈哈 I literally have no idea what that is. 一年多以前
666demon commented…
^Any polyhedron with twelve flat faces 一年多以前
TAIKAMODO commented…
Oooooh....okay. 你 really do learn something new every day. 一年多以前
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((so just kidding, turns out i have wifi here so i'll still be here!))

((all these new characters are getting me so pumped))

Lillian laughed to herself as the king explained everything. The only thing preventing herself from laughing out loud was the girl sitting next to the king. She had blonde hair and brown eyes that seemed to never staring right into her soul. The cube, Mel, spun in place as the king continued, clearly very excited. Lillian has to admit that this whole Innertia thing sounded pretty cool. The king finished her speech. y asking if they've would join. The boy next to her hesitated, but Lilian was never one for thinking things through.

"i'll join you," Lillian spoke up. Mel let out a sound of excitement and joy and the king smiled at her. the girl next to the king, on the other hand, was very hard to read. Lillian just hoped she didn't sign herself up to work with a demon.
一年多以前 Hades_Shadow said…
Astennu-Ra slams the door at his new foster home. They apparently were just another family looking for a paycheck, not anyone who really wanted to have him in their home. This being his 18 birthday they are forcing him to leave after tonight, he starts packing up his few items he has, photos, small knick-knacks, money he has made working retail, his clothes he gets for free from retail, but not much to start living his own life alone. After a long day, he decided to go to sleep early, at least he could try shaking off the pain by sleeping on it, escaping into worlds of his own.
一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
((Yay!!! All hail wifi!!))

Cora smiled with satisfaction as the first girl agreed. There was also a bit of amusement in her grin as she could tell that this girl had no idea what she was really signing up for. This would be fun. Now they simply had to convince the boy to join, and Cora could begin lesson one. King Lorei never went over the whole powers thing, it would be "too overwhelming" she said. That part she left to Cora.
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((yay wifi!))

"why are you smiling like that?" Lillian couldn't help but notice the girl looking at her, partially with satisfaction, part amused, and part mischievous. Mel was still dancing in the air and singing. "and i'm stuck with this thing?" Lillian couldn't believe she was stuck with this dancing and singing cube for who knows how long. Lillian directed her attention to the king.

"Okay, i joined your army of misfit children, now what do you want?" A flash of a new unidentifiable feeling crossed the kings face, sending Lillian's stomach into knots. Momentarily, the polite smile returned back to her face.

"Cora?" the king directed her gaze to the girl next to her, clearly expecting Cora to explain whatever needed explained to them. Lillian was relieved to finally learn why they were here.
一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
Cora nodded and walked down the steps, maintaining her official persona, though she found the girl's rudeness quite annoying. "Follow me." she directed, leading them towards a door at the back of room. "You, too, Alexi." she prompted, looking back at the boy. As long as he hadn't refused, it was a yes in Cora's book.
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Our lord and savior!)

Just like that, the girl beside him joined without hesitation. Had she thought at all about everything the King had just told them? Was she the slightest bit scared, like he was? He didn't know, but he he did know that since she'd just made her decision, that meant all eyes were on him now. He had to answer, sooner or later. Would he join them? Would he help these 'Espers' defend both their world and his? On one hand, how could he decline? He was apparently a gifted human, a rare one, and protecting humanity was only the right thing to do.

But on the other hand, what could he do? He'd spent his whole life screwing up, not being good enough, dissapointing everyone that believed in him. He couldn't do anything right, so why would he be of any help against a Nightmare? He'd just get himself killed like an idiot. He couldn't join, knowing that he would die and that they would blame themselves even though it wasn't their fault he was so pathetic. So he had to say no, he had to save them the effort. He walked without saying a word, too wrapped up in thought to even realize what he was doing.

"I..." He stopped himself. But if he said no, he'd just dissapoint them, wouldn't he? He was sure they were looking forward to both of them joining, and if he backed out now, he'd just ruin it for them. What did he do? What did he say? Why did he always have to make these kinds of decisions? This wasn't fair, it wasn't fair in the slightest. "I...." He stopped again, and mentally he kicked himself. Why couldn't he answer them? Why was he such a coward? It was a simple, yes or no question....why? Why was this so hard?

