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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Destine & Princeton got married. Prodigy & Tobe had a beautiful girl named Cassidy. Erica went missing, which the crew didn't care about. Princeton later got shot in the chest. Trying 2 save him, Destine bit him, which made him a vampire. Years passed and the kids grew up. Mercury became a doctor. Marikiya became a blood donor nurse (so she can drink the blood). Cassidy became a police officer after hearing stories about Destine's adventures. Alana became a boxer. 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 and Roxie had a divorced. Roc became a host for a Football show.
Now Destine's finally living the rest of her life peacefully. If it wasn't 4 meeting Mindless Behavior, she would of never had a interesting life. She still tell the stories 2 her grandchildren.
Destine: And that's, my children, How I met Mindless Behavior.
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
 My outfit
My outfit
OUR ROOM..............

Princeton: wake up * hitting me gently wit a pillow*
Me: sneak attack * throwing a 枕头 at his face*
He fell on the 床, 床上
Me: omg are yu ok
Princeton: sneak attack * hitting me wit the pillow*
Me: ahhh thts how it is * hitting him wit a pillow*
We 枕头 fight minutes
Me: ok let me freshen up * runnin into the bathroom bout the door*
Princeton put his foot n between the door and the wall
Me: yes princey
Princeton: why yu shutin the door
Me: cuz thts wat i do
Princeton: im yur husband i wanna see my girl freshen up
Me: why
Princeton: bcuz i wanna 加入 her
Me OK then * openin the door...
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posted by RayRaycutie
at my house
*i put on ths super cute short black 短裙, 裙子 with ripped leggins a green tank n white stilettos n was on my way 2 princeton's house*

at his house
the place was jammed packed!!!!! i couldnt evn move!!!! 或者 blink!!! but i decided 2 sit on the back patio where the pool iz n ppl already gttng wet

prince-hey victoria
prince-*sits beside me* u hvng fun yet
me-idk. ive nvr been 2 a party b4 n its weird 4 me cuz idk any of the ppl here!
prince-thts the most ive heard u say in a whole day
me-*laughs*but yeah i guess i am
prince-i wnna introduce u 2 sum ppl
prince-come on i promise...
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 Domo backup Sis gav to RayRay
Domo backup Sis gav to RayRay
1 小时 TIL WE LEAVE ..........

Me : i cant wait to see my boo
Jazzy: me too i feel so gone wit out him
Tyti: i cant for tht surprise and to c Roc
is: OK i got some gifts tht me and Jazzy and Tyti gone giv them we wonder if yur wer goin to giv Princeton something
Me: i already did
Tyti: dang yall do things so early
Me: yep probably but i 爱情 it
Sis: i got RayRay domo stuff
Tyti: i got Roc a bracelet
Jazzy: i gav Jacob my love
Me: sweet
Jazzy: i know right
Me: ok lets get this jewelry on and our shoes and masks
hem: ok
We put on the rest of our stuff and we wer ready to leave then my phone started to play...
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posted by Mrz-Princeton1
 My outfit to 晚餐 {by the way i weared the vans}
My outfit to dinner {by the way i weared the vans}
PRINCETON'S BATHROOM....................

RayRay: wat yall doing in here ALONE
Me: cleaning up
Princeton: yea
RayRay: i heard yu gave Jazzy the business
Me: yea she decided she was gone hit me in my face HE__ to the no but i don't wanna talk bout it
RayRay: o im sorry ......well im gone clean this blood up
Princeton: OK
I got a wet rag and started to wipe the blood from his knuckles and he pulled away
Princeton: oww yu know tht hurts
Me: b a man
Princeton: im only 15
Me: so
Princeton: i don't wanna grow up too fast
Me: i cant tell from last night
Princeton: o yea
Me: yea
Princeton: ok wipe them down *throw...
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At this point I told this girl that #Princeton was a punk rocker kid type. And she 说 I hate #Princeton. I was lik just because he is a punk rock kid. She 说 yea and now at this point we are not friends. She is not a true #Mindless fan. I kno I'm a true mindless 粉丝 cuz I don't care wat Princeton likes 或者 do. Punk rock dragging at this point all the mindless hatred need to find something else to hate on. Hater are the dumbest pll to me cuz they sit and spend there time trying to see wat mindless behavior is doing.................................

