Prince and Vivendi SA have settled a lawsuit filed 由 a perfume and cosmetics manufacturer who accused the musician and his then-label (Universal 音乐 Group) of breaching a contract to promote two products.

According to Bloomberg, Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics, a company based in Pennsylvania, sued the musician and UMG in New York State Supreme Court in November 2008, seeking minimum $100,000 in damages.
The suit claimed Prince didn't follow through on contracts to help market perfumes using his name, likeness and the name of his 2006 album 3121. A judge subsequently ordered the musician to pay nearly $4 million in April 2012 to the company for losses, but denying the company punitive and lost-profit damages.

The Hollywood Reporter stated problems arose immediately after the deal was signed, with Prince refusing to do any promotional work 或者 interviews related to the product. The musician argued that one 日 after the licensing deal was signed between Revelations and Universal 音乐 he told the perfume company he wouldn't give interviews for the launch party nor provide photographs to accompany the press release.

Court filings dated on March 27 说 both sides had agreed to withdraw the suit and its appeal. The company's lawyer told Bloomberg the case had been settled but refused to reveal the terms.

Prince is mounting a West Coast trek that begins in Vancouver on April 15 before concluding in Denver on May 13. From there he'll head to Europe, playing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in July with dates in Sweden and Denmark slated for August.

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