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posted by boomerlover
Blake and Snowbell were walking back, when someone bumped into him.

"Blake! Please don't leave!! I loved you!!" She cried.

"I'm sorry, Littlecloud. I've found a new 爱情 now." Blake said.

"Yeah! Me!" Snowbell hissed at Littlecloud.

Before thinking, Littlecloud pounced on Snowbell and bite her neck.

"What the...?!" Snowbell hissed in pain.

"That'll teach 你 to mess with MY Blake!" Littlecloud hissed.

"Your Blake?! I'm not yours! I'm my own! And Snowbell is with me!" Blake 说 swatting Littlecloud across the nose.

All of a sudden, they heard hisses and screaming at the camp. They heard yowling and...
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posted by boomerlover
StarClan: Clan of all the passed away cats, otherwise, the Clan of all the dead cats.

Brick was stunned. He couldn't move. He now felt Boomer's pain. He closed his eyes in pain. He felt like there was a huge boulder in his stomach.

"She..." Blake started, but didn't continue.

Ashley came trotting up with a frown on her face.

"I'm afraid there's no cure...I'm sorry. I wish I could do something." She 说 in a soft voice.

"It's okay. 你 tried your best." Blossom cried.

Ashley walked over to her mate, Ian. Blossom could here them talking.

"I new leaf-bare would bring blackcough. I just wish there was...
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posted by Bella-Utonium
"oh no run" bommer yelled. "go" bubbles pick up bella "wat is it" the kit ask "its a mean cat run" boomer 说 running for a tree. "up here" "its coming" bella yelled. the cat jump up the 树 and grab bella. "mom help me" she cried "im coming bella" boomer yell he bite the cat but it hiss and bring bella away. "we have to save her" bubbles wail "no use" boomer creid with tears "hes going to kill her" "no" bubbles cried she sat down. "no i knew we should never left" "it okay bubbles at least we still have bryce" another kit came out "who are you" he ask bubbles. "your mother" she mew "why 你 crying" bryce ask "a cat took your sister away" "i have a sister" bryce ask "yes" bubbles meow "but she gone"

to be contiueide
 oh no
oh no
posted by Bella-Utonium
it was a dark night and bubbles was sitting in a 床, 床上 with her house folk. her mate and one of her kits were wild while her and the other kit stayed with people. "dinner time" one of the persons called. "mmm tuna" the kit bella said. "i 爱情 tuna" "ive had it to many times" bubbles 说 looking at the tuna. bella ate it while her mom pushed it away. "you can have mine" she 说 and went back to sleep. the 下一个 morning bubbles woke up and went outside. the birds were sitting on the fence tweeting she tried to catch one but it flew away. "i want to be free" bubbles 说 sitting in the grass. "bella...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick looked questioningly at his brother. "What? What do 你 mean?" "You know what I mean," The green one answered, holding Boomer in the air. "We wouldn't have to hear his annoying babbling all the time anymore," Butch pointed out. "Besides, 更多 room on our bed!"

"True," Brick thought. "But what about when we leave for the day? We can't just take him with us."

"You're right," Butch moaned. The boys floated down to the ground and set their mutt brother on the floor. "For now," Brick sighed. "Let's just take him home."

The boys set Boomer on the couch. Boomer laid down, and yawned. Maybe he would...
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posted by boomerlover
"Blake! Blake it is you!" A voice called. It was Littlecloud.

"Littlecloud?" Blake asked hopping to his paws.

"Who's this?!" Littlecloud asked looking at Snowbell and her collar.

"Littlecloud, before 你 get all fussed up about Blake's girlfriend, look at this!" Blazey hissed with a smile dropping Blake's collar.

"So...that's where you've been?" Littlecloud asked a little shocked.

"Yes. I was on the Thunderpath when a monster hit me." Blake meowed. "Then I was rescued 由 twolegs. I didn't want to be, but if they hadn't I'd be dead."

"Wow. Pitiful." Blazey scowled.

He could here a voice teasing. "Kittypet!...
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posted by boomerlover
When Blake got into the woods, he felt like a small little kitten again. He was 更多 或者 less like a preteen now. He sniffed the ground to try to find the way home. Familiar scents ran through him. He felt something bump into him.

"Blake!" It was Snowbell.

"Snowbell!" Blake gave a happy mew. "I thought 你 were staying with our housefolk!"

"I missed you." Snowbell 说 touching her nose to his.

"I missed 你 too." Blake purred. "Come on, I know the way."

They ran back to camp. Blake hadn't been there in months. He walked in, happy to be home. It was night. He could smell his family. He ran into...
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posted by boomerlover
Blossom was devastated. One of her kits was in the middle of life and death, and the other was gone. Brick went up to her.

"Blossom, we still haven't told Blazey she has blackcough." He said.

"But Brick I don't wanna scare her!" Blossom cried.

"Were gonna have to tell her sooner 或者 later." Brick purred trying to comfort her. "Look at her. Loosing her life away while she's sleeping."

"You mean she's dying right now?!" Blossom cried even harder.

"No, I mean she's very sick." Brick said.

Meanwhile, it was Blake's 秒 日 at the twoleg house. He decided to go and explore to find a way out. He bumped...
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posted by lillymango1
 m 唱歌 to yeah yeah yeah -clere
m singing to yeah yeah yeah -clere
*sorry for the long wait guys*
bella:lets sing our theme song

clere: we dont have one

bunny: yes we do

*singing kimonomon *

bella: here we are in safari island i can get all the monstaers

bunny: im gonna get alot of monters yeah

*still 唱歌 *

clere: thats it im 唱歌 to yeah yeah yeah

bella: here we are in safari island i can get all the monsters

bunny: im gonna get alot of monsters yeah

jay: shut up !
clere: thats it im 唱歌 to yeah yeah yeah
唱歌 jappinese vershon*

clere: SHUT UP

bella: sorry

bunny: ok look a monster is destroying baby city

bella: should we help

clere: yesss

*thay atack the monster*

monster: rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrr

*after that 小时 the girl fly in *

bunny: im tired

*thay transfourm down *

to be countinud
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posted by lillymango1
one 日 a girl named bella was playing with some chemacls she dident know when she pored all of them on her she was called a ppg toddel *tramforms into best bella* ohhh i can talk cool i can fly too this is cool *flys out of room* bumps into a boy who looks like her friend clere*who is a girl* whats a sisy todel doing out of baby city 干草 u cant juge me im very smart u know. well my names 松鸦, 杰伊, 杰伊 · my names bella
so 说 jay
what she 说 looking into his eyes
take this*spits in her face
grrrrrr 说 bella
*at bunnys house*
ohh whats this dadys boght new since stuff 说 bunny
oh 干草 add the to ower cup...
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