 My prom outfit
My prom outfit

Me: OK thts enough practice lets get ready
Sis: yea im so excited cant wait to 显示 off my dress
Us: yessss
Me: i really wanna no wat the surprise is
Sis: i kno right
Jazzy: to bad im not going to be in it
Me: cheer up * hugging her * maybe the surprise isn't ready for yu 或者 yu cant handle yu neva no
Tyti: yea Jazzy its OK * 加入 in the hug *
Sis: aawwww group hug * joining the hug *
Me: its okay yu got the biggest thing life can giv LOVE
Jazzy: thxs yu guys yur the best bestie ever
Us: awwww we 爱情 yu
Jazzy: 爱情 yu too * hugging each otha*
Me: okay lets get the dresses...
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posted by awesomegirl101
 Lil tony
Lil tony
Jenet Perez 28
Jacob Perez 29
Lil tony Perez 14
Marie Perez 13

Tt young 28
Trey young 28
紫色, 紫罗兰色 young 14

Vickie ?????? 29
射线, 雷 射线, 雷 ???? 29
Victory ???? 14
Venessa ???? 14

Nyje Williams 28
Danny Williams 31
John Williams 13
Sunflower Williams 13
Victor Williams 13
( just wanna thank everybody who 评论
And faned my last two stories , i 爱情 all y'all
Story's )
紫色, 紫罗兰色
posted by avanzant12
So Jacob found out that I like him . Jacob said"Kool so what 你 wanna do grab my leg Rub my inner thigh .!!(ack like 你 then catch that lol) me first I wanna dance and party .so I put own booty hopscotch and booty me down . I was up there twerk like omg is she striper lol. I think Jacob was enjoy the veiw he got lol. Me dance so hard didn't even realize he was behind me . I jus when to town . Tonya "lexii lexii ".me wat .you twerk own Jacob . Me"o my bad sorry jus in my own zone lol. I 说 " Tonya he must like it he didn't say nun.jacob "I kinda did bounce that a** lol..Craig okay now watch...
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posted by awesomegirl101
The 日 after the party the girls were chillin at 首页 .
Silvers phone rang .
" roc is callin!!!" She exclaimed
Answering the Phone .
" hello! "
" 嘿 my beautiful sweet tasty happiness!!!"
" awwww!!!! 嘿 !!! "
" come with me to a night club!tinight" he 说
" sure . What time??" She asked
" 8:00 "
" that's late" she 说
" I know "
" bye !!!" She exclaimed then hung up the phone .
Will was doing her nails and starring at silver.
" so .. 你 and rocy are going to a night club..."
She nodded
"Ok be back befor 6:00am ...unless he has 你 床, 床上 " she joked
Nia laughed .
" oh shut up!!"
Kiana ran down stairs...
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posted by Kekeisoscool143
嘿 this is a new story about me and my friend paris and mb
This is Paris,link
Yea i know weomg girlz now to the story
Paris:yall ready to go
Paris:Come on then
Prod:baby where we going
Me:going to do lover boy and gucci this
At Dsla (real school i go there)
Me:i`m star
Paris:Im beauty
Babydoll:`i`m babydoll
Us:and we are the omg girlz
We did where the boys at and gucci this
Photo shoot time
We wore,link
First beauty
1stpic:her doing a split
2ndpic:chucking up the duces
3pic:her doinga back flip
Now Babydoll
Istpics:doing a cartwheel
2nd:her jumping up and down ona...
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posted by mindlesskeke16
Me and Prince were at 首页 and my phone started ringing
Phone convo
Keke:so mom what 你 calling for
Mom:i want 你 to watch Kaydriana ok
Keke:ok mom bye
Phone convo over
Keke:princeton my lil sister bout to come over ok
20 mins later
Keke:hi kaka
Kaydriana:hi keke
Princeton:so how old is she
Princeton:well hi Kaydriana
Keke:well kaka youwant to go get something to eat
Keke:ok well come on
at cici`s 比萨, 比萨饼 damn they 比萨, 比萨饼 good lol
Keke:ok kaka go choose your pizza
we ate and went 首页 and my mom told me kaka is goning to have to stay with...
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posted by Missprinceton1
after me and prince made up we went downstirs and joind the game they were playin Truth 或者 dare we joind the 圈, 圈子 then alysha spind the bottle
Alysha; Ok it landed on prince Truth 或者 Dare
prince; ughhh dare?
alysha; i dare u 2 do the cinnimon chalenge
prince; no i chose truth
alysha; no turnin back do it without water
so prince went to the cabbnet to get cinnimon then he got a 茶 spoon of cinnimon and it took him ages 2 put it in his mouth then he spit it aall out and ran to the tap
EB; lughing
so we continued then it landed on sandy so i had 2 dare her cause alysh made it only dare
T; ok sandy...
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posted by Missprinceton1
this is story bout 8 flavahz im gonna only use five girls since 8 is 2 many with MB::
Angel,charlize,camren,kaelynn,and tamara(kaelynn=me)

