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This Prodigy (Mindless Behavior) 照片 might contain 太阳镜, 墨镜, 色调, and 深色眼镜.

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i hav on skinny jeans n a red 意大利面 strap tank top. Prodigy has on jeans n a blue tshirt. me n Prodigy r @ da 电影院 movies, for a date. hes takin me a horror movie, n im expectin 2 go c a romantic comedy. we get 2 da movies. but i wasnt payin attention wen he got da tickets.

Prodigy: 2 adults please

*we go in*

Prodigy: 1 large popcorn. wat u want 2 drink?

Me: pepsi

Prodigy: good choice. 1 large pepsi as well. thanks.

*we walk in da movie*

Me: hold on.

Prodigy: wats wrong.

Me: i thought we was cummin to see a romantic comedy 或者 something.

Prodigy: nooo we came to c candyman, unless u scared....
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Mindless Behavior’s Princeton, Roc Royal, 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 and Prodigy are basically the cutest teens in Tinseltown. But despite their fame and fortune, they still get giddy over 由 Hollywood’s hottest ladies. caught up exclusively with the teen boppers and learned exactly who these ladies are! “Nicki Minaj , it’s her confidence and she’s very independent. I like that about a woman,” Princeton told us. “I have to say Nicki, 蕾哈娜 and Amber Rose,” 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 said.

And these boys are definitely look for 爱情 — even if it’s not with Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies. “She has to have her own sense of style and has to be legit and 爱情 me for me,” Prodigy told us. So cute! What do 你 think, HollywoodLifers? Who is your 最喜爱的 celebrity crush? Tell us!