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Opinion by Cure_Devi posted ·3个月前
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Mizumi Hideyoshi : Cure Sapphire

Mizumi : What A Good 日 Walking To Schoo-

Mizumi : OMG!!! Whats That!?
??? Landed On Mizumi's Face Hardly
Mizumi : What Are You..?
??? : I'm Lunar, Your Precure Fairy
Mizumi : Precure?
Lunar : Yep!
Mizumi Hears Load Footstomps.
Lunar : OH NO! Its An Monsuta!
Mizumi : AAAAAAAAAH!!!
Big Light Appears At Mizumi.
Mizumi : What... Is... Happening?!..
Luna : Transform! All 你 Need Is To Say : Shiny Precure,
Mizumi : I dont know how to do it, but i will try~!
[Done] Cointinued In Ep.2
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 一年多以前
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Chapter 1

*Nanairogaoka City, The Park*

Cure Sunny: *Dodges a blast from Cure Negative*

Cure Negative: *Has black hair, pale white skin, and a blood-red dress* Come back! I only want to play! *Fires another 射线, 雷 at Cure Sunny*

Cure Sunny: *Dodges again* You're a cure, aren't you?

Cure Negative: No. I was built Jared K. Catz. *Fires a blast at Cure Sunny*

Cure Sunny: *Gets hit, and changes to a 7 year-old Hino Akane*

Young Hino Akane: *Looks at herself* Huh?! What happened to me?!

Cure Negative: Oh well. It was set too low *Fires another beam at Young Hino Akane*

Young Hino Akane: *Changes from a seven 年 old girl to a infant*

Baby Hino Akane: *Starts to cry*

Cure Negative: *Scoops up the Baby Hino Akane and giggles* Master Catz will be very pleased!

Cure Beauty: *Jumps at Cure Negative* What have 你 done to Akane?!

Cure Negative: *Fires the same blast at Cure Beauty*
Fan fiction by SammyFearest posted 一年多以前
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This is for anyone who'd imagine their own Pretty Cure character, why not make it come to life here?


Full Name:

Alias (Nickname):






As a Pretty Cure:



Weapons (Optional):


Partner (Like Mepple):

Theme Song (Optional):


If 你 want 你 can have 老友记 from the actual Pretty Cure series. I might be able to add a Roleplaying area so 你 can roleplay with your own characters along with people roleplaying as the actual characters from the Pretty Cure series. Get creating guys!
Article by TDIfangirl posted 一年多以前
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What most people don't know about me is that i am a Pretty Cure fan. I mean, they're all so CUTE and there's absolutley nothing to hate about them.
My 最喜爱的 Cures are:
Pretty Cure (Max Heart)
I like both Nagisa/Natalie and Honoka/Hannah.
I also think Hikari is cute.

Pretty Cure Splash Star
I like both Saki and Mai, but I like Mai a little bit better.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Go Go)
My 最喜爱的 would have to be Komachi. She's kinda like me in a way, we're both real nice and keep to ourselves, and we both like to write.

Fresh Pretty Cure!
DEFENTLY Inori! She's just so cute! Go Buki!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure
This..is a toughie. My absolute 最喜爱的 is Itsuki, but Tsubomi's so inspirational to me and Yuri's so epic and Erika's hilarious.

Suite Pretty Cure
So far I like them both. My opinion may change when the other two are introduced.
Guide by Hanozono1 posted 一年多以前
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--Pretty Cure--

1st season: Futari wa Pretty Cure
49 Episodes
2nd season: Futari wa Pretty cure Max Heart
47 Episodes

Nagisa Misumi - Cure Black
Honoka Yukishiro - Cure White
Hikari Kujo - Shiny Luminous

Futari wa PreCure Max Heart: The Movie
Futari wa PreCure Max Heart: 老友记 of the Snow-Laden Sky
Pretty Cure Splash★Star
49 Episodes

Saki Hyuuga - Cure Bloom/Bright
Mai Mishou - Cure Egret/Windy

Pretty Cure Splash☆Star Tic-Tac Crisis Hanging 由 a Thin Thread!
1st season: Yes! Pretty Cure 5
49 Episodes
2nd Season: Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go!
48 Episodes

