A few days later

Mya’s POV: the 下一个 日 i woke up and called RayRay this was phase 1 of my plan.
Phone convo:
R- hello??
M- 嘿 射线, 雷 this is Mya.
R- who?? oh oh um yeah i know. wassup??
M- um Tuliyah was meaning to call 你 but she forgot.
R- oh really!
M- really. and she wanted to invite 你 and the guys to this thing we have in town where we drive to a empty warehouse and watch 电影院 on the 墙 inside.
R- thats awesome! yeah we’ll come thanks
M- oh no problem no problem at all
R- um okay bye
M- bye hangs up
Mya: phase 1 complete.

Rays POV: that was weird. Prod: who was that man?? Ray: um she jus told me her name…Miaana, makhia, M- Prince: Mya?? Ray: yes! thats it. Prince: whyd she call you?? Ray: she 说 Tuliyah was gonna call but for got. Prince: oh. Ray: but then the end of our conversation got weird. Prince: weird how?? Ray: she just sounded like- idk very suspicious. Prince: oh. Princes thoughts: oh no shes got a plan an idk if this is gonna be good. **** that girl got a dark side. she never ceases to amaze me.

That night at the warehouse
Mya’s thoughts: okay i got the video projector the 墙 cleared and now the video its self holds up a silver dvd im ready. phase 2 is complete. End of thought. She felt strong arms 包, 换行 around her waist. Mya: hi. Prince: hi. she was about to turn around to 吻乐队(Kiss) him then she heard- Prod: 嘿 Mya. Roc: 嘿 Meme. Ray: 嘿 um…girl. Mya: 你 RayRay youre my least 最喜爱的 in the group. Ray: so whos 你 favorite?? Mya: Pr- i mean i dont know but youre at the bottom! Ray: so hurtful. Roc: 嘿 wheres Tafari?? Mya: she should be here and Tuliyah. 射线, 雷 & Roc: okay cool. Ray: i got the feeling this is finna be DOPE! Mya whispers: oh its gonna be dope alright chuckles low Prince whispers in her ear: do 你 think 你 should do this?? Mya: 你 dont even know what im doing?? Prince: okay whatever. Mya: take a lesson from this…dont get on my bad side smiles Prod: what yall over there whisperin about?? Prince:….. Mya: um i was jus showin Prince how the projector works. Roc: ooo 显示 me! Mya: no i dont know how it works. Roc: but 你 jus said- Mya: hold on i think Tuliyah & Tafari here. Tuliyah: 嘿 guys! Tafari: im so excited!! Mya: okay everyone take a seat. the um movie will begin shortly. Tafari: okay whats shortly?Mya: now. she turns on the projector and pushes play. a video of Tuliyah when she was little pops up on the screen. shes running around in a pull-up yelling into a toy mic “tfraz yall!” Everyone but Tuliyah & Mya start laughing…RayRay laughing the hardest. Tuliyah was in shock so she didnt leave she just sat there staring at the screen. there were 更多 embarrassing clips of her back to back. then at the end a clip of Mya saying “youve been served” the guys stopped laughing and had a confused look on their face. Tafari: OMG that was cold. what did 你 do Tuliyah?? Ray: whats going on?? Roc: yeah im confused. Prod: do any of yall have something to eat?? Prince: shakes his head i told her not to do this. Tuliyah: 你 KNEW! Prince: i knew she was gonna get 你 back but i didt know when 或者 how….and 你 knew she was gonna get 你 back too! Tafari: okay still the standing question…what did 你 do?? Roc: will someone explain whats happening?? Tafari: well they have a history of pranking each other a few weeks 以前 Mya stuffed ice cream down Tuliyahs shirt. Prod: thats cold. Ray: literally. Tafari: but what- Tuliyah: the other 日 i recorded her dancing- Tafari: Mya okay now this was uncalled for just for that. Mya: let her finish. Tuliyah: then i sent it to Prince. Tafari: thats so bogus Tuliyah. thats like her doin- doin this points at the screen Prince: looks down at his lap Roc: Prince youve been awfully quite over there playin with yo thumbs. Ray: oooo 你 hindin sumthin…tell us. Prod: tell us. Tuliyah: tell us. Tafari: tell us. Mya: yeah tell us Prince. Prince: OKAY! its killing me i sent the video to Kiesha. EB but Prince: WHAT! Prince: thats not it. she sent it to a bunch of her manager friends. Mya: that secret isnt the only thing thats gonna be killin you! Tafari & Tuliyah: RUN PRINCE!! RUN!! Prince takes off with Mya right on his tail. Prod: **** she fast. Tafari: yeah she ran 交叉, 十字架 country so it builds your stamina an endurance. Ray: so basically hes got no chance. Tuliyah: yeah. he tries to open the door but cant and she right there so he keeps running. he slowed down for about a half a 秒 and she had tackled him. EB but Prince & Mya: DAMNNNNNNN! Mya: grabs him 由 his hair and puts her knee on his back why would 你 do that!? i had already told 你 about my fears of dancing!! Prince: that was OW!! after i had sent it to her!! and she had already sent it around too!! please let go of me! Mya: NO! Prince: please im sorry. so sorry. Mya: sighs fine she lets go and gets off Prince: rubs his head im sorry hugs Mya. Mya: hugs him back Prince kisses Mya slowly and she kisses him back. but then she yanks away. everybody was staring at them. Mya: what have 你 done??