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This Prodigy (Mindless Behavior) 照片 might contain 太阳镜, 墨镜, 色调, and 深色眼镜.

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 he is romantic
he is romantic
i have a feeling that i will invite oine -Direction to my 16th birthday partty wich will be awesome!
i think they are the hottest boy band that i have ever seen Harry Styles is the most hottest singer in the world because he has my hair on his head.
i have dreams that are romantic because he touches my lips with his lips and then he french kisses me wich makes me feel good but also he takes his 衬衫 and pants off and i can make him mone all over because he makes me steam like hot boiling water. he might be naked tonight on my door step
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Name:craig Johnson aka prodigy
Birthday:December 26 1996
Astrological sign:Capricorn
Fav movie:karate kid circa 2010
Fav color:red
Fav food:chicken fingers&fries
Influences:Michael Jackson; usher; and Justin Timberlake
Fav song:dueces 由 Chris brown
What maked prodigy mindless:individual style and positive energy
Luvs 2 eat
Fav candy:reeses
Luvs 2 sing and dance
He iz the lead singer of the amazing group <3 mindless behavior<3
Prod iz 15 yrs.old
He Luvs 2 go go -cart riding during his free time
He iz sexiest boy alive and prodigy i luv u 2 with all my 心 and nothin in this world tht will eva change dat
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