Nozomi Yumehara - Cure Dream
~Pretty Cure of Hope~
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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For the fourth crystal must pass the temple of darkness (what is the temple of darkness?): The temple of darkness and a temple where it is always dark, there is a 射线, 雷 of light. The goal is simple: Exceed the temple without light, and Kyle was easy, the Pretty Cure ... Zero (why Kyle yes and Pretty Cure no?) Because Kyle had night vision goggles and then the fourth crystal and positioned. Instead, for the fifth and final crystal returns to the starting point, of course, used the Skyboard
to prevent attacks of Pretty Cure, but his race ended when Urara used the Prism Chain ,destroying Skyboard. But the force of the explosion Kyle brought straight to the temple, at the time slammed the crystal on a pedestal e. .. The power of crystals activated the flow of Dark Eco, but lightning freeing the other Pretty Cure, seeing the flow and were amazed at the same time scared
. Kyle shouted, "Now with the Dark Eco I can defeat, once and for all ... It is too late to hope" and jumped into the stream, while mumbling Nozomi saying: "Do not do Kyle. " Meanwhile Kyle and ready to unleash the dark powers against Pretty Cure. No sooner had turned into dark Dark Kyle throws the bomb and...
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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The new objective is to bring Kyle crystals of Dark Pretty Cure in temples to unleash a flood of Dark Eco and unleash his powers against Pretty Cure.
Kyle: "Here we go!" and to get started: He took his L85A2 and shoot Pretty Cure to try a little advantage. But it was useless, because Komachi used the Mint Protection.
And at that moment he begins to run to go to the first half, but Nozomi tried to spoil the party, shouting: "Pretty Cure Shooting Star!" Kyle with his lightning rifle, the hits, diverting it. Reached the first temple put the crystal and lightning strikes the 最佳, 返回页首 of the temple. In the 秒 temple was a way of death, and then Kyle has two obstacles: The way of death and Pretty Cure. In a moment the way of death is past and the 秒 crystal is located.
For the third crystal must enter into a temple of monks and eliminate precisely the monks. Unfortunately, it must do so without weapons, otherwise it would be too easy. And run, but there is only the monks but also ... Pretty Cure! This time will have to change tactics or: Eliminate the monks with martial arts weapons and then with the Pretty Cure. With the monks and was easy but with the Pretty Cure...
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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Meanwhile, there's Love, Miki and Inori, trying to hit Kyle, but all three hits with the shotgun and said, "And so 你 would be the Pretty Cure who saved the people of your mascot? But 你 can not even knows how to defend themselves! "
Nozomi: "This ... I say ... YOU!!!" It takes Kyle knocking him to the 墙 and trying to 冲床 him, but Kyle dodges it 由 a powerful 冲床 on the nose of Nozomi making it bleed.
Kokoda, seeing the terrifying spectacle did not hesitate to use Light Miracle ein a while but to no avail, all the mascots also took their desperate Kokoda seeing their Miracle Light while Kyle reached the third part of the arena of Shaar: which is a giant temple while looking at the sky: "There is an hour, and from that moment will be the end"
Kokoda: "Stand up, please! We have to raise, please! " Rise "
Mipple: "What the hell ..." Pretty Cure saw the rise again, ready for revenge against Kyle, but was waiting for another surprise: Kyle had the crystals of the Dark Pretty Cure 5 (do not tell me nothing: For those who have seen the movie:
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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While exceeded the threshold of the 秒 part of the arena of Shaar decided to create a trap that is: Hiding in a temple, take the Volcanic Fury (galting is a machine gun) and shoot wildly against Pretty Cure, after having passed the rescue Urara 秒 part of the arena and the trap did not work (indeed it worked but the girls managed to dodge all the shots and noticed it), yet another attempt to hit fallito.In then decided to go the hard way, that's magic attacks, in fact they Nagisa and Honoka to give the start shouting: "Black Lightning, " "White Lightning!" Kyle had no hope but with a stroke of luck finds grenade shield and then 说 desperately, "I hope it works!" Throw the grenade on the ground, forming a shield around him and reflected lightning
But another attack is waiting and hears: "Pretty Cure Shooting Star!!" Nozomi was! Obviously Kyle knew that the Shooting 星, 星级 can attack only straight, can not bend and it has moved out of the firing range but Karen hits him from behind, knocking him to the ground and in response she screams: "Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!" The 《绿箭侠》 was in the water, the only way to stop it was to launch a dart glowing with the crossbow. By...
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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Kyle said: "Let the battle begin!"
And to start with Pretty Cure threw a grenade fusion running away, but in a moment, Nagisa and Honoka the attack but immediately took the Bio rifle, and escaped safely but froze shortly after arriving Hikari cries: "luminaries!"
Kyle: "Oh damn! ESCAPE"
Hikari: "I got him!"
Kyle: "And what I think!" And with all the response takes Blaster 步枪 and tries to hit Hikari but was forced to flee because they fell into a trap and during the escape is 由 surprise 由 Saki and never tried to kick him but with a shot of the shotgun dodges the attack .
While trying to pull here is the Pretty Cure 5 appear before him, ready with the Pacific trying to shoot but I feel a thunder Seafarers in the sky and says: "A blizzard! I have just three hours!" Sentedo these words The Pretty Cure attack Kyle; dodge all (not really) but Urara hits him, injuring him and in response, the hits with the peacemaker, and seriously injuring all the other Pretty Cure soccor, taking advantage of the confusion reaches the 秒 part of 'arena of Shaar.
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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Rin: "Now that the presentations are over ... How about see the changes they have made to the stadium?
Miki: "Sure, Let's go!"
Kyle, in his excitement he thought: "Finally! Now 你 will see the power of Kyle Katarn and his weapons. " The Pretty Cure believing it was 安全 to enter, but improvisation .... Appeared Zakenna! But above his head was Kyle! Exclaimed: "Well, well, well! What have we here? The Pretty Cure!"
Nozomi shouted: "You again?! was not enough what 你 did to Kurumi and now 你 want to do with us?!; ENOUGH! Ready girls?"
All: "Yeah!"
Pretty Cure ... Metamorphosis!!