kaelynn; roc a boo
roc; kaekae
kaelynn; i need to go dance practice for the big compitition
roc; can i go
kaelynn; r u sure
roc; why
kaelynn; the 粉丝 will rip u into shreds
roc; idc
kaelynn; ok then lets go
angel; bye prince(kisses him)
charlize; wait for me raytootie
ray; i will
we left to go to the studio to dress reherse cause the compitition is tomorrow. we were dancing to nicki minaj romans
after there rehersealls they went to get lunch.. at the restarunt
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posted by Missprinceton1
at 8;30 princeton went downstairs and glided to the 厨房 to make breackfast. i was still asleep but a 9;00 i woke up because of a loud shout of princeton.
i woke up and rubbed my eys i did my 30 秒 strech
and went downstairs
me; ya dont have to shout
prince; shut up and eat ur breakfast
me; what r we havin
prince; pancakes
he brought out two plates of 薄煎饼, 煎饼 out 2 the 表 one plate had beautifuly cooked 薄煎饼, 煎饼 and the other had some cooked 薄煎饼, 煎饼 and a few realy burnd ones
me; why 你 give me the burend ones
prince; just eat them
me; no
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posted by Princetonlove01
BTW Tafari is pronounced like ‘safari’ but with a ‘t’. anyway on we go.
Next day

Prince: calls Mya
Phone Convo:
M- hey
P- hey
M- whats goin on??
P- nothin thinkin about you
M- aww thats sweet im thinkin about 你 to
P- chuckles 嘿 maybe we could hang out later
M- i dont know Tuliyah and Tafari are comin over
P- well maybe after they leave??
M- ill see. 嘿 theyre here ill call 你 later kay??
P- mmkay sounds sad
M- dont sound so sad okay how about this…ill try my hardest to come see 你 kay??
P- okay that sounds better. talk to 你 later.
M- bye hangs up
Tuliyah and Tafari walk in...
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I dropped everything and ran to princeton's house as fast as I could still in my kickboxing clothes

At his house I kept banging and banging on the door, but no one was there I started to panic, I got my phone from my bag and called prodigy
Me: Cmon cmon answer answer, o thank 你 hello, where's prince? Is he with you?
Prod: Um well no
Me: WHAT!!!
Prod: I had to leave, because because he told me he'll be fine,why what's happened?
Me: He's in trouble and it's,all your fault!!!!, 你 promised 你 weren't going to leave him alone, 你 说 你 would keep an eye on him
Prod: Look im sorr...
Me: Fuck off...
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posted by Mrz-Princeton1
 Princeton outfit
Princeton outfit
HOSPITAL ROOM...............................

// My POV
Mornin time this 长椅, 沙发 is so soft princey still sleep well im go buy some toothpaste and toothbrushes while he sleeps
// End of POV
I went to the gift shop

// Princeton POV
Mornin ba.... wer is she
Princeton: Jazzy
Jazzy: ..........
Princeton got up and walked to her 床, 床上 side
Princeton: Jazzy * gently shaking her *
Jazzy: hmmm
Princeton: wers Via
Jazzy: idk ....i was .... sleep
Princeton: sit up
Jazzy sat up
Princeton: how yu feel
Jazzy: aching
Princeton: at least yur alive
Jazzy: yes Princeton can i tell yu something
Princeton: sure wat
Jazzy: i feel...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While they were watching t.v something nasty came on the screen. Mimi almost threw up in her mouth. Prince turned off the t.v. mimi 说 " what 你 do that for? He 说 "cause we gotta ask yall a question. She 说 "what"? He 说 " me and the boys wanted to know if yall would be our girlfriends? Mimi got so excited but tried to play it off like she was cool. She 说 ok. Tell the boys tonight we playin cards. He 说 ok. That night came and they set out the 表 and four chairs. Mimi turned on the radio and locked the door. The girls went to sit on the boys laps and play cards. Mimi was winning....
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 The picture we wer chokin about
The picture we wer chokin about
LIVING ROOM.............................

Me: im bout to check wateva i decide to check online
Princeton: i wanna see
Me: ok lets go to 潮流粉丝俱乐部 first
Princeton: wats tht
Me: it lik a 粉丝 club thing wit famous people and yu 粉丝 stuff
Princeton: oo go to my page
Me: yu dont wanna see it trust
Princeton: y not
Me: the camera be takin pics and yu be in poses
Princeton: i wanna see
Me: ok
I pulled up his page
Princeton: is tht me
Me: yes princey yes it is
Princeton: click on it
I clicked on it i laughed so hard i started to choke
RayRay: dont die
Me: ill try not to* choking*
Princeton: wat is this it aint funny...
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