He sighed deeply, closing his eyes. He needed to calm down. He needed to answer them, right now. Whatever he said, he'd just have to deal with it later, Taking a deep breath, Alexi counted down in his mind. He was going to say something in three seconds. What it would be, he didn't know. But he was going to answer...in three...two...one....

"I'll do it!"

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一年多以前 grey_skies said…
Lillian stopped in her tracks, Mel staying beside her. It took everyone a second to register that the boy could actually speak. Not only that, but he also agreed to join them. Zaps face lit up and Mel started dancing again. The kings polite smile grew bigger and more genuine than it was. The boy, apparently called Alexi, looked shocked at his own voice. The other girl, Cora, barely even turned around once he decided to join. Lillian was relieved though, she was glad to not be the only newbie to this whole "Innertia" thing. After the moment of shock was over, everyone turned to continue following Cora. Lillian dropped back in line so that she was next to Alexi.

"Smart move, Alexi. i think they'll like you." Lillian offered a small smile a time Alexi before working her way back to the front half of the group, Mel spun a few more times and followed Lillian close behind.
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(I think messing with Alexi's my new favorite thing.)

Before he could even register what he'd just done, the girl who'd readily agreed to join the Espers fell to the back of the group, giving him a quick compliment and a smile, before heading back to the front of the group. Alexi's face turned red again, and even his glasses fogged up. Zap face palmed, shaking his head at how easily the blonde got embarrassed.

"You really need to stop getting so weird whenever she talks to you dude," He whispered, "It's really uncool." Alexi sighed, head drooping.

"I know," he whispered back, "I'm just not good at talking to girls...it's nerve wracking," He admitted, sheepishly rubbing his arm.

"Just talk to her like you would anyone else, it ain't that hard, tough guy," He advised, putting his hands casually behind his head.

"I'm not good at talking to anyone else either," He adjusted his glasses a bit, "Besides, i've got more important things to do than overcome social anxiety!" The blonde boy finished, looking away from Zap and straight ahead, until he felt a shoe get planted dead center in his back, pushing him forward....

....Right into Lillian.

Stumbling backwards after falling into her, Alexi's crimson face returned, and he immediately started apologizing. "I'mssorryi'msorryi'msorry!" He sqeaked out repeatedly, while Zap doubled over in laughter.
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((okay yeah, that's pretty great lol i love alexi though))

Lillian stumbled forward a few steps after someone ran into her from behind. she heard Zap practically losing is mind behind her, and mel started giggling uncontrollably. Lillian turned around, already half laughing. She tried to contain her laughter when she turned around to see Alexi as red as ever. He started apologizing and Lillian hated to admit it to herself that his awkwardness around her was cute. He was still apologizing over and over to her and she liked it.

Lillian reached out and took Alexis hand and held it between her own. "it's really okay, Alexi, don't worry about it!" She smiled again at him before releasing his hand. She kept smiling and held his stare for a couple seconds before turning around again. She jogged back to the front half of the group again with Mel still giggling behind her. Mel floated down until she was right next to Lillian's ear

"You liiiiiiiiiiike him!" Mel whispered cheerfully.

"No i don't!" Lillian shot back. Mel made a small noise of excitement and Lillian swatted at her. Mel started giggling again until Lillian started laughing along with her. Lillian looked behind her at Alexi again, who still looked shocked at whatcha had happened. She noticed Zap still trying to contain his laughter and Lillian broke into a smile.

((oh my god messing with Alexi is really fun))
一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
The group passed through the door, and headed down the hall where Cora would show them the training room. She heard endless rounds of giggles behind her. Oh brother, whipping this sorry bunch of clowns in to shape was gonna be one hell of a ride. "Zap! Mel!" She scolded, expecting them to keep the new recruits in line. They came to a steel door, which Cora placed her right palm on. After a moment, the door swung open revealing the training room. Various weaponry lined the steel walls, and in the center of the large space there was a large glass-enclosed arena. She turned around to face the group, the door shutting again as the last one walked in.
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Lol I think he's gonna end up losing it if this keeps up.)

