Psych 最喜爱的 Recurring Character (appearing 更多 then once) - 评论 if 你 want me to add someone.

Pick one:
Cybill Shepherd as Madeleine Spencer
Kurt Fuller as Woody the Coroner
Rachael Leigh Cook as Abigail Lytar
射线, 雷 Wise as Father Westley
Cary Elwes as Pierre Despereaux
Ally Sheedy as Mr. Yang
Ed Lauter as Deputy Commissioner Ed Dykstra
Jimmi Simpson as Mary
Phylicia Rashad as Mrs. Guster
Sarah Edmondson as Gina
Nestor Carbonell as Declan Rand
Peter Oldring as Corporal Robert Mackintosh
Jerry Shea as Ken
 carly-hope posted 一年多以前
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