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“Why did 你 lie to me?” Cas asked Daphne, in front of all the guests. She gasped and swallowed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” she 说 nervous.
Andy, one of Daphne and Zoey’s younger cousins, threw his arm around Cas’ shoulder. “Emmanuel, dude, we have to discuss a few things”
He pulled Cas along with him and a few guys of Andy’s age followed them.
“I asked Daphne a question. It was very impolite to take me away before she answered” Cas 说 a little irritated.
“She did answer, alright? She 说 she doesn’t know what you’re talking about” Andy replied....
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When Cas and Zoey finally came downstairs 更多 guests had arrived. And among the guests there was a four 年 old girl. She had blonde, wavy hair, green eyes, chubby cheeks and thin lips. She ran towards Zoey and Zoey lifted her in her arms.
“There 你 are, Poppy” Zoey said.
“Mommy” the girl squeaked, squeezing her chubby arms tightly around Zoey’s neck, suffocating her.
“Is that Alexia?” Cas asked. Zoey nodded and put her daughter on her own feet. “Say hi to Emmanuel, sweetie”
Alexia reached out her hand and smiled. “Hello, Emmanuel”
Cas accepted the tiny hand and Alexia...
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cruel intentions
Cas and Zoey carried the luggage upstairs to the spare room, which was across Daphne’s room. Zoey put down the luggage and threw herself on the bed. Cas stared at her, unsure whether he should stay 或者 leave.
“Come here” Zoey 说 and she tapped on the bed.
Cas slowly walked to the 床, 床上 and sat down, looking as if he was sitting on needles.
“You really need to stop looking like that” Zoey said. “I won’t bite. And besides, you’re the one with the super strength and the magic fingers” She looked at him. “Daphne told me what 你 did. 你 saved her life and mine. I owe 你 an...
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Two weeks later

Daphne was in the shower, Zoey was out and Cas was sitting at the breakfast 表 when the 钟, 贝尔 rang. Still in his dressing-gown and bare feet he opened the door and stared at two older people. The man had grey hair, a big nose, brown eyes and chubby cheeks. The woman had 板栗 hair, but that wasn’t her natural color. She had green eyes, a sharp face and thin lips.
“Are 你 going to let us in?” the man said. His wife was a little too shocked 由 the fact that Cas wasn’t dressed yet.
“I can’t let strangers in” Cas said.
“Those are my parents, moron” Zoey said....
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“Where’s Zoey?” was the first thing Daphne asked.
“She’s at the hospital” a nurse said. “She’ll be alright, but 你 need to go too, for a checkup”
Daphne shook her head. “I feel fine” she mumbled. She looked down and realized she was naked under the sheet. She looked helpless at Cas. He wrapped the sheet around Daphne’s body like a dress and lifted her in his arms.
The crowd parted when he came their way and walked past them.
Twelve 秒 later they were home. The door was still open and Cas carried Daphne over the doorstep. He carried her upstairs to the third room...
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For the third time that 日 someone was ringing the bell. Cas walked in the hallway and stared at the door. “Daphne and Zoey are not here. Maybe 你 should come back at a 更多 appropriate time”
“Emmanuel, open the door”
It was Meg and she sounded scared to death. Cas quickly opened the door and looked at a terrified Meg. Before he could ask what was going on she threw herself in his arms and started crying. Cas, not knowing what else to do, tapped her on her back.
“This feels rather uncomfortable” Cas 说 difficult. “Perhaps 你 could let go of me?”
Meg let go and took a step...
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Zoey was driving on Front Street. They were almost home. Daphne hadn’t 说 a word during the entire ride. Not because she was still angry, but her migraine had gotten worse.
“Can 你 give me one of those muffins? I’m hungry” Zoey said.
“How, for the 爱情 of God, can 你 be thinking of 食物 right now?” Daphne mumbled and with her eyes closed she searched for the box.
“You’re going to have to take a peek, I put it on the backseat” Zoey said.
Daphne groaned and opened her eyes. She turned around on her 座位 and lifted the box from the backseat. She opened it and lay it on Zoey’s...
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Daphne and Zoey were drinking coffee in Starbucks, at 62 Founders Parkway. Daphne had ordered some 甜甜圈 with it. Taking your own snacks was against the rules of the house, so they had left the box in the car.
“You’re going to eat those?” Zoey asked, nodding at the donuts.
“No, I’m going to take them to Mrs. Fueller and shove them up her big, fat butt” Daphne 说 angry.
“Well, that would be a waste” Zoey said.
Daphne rubbed her eyes. “I’m not feeling very well. I think I’m getting a migraine” she said.
“You want to go home?” Zoey asked.
Daphne nodded. “Yeah,...
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Someone knocked the door and Cas jumped up. He wasn’t supposed to let strangers in. But the person outside kept knocking and ringing, so Cas shuffled the hallway in.
“Who’s there?” he asked.
“It’s me, Meg” the person outside said. “From across the street? I brought 你 a plate with muffins earlier”
The door opened.
“I know you” Cas said. “You’re not a stranger, 你 can come in”
“Thank you” Meg 说 sweet and she smiled as he let her pass. She entered the sitting room and turned around. “Okay, confession, I waited until your girlfriend left before I came up...
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Daphne parked her car at 309 Jerry 街, 街道 Suite 202. She and Zoey, who was carrying the box, stepped out of the car and walked towards a building with the name ‘Hope’s Promise’ on it. As they were walking an older woman came their way.
“Daphne, how lovely it is to see 你 again. The children have missed you” she 说 and she lay her hand on Daphne’s cheek.