"The great power of hope, Cure Dream!"
"The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!"
"The fragrance of effeverscent lemon, Cure Lemonade!"
"The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!"
"The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!"

"Double aurora borealis!"
"Emissary of light, Cure Black!"
"Emissary of light, Cure White!"
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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With its Hoverbike arrived at the stadium before them but there is an obstacle that is: The 前一个 Pretty Cure, there are two things ... 或者 mute the engine 或者 let the hoverbike and enter the stadium without being seen, and he chose the first option, but little was done to see the other five who came breathing a sigh of relief and thought, "How did they get so fast?! no matter, Get ready to attack. "
Meanwhile, as Kyle is ready for the attack, the Pretty Cure girls who met Urara he described is called out: "It's them!" The girls that I 说 a moment ago! "
Karen: "We will watch them, let's ready, 你 never know"
Urara: "Hey!" (She rushes from them)
Saki said: "Hey, Urara! He is calm"
Urara "Sorry"
Hikari asked, "Who are they?"
Urara: "Ah, my 老友记 are"
Mai: "You can tell us their names?"
Urara: "Sure: The one with the 粉, 粉色 hair is Nozomi Yumehara, the one with brown hair is Rin Natsuki, the one with green hair is Komachi Akimoto and the one with blue hair is Karen Minazuki"
Fan fiction by italymogul4 posted 一年多以前
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Back on earth, Kyle Katarn believe that Pretty Cure, after he murdered Kurumi are 更多 angry than before. Indeed, it has a new plan to kill Pretty Cure.
The 下一个 日 the girls were invited to the funeral of Kurumi, as Kyle predicted, their feeling of hatred towards the boy grew out of proportion all the time and thought "Who did this action, it will pay just the consequences!"
To forget the events of the 前一个 day, the Pretty Cure decided to take a ride together, guess who had this idea? Nozomi, of course! He called the other four and 说 the same phrase to the other four is: "Hey, if 你 like to do a tour together? See 你 at my house. "

And in an instant all the Pretty Cure (Including Nozomi) parts, but who the spy? Obviously Kyle! Urara said, "Oh, I met the girls at the stadium, I'm sure will be very nice"
Karen: "Are 你 sure? " I would not trust so much, and if they were allies of the assassin? "
Rin: "Come on! Let us trust her, and perhaps true that they are friends"