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 what Anna was wearing
what Anna was wearing
Shaniah:u wanna go shopping AJ
Anna:umm yea
Shaniah:u got money
Anna:lets see i have 700 from the money my mom gave me and i got 20000 in the bank
Shaniah:u rich gurl
Anna:i gotta spend it wiseley and i gotta go get a job
Anna:how much 你 got
Shaniah:umm lets see*opens her purse*about 800
Shaniah:Aidan 你 got any
Aidan:ummmmm *looks in his wallet*uhhhh 2400
Shaniah:how u got 更多 money than me
Aidan:ma mom gave me money when i left
Shaniah:so lets hit the road

In The Mall..........
They see girls running and screaming

Shaniah:whats going on
Anna: I really dont wanna know
Shaniah:oh come on *pulling her *...
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Ok when we all got sick so we had 2stay 首页 it was just us girlz who was sick so daddy and Kameron had to take care of us
Me:Kam can u get my ipad plzz
Kam:yes I will(got my ipad and gave it to me) here. Kylee
Me :thnx
Kam:no prob sis
2 hours later
Girlz:we feel alot better
Kiara:yall want to go out to the movies
We went to the 电影院 to see ted
us: that movie was hilarious
prod:yall want to go out to eat
Ray:how bout 塔科, 炸玉米饼 bell
Us:nnooo ray
Ray:fiine what about Friday's
we went to Friday's to eat and then went home
kylee:that was so good
Cutttttttt. Sorry it's. So sbort
posted by Kekeisoscool143
Mom:girl watch yo mouth
Kayana:srry ma
Keke was wearing,link
Me and Kiara was wearing,link
Kylee:damn we look hot
Kylee:so yall ready 2 dance
We danced 2,link boys didn`t do it
Boys did,link
Kylee:we did good
1 小时 laterlink
We had on,
posted by Kekeisoscool143
Look yall we are not going to be omg girlz no 更多 ok
Me and paris are twins as,Me as Kylee and Paris as Kiara
And then a older sister @ Mb_rules is going to be Keke,then our younger sister is @avanzant12is Keyaria,moms names Kyesha dad name Kyle brother Kameron, Lil sis Kayana
Me and paris look like,link
Keke look like,link
Kyaria look like,link
Kyesha look like,link
now to the story
Keke:Ky wake up
Keke:Ky wake the heck up now
Ky:why the heck 你 have to yell and 草莓 get up
That`s what we call her cause she got red hair
Kiara:i`m up Bubblegum
they call me that cause i got...
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posted by mindlesskeke16
in epi 3 jj 说 she thinks she still likes diggy and princeton does too
Alley:you think 你 still like diggy
JJ:he just look so cute
Janiya:listen do not like him no more
Prince do 你 think jj still likes diggy
Roc:whats rong with prince
Prod:he think jj still likes jj
Ray:can we get some tacos
ProdandRocandPrince:it is no time for no f******* tacos.
Ray:i was just asking
Ray:wats wrong with prince
Roc:he think jj still like diggy

Prince:do 你 still like Diggy
JJ:no (she kisses prince)
Prince:thanks for telling me sexy
JJ: ur welcom
prod:are we ever going to sit down to eat...
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posted by princetonwife50
 4 cutest boyz alive
4 cutest boyz alive
im getting sick and tired of people going around saying mindless behavior is gay. well guess what THEYRE NOT. i bet if i asked u to give me one reason why u think that u would proabaly say oh cause they sing but i bet u go and listen to justin bieber sing all day. well heres a newz flash JUSTIN BIEBER ISNT THAT BIG ANYMORE. mindless behavior put him on the bottom like #15 on the best male singer. alright i know some of yall may feel offended but im getting tired of yall calling my boyz gay cause they 100% straight and they alwayz have been so get yo factz straight. so the 下一个 time u wanna call my boyz gay u might wanna go to youtobe and type in MINDLESS BEHAVIOR TAKEOVER 或者 MB TAKEOVER AND SEE WHOS GAY NOW!!!
posted by ajmindless
So last time i wrote the girls had detention for skipping dance n the boyz were gettin freaky
Sasha has to come to detention 2 (bummer)

So Detention.....