“Not as much as I missed them” Daphne smiled.
“Zoey, how are you, my dear?” the woman asked, taking Zoey’s hands in hers.
“Oh, well 你 know, trying to save my soul from eternal doom” Zoey replied sarcastic.
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Two hours later Daphne was baking cookies, while Cas was staring at the screen of Daphne’s laptop.
“How do I turn it on?” he asked careful; Zoey was in the room. She walked towards him and pointed at the start button. “This button” she 说 polite. She was still shaking from Cas’ last move. She’d had no idea he could be that strong.
“Thank you” Cas said. He looked up with 小狗 eyes. “Is your shoulder still hurting?”
“I’ll live” Zoey 说 soft.
“It was not my intention to cause 你 pain. My first priority was protecting Daphne” Cas explained.
Zoey raised her...
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Cas and Daphne were sitting on the couch, when Zoey came in. Cas quickly looked up, but Daphne kept her eyes on the 照片 album, lying on her lap.
“I see 你 two are talking again” Zoey 说 and she sounded a little disappointed.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Daphne mumbled. She lifted her head and gave Cas a 吻乐队(Kiss) on the cheek.
“I saw Shannen in the bakery today” Zoey said. “She’s my daughter’s babysitter, FYI” she 说 to Cas.
“Okay” Cas said. He always felt uncomfortable in Zoey’s presence.
“You’ll get to see her soon” Daphne smiled. “You’re...
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Zoey walked into a bakery and put down a pile of flyers on the desk.
“Do 你 know this man?” a customer read. It was a teenage girl. She looked up. “No, I do not. Is he a convict? 或者 is he missing?”
“He’s not missing” Zoey said. “He lives in my house. And as far as being a convict, let’s say it’s still undecided”
“Who is he?” the girl asked. She picked up a flyer. “Mind if I take one of these?”
Zoey shook her head. “Maybe 你 could help”
“Sure, anything 你 want” the girl 说 and she and Zoey left the bakery.
“Thanks” Zoey said.
“You haven’t answered...
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One week later.

Cas, Daphne and Zoey were sitting in the 厨房 having breakfast. Cas still hadn’t learn how to use a fork and a 刀 and so again he was eating with his fingers. Zoey sighed irritated and pulled Cas’ plate to her. She grabbed her own fork and 刀 and cut his egg into pieces. She then aggressively shoved his plate back.
“See how it’s done?” she asked disdainful. Cas looked down at his plate.
“Can’t 你 try and be nice?” Daphne said. Zoey looked at Daphne. “What? The guy’s a total idiot. It’s annoying”
Daphne rotated her head to Cas and smiled. “How’s...
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Jack walked the steps to his front door and opened it. As he hung his 涂层, 外套 on the 涂层, 外套 rack he shouted: “Darling, I’m home!”
His wife didn’t respond, but there were noises in the kitchen, so he assumed she was cooking 晚餐 for him. That was one of the things that made her so amazing. No matter what time he came 首页 from work, she would always prepare him a fresh meal. And in return he would flirt with every woman he came across. She really deserved better.
“You know that guy I had to interrogate, the one in the hospital?” he said. “There’s something really off about him....
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Jack was putting on his 涂层, 外套 when his phone buzzed. He took him out of his pocket and smirked when Zoey’s name appeared on the screen.
“Miss Allen, I’m just finishing up here and then I’m going straight home, so that drink you’re dying to have with me, it’s going to have to wait”
“Check her 脸谱 profile” Zoey said.
“What?” Jack asked distracted.
“She 发布 some pictures of her and Emmanuel on her 脸谱 page” Zoey explained. “You can cut her out of it and scan the photo. See what 你 come up with”
“Are 你 still there?” she asked slowly.
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Daphne was cooking 晚餐 and Cas was putting the table. He was doing it with so much caution it made Daphne giggle. He looked at her and frowned. “What? Am I doing it wrong?” he asked concerned.
“No, honey, but it’s called putting the table. 你 don’t have to put so much effort to it”
The door opened and Zoey walked down. She raised her hand. “Wait…Just hear me out” she said. “I’m sorry. I totally overreacted. I didn’t mean to be such a bitch. It’s just that I’m worried. I’m trying to look out for my little sister”
Daphne smirked. “And I 爱情 你 so much for...
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“He’s a cop, Zoey!” Daphne exclaimed. “What else do 你 need?”
“I’m sorry, D, I wasn’t thinking” Zoey said.
Cas was sitting at the 厨房 表 watching Daphne and Zoey arguing.
“Perhaps it might be better if I would find another place to stay” he suggested. Zoey rotated her head to him.
“Finally something smart coming out of your mouth” she said. “You know what? Get up, I’ll drive 你 myself”
Cas stood up, but Daphne walked to him and pushed him on the chair again.
“You’re not going anywhere” she 说 sharp.
Zoey took a deep breath. “Maybe we should...
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Zoey was walking down the 食物 department in the 超级市场, 超市 when she collided to someone.
“I’m sorry” the man apologized. He squeezed his eyes. “Zoey? Zoey Allen, is that you?”
Zoey rolled her eyes. “That has got to be the worst pick up line ever” she 说 disdainful.
“You don’t recognize me?” the man asked.
“Of course I recognize you” Zoey 说 contemptuously, while she threw some 食物 cans in her cart. “I’d recognize your dumbass face even if it were covered in…well, I’m sure 你 can think of something” She pushed her 大车, 购物车 forward, hoping this would be the...
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