"I...what....uh...." Alexi mumbled, face about as red as a Fire Truck and glasses completely fogged up. His mind was blank, and the only thing he could do was walk. Zap, who was still laughing, wiped as few tears out of his eyes.

"I think you broke him," He joked, patting Alexi on the back, "Way to go dude! You're better than i thought. All you need is her number now." The blonde seemed to snap back into reality with that remark. Glaring at Zap, Alexi crossed his arms.

"I-It's not like that!" He stammered, but Zap just laughed again. Everyone was laughing, even that hyperactive cube. For a second he was reminded of school, of being embarrassed in class and everyone laughing. This felt different though, it felt good, to be surrounded by this laughter. Soon he found himself joining in on the laughter too. For once, he felt happy, surrounded by people that didn't hate or ignore him. It was almost overwhelming, really, the feeling.

....Was this what it was like to have friends?

"Zap! Mel!"

Then the scolding voice of their...trainer, brought everyone back to reality, and the group found themselves in what looked like a training room, and the door slammed shut a mere second after he stepped in. "Wh-what's all this?"
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一年多以前 Firebird06721 said…
((Lalexi <3))
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
Lillian shamefully jumped at Cora's yelling. Mel stopped giggling immediately. she whispered a small "sorry" loud enough only for Lillian to hear. This was the first time Lillian had seen Mel anything but excited, never mind upset. Lillian held out a flat hand for Mel to rest on. Mel floated down and rested on her hand gratefully. Lillian smiled at her and carried her as they continued. Lillian was relieved when after hundreds of turns and new hallways they finally reached a room. after all the turns, Lillian decided the worst thing that could happen would be getting lost in here. Lillian was taken aback by the weaponry all across the walls and floor. Lillian lifted Mel up to her mouth.

"what is this?" Lillian whispered to Mel.

"this is where you train," Mel whispered back. Mel fluttered off of Lillian's hand for a moment, and lillian was relieved to see Mel getting some of her excitement back. Lillian was shocked at herself, she never thought that she would want Mel to ben her over enthused self.

Lillian took in the scenery as Mel settled back down on her hand. Lillian met eyes with Alexi and struggled to get rid of the fluttering of her heart. Mel must have felt her pulse speed up, Mel giggled as soft as she could. Lillian smiled at Alexi before turning her attention back to Cora.
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((oh my god Taikamodo how could you add the part where he's like "is this what it's like to have friends"???? my heart died a little there i love alexi so much i can't))

((lol true though firebird, that ship name sounds really weird though))
一年多以前 Hades_Shadow said…
(( how do I join you all? ))
grey_skies commented…
((lol idk... just kinda add yourself in like 你 were there the whole time maybe??? 或者 你 could like magically appear like 嘿 with your companion and we can go from there. i have no idea actually, sorry!!)) 一年多以前
TAIKAMODO commented…
I'd say just 显示 up with your companion like, "The King sent me here". 一年多以前
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Hit ya right in the feels!)

(Lol Lalexi? I mean, sure, but that name is.....um....unusual.)
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((yeah seriously you really did, god i think im way too attached to Alexi it's not healthy lol))

((yeah it is, but i've been trying for like an hour and i can't think of a better one))
一年多以前 Hades_Shadow said…
He appears in the realm of dreams, a little star like shape is following him, "Hi! I'm Hoshi! You may not know me, but I'm here to assist you!"
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Attatched, you say...then it'd be a shame if he were to, i don't know, dissapear at some point....wouldn't it?)

(Uh....Lillexi?...Alexillian? Actually, that sounds like a Pokemon...Uhhhh...yeah, i got nothing. Ship names are hard.)

(Oh yeah, i almost forgot! There's a plot! #Bars4Dayz)

"Good night Liz," A woman whispered as she pulled up the blanket, delicately planting a kiss on her daughter's forehead. The moon's light seemed to bathe the room in a gentle glow that was almosy hypnotic, and served as the only light in the otherwise pitch black room.

"G'night Mommy," The daughter, a little girl who looked no older than seven, replied, closing her eyes with a peaceful smile. The woman watched her daughter for a few minutes, watching her small chest slowly rise and fall with every breath, before finally leaving, closing the door. For a while, all was quiet in Liz's room, save the light sound of her breathing. But then....