Outifts: link

MF(Mr Fitz):oh heyyy
MF:would u mind telling me why yall were absent
Jessie: none of yo business
MF: ok yall here till noon
Sasha:but its 7 am
Kim:u cant do us that
MF: yes i can later if yall need me im in room 5

Jess gets out her phone n starts listening to music
Kim starts drawing on a notebook
Sash explores the place


Detention over bla bla bla

Sasha: jess im hungry
Jess:what u want to eat
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 Juss nastiee
Juss nastiee
Nellie & Diggy
Diggy:Sorry if i led 你 in the wrong way
Nellie:You okay i dont mind
Diggy:You dont mind
Digg pov:
She mine she just got locked up
pov over
Diggy:So (Touching nellie)
Nellie:?? whatcha doing
Diggy:Nothing, Want me to 显示 you
Nellie:Okay?? Shure
*Diggy takes off his shirt*
Nellie: O.O
Diggy:You okay sweetheart ?
Nellie:Yeah juss shocked, 你 说 when 你 get to know me better
Diggy:I think i know 你 enough
*Nellie phones rings*
Bri:Nellie why 你 aint here
*Diggy takes off nellie shirt*
Nellie:Imma have to call 你 later
Me:Ayee give me the phone... Nellie dont be...
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after we left the store we were packing because we were going back to my house.
" 嘿 do these panties belong to??? ?asked princeton
i snatched them out of his hand and stuffed it into my suit case
he smiled
" shut up i have seen ur drawls and trust me they r pretty small for a 15 years old!!!" i said
t-t was just quietly packing her things probably thinking about roc
或者 about kill miranda his new gf.
" soooo t-t u alright??" asked princeton
" yeah roc can go...
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posted by MindlessSwagged
O....k...... Here goes

I get 首页 but da door is wide open.......
???:i told u I was Cummin
Me:ray 射线, 雷 get out of my damn house
Ray:hell no u gone gimme some
Me:ova my dead 屁股 body
Ray:yea the fuck u r

He starts running towards me I tried to get out da door but 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 hit me n I fell.......

Ray:*drags me upstairs*
Ray:no I 爱情 you

I tried to grab my phone n call roc it was on speaker in it called roc he answered I screamed help..........

Roc:Oh no 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 there we gotta go
Roc:uhh hello lets go
Guys:oh yeah

Ray 射线, 雷 starts to take...
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" what do u mean??? u dont have to go u can ditch that afro puffed idiot prrrrinceton" he said
" what!!!?? he is no afro puffed idiot!!!! he is the bestest man in the whole world i am not gonna let u talk about my man like dat so u need to get urself together!!! jerk!!!" i explained
" chill out jenny" he said
" dont call me that!!!!! my name aint jenny its jenet!!!stupid head!!!" i said
" well i am gonna call u jenny and ur gonna call me big papa" 说 diggy
" no i am gonna call u bye cause i'm leaven" i said
i got up from the bench but then i felt a
tight grip on my arm . i was pulled back...
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posted by princetonwife50
mindless behavior
this 文章 is for all the bieber 粉丝 out there. i know there has to be over 1000 of them.some people dont even know mindless behavior cause they still stuck on justin bieber. i get so mad cause i be like justin bieber aint horrible but he aint all that no 更多 he used to but now these way cuter,hotter,better singer boys came and walked on this planet and took justin biebers place. 你 would be a stupid fool if still have the bieber fever.ok now lets go into the serious mode. are u a teenage gurl that still has the bieber fever well i janae perez has found a cure. if u wanna get rid of bieber...
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posted by geekygirl1999
hiii guys long time since i made story but im bored as fuck nd i have been REALLY busy but here u gooooooooooooooooo

yn pov
sooooo im yn i am 15 nd i live in new jersey yea 婊子, 子 ima wide girl i do wat i want when i want anywhore my mom is getting married nd guess wat??? where moving to L.A yay!!! -_______- no i dont want to go i want to stay wit my niggas but my mom is making me go nd now i have a new step bro thats like 16 ughhhh grate another dick head to leave with but ohhh well time to get ready to go i take a 淋浴 nd all that bullshit nd put this on link nd walk down stairs
end of pov

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 My outfit
My outfit
THE 下一个 DAII...............

