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"I don't like trains." Noah complained

"Me niether" McKinley responded. The train came to a stop. They had just come 首页 from 圣诞节 vacation. McKinley and Hunter hadn't seen eachother in what was soon to be, two years.

Hogwarts was rainy. There was a dark 云, 云计算 draped over it. It was ten at night, the air was black. "Hey" Noah's voice was shaken, she wasn't sure if it was because of the cold, 或者 if he was nervous about something.

"Hey" McKinley realized she was nervous to. She took his arm, and they went for a walk. "Are 你 alright?" she asked concerned. It began to rain, she put her arms...
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posted by foopetsrule
Ron was Facedown in the 枕头 when Hedwig appeared on his windowsill. "What do 你 want?" he groaned miserably. The bird, now tired and hungry, flew over to Ron and started pecking at his back. "Stop!" he demanded "Go away!" the owl would not leave. Finally, Ron flipped over and enacted the letter from the ground and set Hedwig on his way. Ron was so surprised 由 Harry's letter that he had to sit down. "dammit Harry!" Ron cursed.

Two weeks alone with Hermione was going to be tough. Her nagging, studying, and lectures. Why was he attracted to her? Ron wondered. Was it because she was a challenge,...
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