The girl's eyes slowly opened. "M-Mommy?" She called out, looking around the dark room expecting to see her mother's moonlit face. But nobody was there. She knew she'd heard a voice though...

Oh Lizbeth...

Liz pulled the covers over her head, fear beginning to sink into her seven year old mind. Who was calling her? What did they want? Where was Mommy, or Daddy? "Mommy?" She called out again, desperate to hear her mother's voice assure her that everything was fine.

But nobody answered her. Pulling the blanket down just below her eyes, Liz looked around again. There was nobody there...

Come out and play....

一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((oh my god i swear i will cry if he does good lord))

((okay so i don't know what that was or how to respond to that.... so what was that and maybe i'll know how to respond to it lol))
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Then i guess it's a good thing he's safe....for now.)

(The post i just did or my awful ship names? If you mean the post, that was...you know what? You'll find out soon enough. Bwuahahaha!)
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((mean!!!! i'm gonna flip if he dies or doesn't come back just saying))

((also mean!! yeah lol i'm really confused on that but as long as i'll find out then oh well))
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(You'll flip?...Might wanna get stretching then, i hear gymnastics are pretty hard. Especially when mourning the hypothetical death of people named Alexi.)

(Oh, you'll find out...everyone will...it's only a matter of time.)
一年多以前 grey_skies said…
((yep i'm also gonna die if alexi dies just so you're aware))

((great, can't wait. alright i'm severely bored so lol i'm gonna mess with alexi some more before he DISAPPEARS))

Mel lifted herself off of Lillian's hand and floated a few inches above her head. Lillian looked back over at Alexi.

"oooooooooooh someone has a cruuuuuuuuuuuush!" Mel whispered to Lillian. Lillian reached up and swatted at Mel playfully before working her way silently over to Alexi. He didn't seem to notice her, even when she was right next to him.

"Hey, Alexi," she whispered to him. She directed her gaze to the arena in her center. "what do you think they want us to do in there?" she flicked her head towards the direction of the arena. "kill each other? I'd rather not kill anyone, especially not you," Lillian finished. She finally met Alexis eyes and smiled at him once more before heading back over to where she was. Once she returned, Mel floated down to Lillian's ear.

"You're killing him, you know that right?" Mel giggled between words.

"i know, but it's cute, i like it," Lillian bit back a smile.

"you mean you like hiiiiiiiiiim!" Mel corrected. Lillian only smiled at the ground, swatting at Mel some more.
一年多以前 Hades_Shadow said…
(( ok what do I do next? ))
grey_skies commented…
((good question. i'd say just have your characters come into the "training room" 或者 whatever it is and be like sorry we're late, just got registered 或者 something along those lines and 加入 right in!)) 一年多以前
TAIKAMODO commented…
What skies said, 更多 或者 less. 你 were late. 一年多以前
一年多以前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Everyone can't die though, that'd be depressing. Besides, i never said Alexi was gonna die....

....Or that he'd live.)

(Oh, he won't disapper...yet.)

Alexi allowed his eyes to wander the room, taking in the dark and aged walls, the wooden posts that were littered with cuts of varying size and shape, and the numerous weapons, dangling from the walls like Kitchen Knives. He gulped a little bit. Hadn't Lorei mentioned tradition weaponry being ineffective against Nightmares? Were these weapons special somehow? What were they going to do with them? Question after question ran through his mind, but he had no answers. He hadn't had any answerd since he'd woke up in this crazy Dream Land.

"Hey, Alexi,"

A whisper calling his name drew his attention away from the walls. Lillian had gotten right next to him, without him knowing. Once she finished speaking and walked off, the blonde turned strawberry red for what felt like the hundreth time that day, eyes widening a bit. "I-i'm sure...we're not killing each other," He mumbled, trying to keep himself calm. Zap held back a laugh at the blonde's awkwardness. It was pretty funny.

The snowy haired boy looked around the room much like Alexi didm taking in all the details. He had never been in the Training Room with Cora before, but he'd heard the rumors from other Espers. Apparently things could get pretty scary if Cora was in a foul mood, he knew that firsthand from his pranking days. But when she was an angry trainer rather than just an angry girl...He shuddered.
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