I woke up and turn to see Princeton but he was there instead there was a note on his 枕头 i opened it to find this:
I got up went into the bathroom and freshened up and put on my outfit for the daii and went downstairs to find Roc knocked out i threw a 枕头 at his face and he woke up
Roc: why yu did tht
Me: wake up its 1: 30
Roc: im jus so tried
Me: go get in yur bed
Roc: alright
he drifted into his room wit Tyti
My phone started to play number 1...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Gina' s house......
Gina: *reads text message*
Message: *from Prince* Heyyyyyy Gina!
Gina: Ugh!
Ashley: It's that your boo texting you?
Gina: No! It's not!
Kim: *snatching her phone* Hmm...it says Prince right there *pointing at her phone*
Gina: *snatching phone away* Shut the 做傻事, 福吉 up, Kim!
Kim: 你 can suck my...
Apple: *interrupting* Stop! I dont want 2 hear y'all use bad language!
Gina: Applehead! We dont care!
Ashley: Stop being such a goodie 2 shoes!
Apple: 你 cant tell me what 2 do! *running home*
Ashley: Wow.....
Gina: Let me just text this fool! *texting* 嘿 Afro Prince!
*sending text*
Prince: *message*...
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode 5 of Missing You-

???: What is going on in here?
Me: Prodigy!!! Um, nothing!!
Roc: (Pretends as if he was listening to 音乐 on my ipod) Prod, what's up man!
Prod: (Closes door) Were yall.......kissing?
Me & Roc: NO!!
Prod: Then why were yall faces close together? And don't yell at me!!
???: (Comes in then closes door) What's goin' on in here??!!!

//My POV
Noisy punk!

Me: (Clenches Teeth) 射线, 雷 Ray, can 你 stfu and get tf out?!!
Ray: (Gets in my face) Btch, don't test me! Just a few months ago, i've been kicking ur a$$ and i can still do that! So 你 better calm tf down!!
Me: (Slaps him)...
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Gina: But he was bothering me!!!
Apple: No butts! *giggle* Buttssssss! *laughing*
Ashley: Yea! Prince's just in love, NOT torturing you!
Gina: He is torturing me 由 being in 爱情 with me!
Kim: Come on, girl! Apologize!!!!
Gina: Fine!!! *calling him*
Prince: Hello?
Gina: Look Prince...
Prince: Dont say, I'll leave 你 alone. *hanging up*
Kim: Now look at what 你 done!!!
So for 3 months Gina and Prince never talked to each other.....until.....
Apple: Let's throw a 圣诞节 party!!!
Gina: Yea!
Kim: Everybody dress in red, white ,or green..
Gina: 或者 black!!!
Ashley: Yeah!
Kim: MB's gonna perform!
Gina: But......
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posted by SupaRoc143
 The Boys
The Boys
Hi this is my first 文章 i've written on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 so here go's nothin'.

Me and my 老友记 Nina,shanelle,Mohogony were walking down the 街, 街道 to a party(twerk) and when we got there we saw some boys.

Me:we should talk 2 them
Nina:yea but afro puff there is mine
Me:fine,but ponytail is mine
Shanelle:pig tails,mine
Mohogany:mohawk mine
Me:c'mon lets go
Boys:hey wats y'all names
Me:Jamiya but everyone calls me 果酱 或者 JJ
Boy#1:Im Roc
Nina:My name is Nina
Boy#2:im princeton
Shanelle:im Shanelle,but everyone call me Nelle 或者 Nelle Pooh
Boy#3:im 射线, 雷 Ray
Mohogony:Im Mohohgony 或者 Mo
Boy#4:Prodigys the name
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posted by Princetonlove01
射线, 雷 射线, 雷 and Kesha hopped into the car and drive to the hospital.

K-in pain voice. babe i am in pain hurry up! 射线, 雷 R-ok babe let me call Mya. calls Mya . Mya phone rings. M-hello. 射线, 雷 R-hey Mya meet me and kesha at da hospital. M-ok wat happen? 射线, 雷 R-juz meet up at da hospital!. Mya and 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 hang up. Prince-hey watz goin on? M-my sister in da hospital. Prince-who kesha 或者 kiana? M-kesha lets roll out!. They got into the limo and go to the hospital. 射线, 雷 R and kesha hopped out the limo and rush into the hospital. 射线, 雷 R-HELP HELP!!. Nurse-yes Sir watz the problem? 射线, 雷 R-my girl she im great...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Mya and Princeton BriannaandRoc Royal r on Der date.

M-so were r we going? B-yea were we going? Roc-well how about da movies? B-dat cool. M-dat cool 2. Prince-well yea. M-hey 嘿 boo watz da matter? Prince-well i miss my little sister Maya. M-aww babe well we can juz ask Ur mom if its OK 4 her 2 come on tour wit us 4 lyke a week 或者 2 and i didn't our name was the same . Prince-well she got school so how bout dis weekend so u can meet her and my mom OK and yea she do!!. M-idk boo i am gonna be nervous 2 meet her. Prince-well dat da part of be in a relationship u hav 2 meet da parents. M-well...
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